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Pope faces hostility from gay groups in Germany

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Reader comments

  1. And this is just the beginning. Buckle up religion, the next century is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride before we shake you off.

    1. What did the Pope do to make gays so angry?

      1. Wim in Holland 26 Sep 2011, 10:42pm

        @William. You already forgot the gays-hostile remarks at many occasions of the Pope? Recently (in april of this year) the Vatican = the RCC REFUSED TO SUPPORT an American proposal at the UN to fight worldwide against the discrimination against gays. Earlier (dec 2008) the RCC declaired at the same UN, after having consulted islamic states, that gays can be prosecuted because they are gay. That is why gays are so angry!

      2. Wim in Holland 26 Sep 2011, 10:52pm

        And William, many gays, who grew up in that catholic Church, have suffered a lot by the unrelenting standpoint.

  2. Good to see so many Catholics giving him the cold-shoulder. Far more effective than anyone else doing it.

  3. jamestoronto 22 Sep 2011, 4:48pm

    The Catholic church and a few others have an awful lot of atonement – not just “heartfelt apologies” – REAL atonement to go through before they can even think they are anywhere near the moral high ground. The sexual abuse and cover-up. The financial scandals and cover-up. The old saying “Clean up your house first” has never rung more true.

  4. Joseph Ratzinger 22 Sep 2011, 5:26pm

    Who is this imposter in Germany !?

    1. The Gerries should keep all children indoors and youths off the streets while the Great Whore of Babylon is in town.

      1. I can imagine Darth Ratzinger licking his lips in anticipation of pre-pubescent flesh right now.

  5. Father Ted 22 Sep 2011, 5:29pm

    I expect they’ll be havin’ a few beers.

    1. Father Ted 22 Sep 2011, 5:30pm

      Must get a crate in to watch it on the telly with Father Jack.

      1. Father Jack 22 Sep 2011, 5:31pm


        1. That would be an ecumenical matter!

  6. paddyswurds 22 Sep 2011, 5:55pm

    “Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit, who is openly gay, has upset gay rights protesters by saying he will personally welcome the Pope to the capital.”

    …Unpalatable as it is the Mayor must do his job as Mayor of Berlin. This is the sort of thing we rail against when fundis and such like refuse to provide services to GLBs. We simply can’t have our cake and eat it.

    1. What are you talking about?

      1. paddyswurds 24 Sep 2011, 12:01am

        … poor dear. Get someone to explain to you.

    2. uh, dumdum, the mayor doesnt have to welcome anyone to Berlin-he should be a man and tell the Pope, “You dont see me as equal and you think my physical act of love will cause me to burn in hell. Du Bist ein Esel”.

    3. He’ll probably say under his breath, willkommen, you evil old cockaholic.

  7. paddyswurds 22 Sep 2011, 6:01pm


  8. Mike Towers 22 Sep 2011, 7:27pm

    The facts – from News24:

    “…the rally drew fewer people than organisers hoped, with police saying only around 2 500 had gathered in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz while the pope was delivering a speech at the Reichstag parliament building.

    “In the run-up to Benedict’s visit, organisers had spoken of a protest numbering as many as 20 000.”

    Did anyone read about last week’s Secular Europe rally in London in the press? No, neither did I – the turn out was so small that not even the police turned up.

    Secularists just use religion to promote their socialist / soviet ideals. When the pope’s not in town they seem starved of the oxygen of publiciy. In that sense, these loons should be grateful for the pope, otherwise they’d have no media coverage at all.

    1. The USSR was irreligious, but its rigid ideology was as irrational as a religion, i.e. the Lysenko ‘socialist’ biology that helped pave the way for tens of millions of deaths in the Soviet Union and China in the first part of the 20th century.

      — J. Glover, “Humanity: A Moral History of the Twentieth Century (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1999)

      — A.N. Yakovlev, A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 2002)

      I fail to see how the USSR reflected the values of Secular Humanism.

      What I do know is that Ben 16 will be facing the values of Islam this Saturday when he meets with Berlin’s Muslim Community.

      You’ll recall that the pope still has egg on his face (note the yellowish tint) from his last visit to Berlin in 2002 when he pontificated that Islam is a religion of violence, probably the biggest blunder of his career.

      1. … 2006, and Friday..

    2. “Secularists just use religion to promote their socialist / soviet ideals”

      Oh, you mean rationality and logic over superstition is now a socialist soviet idea? Really?

      If ever there was proof that religion dulls the mind, you’re it Mike.

    3. Dr Robin Guthrie 23 Sep 2011, 10:47am

      Who cares.

      Go worship a burning bush you loon and your place in your pretendy heaven will be assured.

      Dont forget to bring your harp.

  9. Adam Thomas 22 Sep 2011, 10:07pm

    Im on holiday in berlin and saw the protest, it was light hearted with music and many a beer. But the police presence was HUGE, well over 40 vans arrived and armed riot police were marching down the high street. No trouble, they all left in the end – but was surprised to see such a huge repsonse.

