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Obama administration opposes full severance pay for sacked gay troops

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Reader comments

  1. The US Army has behaved like revolting bigotted scum pretty much since its inception.

    Women were banned as soldiers. Black soldiers were segregated. LGBT soldiers were banned.

    Why would anyone be surprised that it is now trying to shirk its responsibility towards the gay soldiers.

    I hope the US Army has to pay out billions.

    It might mean there is less money for illegal invasions of other countries to steal their natural resources in the future, and it would also lessen the US Army’s position as a force for great evil in this world.

    1. In many ways I agree with you. But its not the army – its the army leadership. The old coggers just cant stand a change. Forunately most of them are old, god will farily soon deliver them his silver bullet.

      they should be paid in full what they lost for the period of their enlistment which they lost lost due to dadt.

      And cheers to your PM re the potential change to marriage. Anything that pisses off the church of the endless hidden molestation is fine. They will continue to get more and more extremist.

      Soon the only people who will go to church will be the dead.

    2. David Waite 25 Sep 2011, 3:43pm

      Hear! Hear!!

    3. It’s not just the Army that has this policy, it’s the Department of Defense – that includes Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

      It’s not surprising that the Obama administration will want to continue denying equality to LGBT people who served their nation with honor.

      The big surprise from Obama, is that he actually signed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) repeal after putting up nearly two years of roadblocks to prevent the repeal. He may go to posh dinners hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) but he’s no friend to the LGBT community.

  2. Absolutely disgraceful. So much for the supposedly “greatest country on earth”. Can’t even treat its gay citizens with equality and respect. Thank goodness I’m a Brit even with our faults and inequalities. I’d rather be gay in the UK than in America, any day.

    1. Tom Stoppard 23 Sep 2011, 4:57pm

      ‘Can’t even treat its gay citizens with equality and respect.’ That country can’t treat those of any other nation with respect either. WTF do people expect? The US invades and exploits any country it feels like. Of course they have no respect for their own troops, gay or otherwise, they send them to the Middle East to engage in illegal conflicts. Get a grip you fools, I’d be more impressed if they started treating everyone equally, not just the LGBT community.

    2. And btw we were the 2nd to last country in the western world to end formal slavery.

      America is full of scumbag xtians.

  3. When you think Obama’s onto a winner he does something silly like this.

    Grow some balls man and give these men/women what they are owed.

  4. What does anyone expect tbh.

  5. So, he applauds the cessation of the ban of employing LGBT… officers… yet we now have a ‘stuff you’ type attitude for former LGBT officers Typical! Bigoted.

  6. The obama administration and the entire white house owes those lgbt soldiers even more than their suvenence pay, for their torture , pain and suffering and wrongful and abusive harrasment some have even lost their lives, because of racism and bigotry and others rapped, yes, this is rightfully theirs and their should be more for their tortures of this shameful government who knew it was going on and allowed it, families children to be abused, people who had their lives on the lines protecting the same bigoted backs of senators and the goddam president himself while he jot his ass around to martha vinyards million dollar resort, and the lates let his wife by almost 3 million dollars worth of gold and diamond jewelry , with the white house money not his, just for arragant looks, this idiot, takes one step forward with a speech on gay rights globally treating others fair, and turn around an show his ass as a hipcrit and not want to pay those soldiers they hurt and wronged whats owed them

  7. The AClu and Juge Christsine Odell M iller, and The nineth court circuit court that had to make the White house Stop the miss treatment and wrongful discharges, are be suied and courtmarshalled , has to make sure yet again , that this white house does not continue to under cover try and abuse the Military again , along with making sures they get their full benefits, and all of the first lgbt soldiers dismissed is first reinstalled with their survence pay as well , for those who want to return, The white house has committed and high atrocity, against them

  8. Personally I’m not sure if this is a philosophical (and thus bigoted) choice or a purely practical one. With the state of the US economy, having to pay out to over 40,000 ex-military officers could do terrible things to the country. It’s wrong, it’s unfair and they absolutely deserve pay outs, but the question should also be asked “what would the wider impact be at this time?”.

    As I said, I agree they deserve the pay outs, I’m just playing devils advocate here. There’s a lot of chest thumping and not much reasoning.

  9. Disgusting attitude period! These soldiers bravely and with pride served their country and their reward was to be discharged dishonorably because of their sexual identity! At the very least they deserve the dishonorable discharge status changed!

    They did not dishonor their country by being gay! The US dishonored and discredited them with prejudice just because of their sexual identity !

    As a consequence they were discharged in disgrace with disregarded their military career accomplishments and ambitions. To strip them of benefits, pensions or entitlements earned is a disgrace.

    It’s time for the US to right the wrong of the injustice done to these soldiers who consequently suffered financial shortfall because of DADT prejudices.

    1. The United States has a history of demanding reparations for people who have been wronged. The people thrown out of the U.S. military for being gay, deserve more than just full severance pay. They deserve reparations for the humiliating and degrading experience administered by the Department of Defense.

  10. Jock S. Trap 24 Sep 2011, 10:49am

    So still we have Gay and Lesbian ex-servicemen with usually excellent records and outstanding achievements still viewed as worthless just to please the bigotted?

    Do these idiots respect anyone that defends them and ‘their’ interests?


  11. Last I checked when slaves were freed not one of them recieved “back pay” for the “work” they did. Why should this be any different. We are finally taking steps forward. Every wrong can’t be undone. Hopefully we are learning from our mistakes.

    1. Jock S. Trap 25 Sep 2011, 8:10am

      There needs to be acceptence that what happened and why these people were excluded, esp are many had an excellent service record but were fired just because of who they were.

      Your argument, though a reasonable one, doesn’t stand because quite a lot of time has passed and changed and we are supposed to be a better society. (Questionable at times, granted)

      1. If IBM or any other big company fired someone because he or she was gay it would go to court and IBM would have to pay.
        There is no difference why should the government not have to pay?

  12. Hello… do you really think they can afford it, they have just had to raise the debt ceiling, they knew when they signed up for the U.S Army that they couldnt come out or be outed, there fore they should of kept they mouths shut for 5 mins and they this would not need addressing. Jesus you all think just because we are gay we are different we are no different we do not deserve be treated more fairly than the homeless man down the street. and you all wonder why we still get treated like arseH*les, GET A GRIP!!!

  13. Military regulations are to cover behaviour in the military, not the civil matter of calculation of severance pay and reducing it for who you happen to be. Really weak argument by the military.

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