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Gay Church of Scotland minister backs same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Good to see this. I should point out, for the sake of accuracy, that Queen’s Cross Church is in Aberdeen, not Edinburgh! :)

  2. Jock Ratzinger 26 Sep 2011, 3:38pm

    A churchman with love rather than fear as his foundation. So rare.

  3. God is truly on our side,the side of love.

    1. AnAngryChristian 1 Oct 2011, 1:44am

      Not Quite… make no mistake, God will not be mocked.

  4. An openly gay minister in the Church of Scotland has backed calls for marriage equality and in other news; the Pope is Catholic, and David Cameron is Tory

    1. It’s news in Aberdeen, I suspect. Good on him.

  5. Marcel Wiel 26 Sep 2011, 7:33pm

    Gay Church of Scotland minister backs same-sex marriage … I should hope so too

  6. Good for you gay minister, get rid of the racist creeps out of your church organization and let them know you will not tolerate or stand for their evil mess on any givien day, you tell them to take their racists assess and disconnect them selves to your congregation of love and peace, because they are certainly not go to stay connected with you and your congregations and sow malice and discard and poison , and harrassment to children or there families. you tell them you will have their assess, you standing on kindness , goodwill ground, walking in the real light of angelic charisma and congeniality, called humanity , The episticals to the ike man to get their racist asses away from them, because they cettainly wernt following them

  7. Good for you gay minister, you continue to stand against any one that seeks to harm and violate, your any of the families in the congregation whether they are gay are not, the gay lgbt must feel safe and loved in any congregations are they should not be in that hate filled abusive occult , because it certainly is not a real place of love and real christianity, if not walkling in kindness and love, who do these monsters really think they are fooling , they are just gangsters in robes, and crosses thrown around their neck, how many of the same hate filled hippocrites bad hetero pastors , has had to be arrested for rape and child pedephilia as it is every month, mega churches on down, get rid of the bigots, and let them get on down the road or disconnect from their organizations and keep your organizations hate and abuse free, and retain, a true christian love walk in humainty , like some of the epistocles, who go rid of ike and seperated their good church of love from hate and klan ocult

    1. Ok, I’ve come to the conclusion you’re on something…possibly crack cocaine.

  8. The Churches around the world would get more in their pews IF women and gay people were fully included AND had equal opportunities to achieve ANY position within those religious organisations! Until then, religious organisations are simply heterosexual male bastions and in time will be emptied of any intelligent, socially just human beings!

  9. Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

    But he seems very nice for a god gobbler. His parishioners are also very nice gobblers for cobblers.

    So far none of the CoS churches who threatened to leave have done so.

    Also, the Church of Scotland is currently devising liturgy for approval (say it will take two years) for gay marriage in case any CofS church should offer to marry a gay couple in church.

  10. Jock S. Trap 27 Sep 2011, 8:39am

    Good fopr Rev Rennie for standing up and showing his support.

  11. He could be more open in opposing the institutionalised anti-gay church tradition by revealing and emphasising that the condemnatory anti-gay tradition is not based in scripture. Nowhere does scripture describe homosexuality nor homosexuals.

    1. “How does the Bible address homosexuality – the word didn’t even exist until 1869? The word first appeared in Germany to describe the theory that from birth some people are predisposed toward persons of the same sex. Since the biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek) had no words for heterosexual or homosexual, it is anachronistic and misleading when homosexual is used to translate a biblical text. It is wrong to proclaim the biblical view of homosexuality since there is none. This violates the integrity of the individual texts and the biblical witness as a whole. Each reference to what is today homosexuality must be read in the light of the particular literary, cultural, and historic contexts of any particular passage.”

  12. Pavlos –
    Substantially true, and where Biblical writers seem to be condemning it, there are always negative contexts – idolatry and prostitution notably. The NT words lazily translated this way are arguably related to male prostitutes who serviced clients of either sex! There is certainly no appeal to NT texts to support homophobia until the Middle Ages. Oddly enough, Greek-speaking homophobes in the Early Church never appealed to St Paul, the supposed source of NT condemnation.
    But it’s all selective bull anyway.

    1. Riondo wrote:
      “But it’s all selective bull anyway.”

      I totally agree with you.
      Idiotic Bible “translations” like “The New Living Bible” very popular with evangelicals, wrongly inserts the word “homosexual” into it’s “translations” of verse so as to very clearly and unambiguosly condemn what they allege to be “homosexual acts” but which in the earliest scripture describe quite other specific acts.
      As you rightly point out Riondo, these allegedly homosexual acts describe; idolatry – involving ritual sex during worship, prostitution, pederasty and the attempted violent and humiliating gang rape of angels.
      Scripture does not describe nor condemn homosexuality neither does it describe nor condemn homosexuals.

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