  10. Everyone should hate what the pope and the hate groups stand for in bigotry and especially when they themselves are a the most horrific fault of sex assaults and rapes of children and even murders even from a decade ago to now, and action must be taken on behalf of them and their famiies and the liberal italians need to get a move on and remove all of them and make the place a diverse honorable institutions citzens can be proud of a place of charity and honor like real missionaries , walking in love not preaching hate , causing violence and murders, its like a murder and rapest yelling at nuns compared to what the abuses done to the citizens families, and other peoples lives, the archbishop needs to be sat down and dismissed for his klan hatred also, he is not a good person, bringing the world together in harmony , he is an instigator of hippocracy and hate crimes, causing confusion and malice, the world do not need to hear from either of these false prophets, do they seem angelic

    1. Please Carrie..for the love of god please use correct punctuation. You make some great points but your blocks of words give me a headache.

  11. No country , city , or state , should allow any false prophets to come into town , starting more wars thru hate messages, of hate and bigoty, the nations everywhere should be trying to heal their lands of evil violence and unfair treatment that they now they are guilty of , and would not want the shoe on the other feet where other treated them unfairly and violence either , they are demons of hippocracy that must be removed, and overhauled , and human rights and aclu must take action and the task force against all crimes against humanity, that means getting rid of the NOM demons also, and any incoming bigoted klan and gangs , groups trying to continue harming children and families, , south california schools must be sued and facultiy fired for bigoted assauslts on the children their immediateyly, also, their must be not tolerance of racism , predudeice and bigotry ;an jujg virgina,RE:white house is responsibe for the abuse and wronged lives, they must pay the lawsuit, for people hurt

  12. Gay Daily Mail Reader 23 Sep 2011, 7:29am

    The Pope seems oblivious to the changes in attitudes in Catholic countries – Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland – where people, many of whom regularly attend Mass want a more progressive church. But as Jonpol rightly says, even athiesm can bring homophobia with the likes of the USSR under Stalin criminalising homosexuality (after a brief period of decriminalisation under Lenin). Furthermore, Stalin’s policies and Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward resulted in the deaths of 50,000,000 people – the same as the population of England!

    1. Seconded. I am a Spanish teacher and Spain is now a secularised society to a degree most people don’t realise. Many of the observant ‘catholics’ are actually more into the liturgy, images & music etc. more than the doctrines. In addition, virtually every Irish person I know now has views of Roman Catholicism which are unprintable. The Church’s own support base is changing under its feet.
      In addition, I don’t dispute what you say about totalitarian communism, as a Centre-Lefty. The key word is ‘totalitiarian’.

  13. The catholic cult in Europe is dying.

    It is beautiful to witness people rejecting the ideologies of hatred spouted by this vicious cult.

    Stay strong America – you too will eventually throw off the horrors of religion.

    1. One can only hope!

    2. my Raison d’être..particularly Catholicism

  14. pervert religion
    they have no moral standing
    all religions are based on fairies tales and lies.they do not deserve respect.
    for they prey on the weak

  15. Bill Perdue 23 Sep 2011, 4:19pm

    Another demonstration that religion – all religion, without exception – is the enemy.

    There seems to be a trend developing to demonstrate whenever he climbs out of his crypt and ventures out into the daylight.


    The next step should be his arrest to face charges at the Hague of being an accomplice and organizer of an international child molestation ring and promoting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

  16. What we have to understand is that Jesus
    never wrote the Bible….Catholic churches rules are all man made from the first pope…why get all worked up about it….Im Catholic and attend church…..and there are millions of other gay catholics….we believe are not brainwashed by Popes….we will get our equality in Heaven….by the one and only JESUS CHRIST….amen….lol

  17. Keith Simpson 23 Sep 2011, 5:30pm

    I read that the Pope has ‘never been in love’ .. and that it was always clear that he and his priest-brother were always sure that theirs was to be a ‘different path’
    I also read that that he understands and welcomes diversity of opinion and people ‘speaking out’ – as long as it is voiced ‘in a civil manner. ‘
    So far so good. But I would welcome him ‘coming out’ and explaining his lack of any girlfriend, not as some awe-inspiring pre-disposition to the altar but rather as being the best of a bad job, as indeed it has been down the centuries for many thousands of clerics.

    The boy done good and has reached the top of his particular tree.

    But we are not all fooled, Joseph.
    Not all fooled by a long chalk.

    And all the pronouncements that ”homosexuality is intrinsically morally disordered” (and by implication, the writer – a homosexual- is also ‘intrinsically morally disordered’) only underscore his knowledge about his own orientation.

    Nothing wrong in knowing it.
    Nothing wrong in accepting it.

    Everything wrong with condemning, in the terms he uses, those with the same orientation.

    You are as obvious as Lily’s handbag, Joe, and I will maintain that till I pop my clogs.

    I had you down for a Jessie, the same as I am, from the first wave on the balcony, immediately after your election and subsequent footage of you, around the globe ever since, with fussy pants, the ever Gorgeous Msgr. Georg Ganswein, fixing your cape and smoothing your this and re-arreanging your that, as you appear from the plane, only confirms that.

    No girlfriend!
    No wonder!


  18. The Pope and Catholics call gays their enemy and attack them and some even want to kill them. That why they make people angry. Then the Pope and the Catholic Church tries to hide their pedophile priest who have destroyed countless children around the world by raping and abusing them and a lot of people are angry at them around the world for what they have done and are doing. Not to mention spending millions of dollars all the time now to stop gay marriage and gay rights. Holy Insanity like Margaret Chow said best describes them.

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