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Margaret Cho: ‘I’d f*** Michele Bachmann and Christine O’Donnell’

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Reader comments

  1. Father Ted 22 Sep 2011, 5:40pm

    A good laugh is always the best antidote to bigotry. We need a return to the days when there was a lot of comedy about religion, there’s so much more silliness in it to laugh at these days.

  2. Finally, someone who shares my weird attraction with the Bachmann. She’s a nutcase, a horrid individual but she’s got a pretty face … if you ignore the crazy eyes.

  3. Michele Bachmann and her husband are both very far out. Not good for the U.S. She is running on her own “gay agenda” platform. We are closing schools, laying people off. Families are being foreclosed on and being put out in the streets. And all this Republican running for President and her husband can do is talk about is “praying away the gay”. It is a good money maker for her, but we have bigger things to do, and I am hopping God has too. If you or your church has the gay agenda on your mind, all the time you may need to set down and talk with someone. We need to start looking at what is best for the country. Not our own religion’s views, that blow in the wind.

  4. Well, Bachmann never did explain what she was doing when she was photographed hiding in the bushes, spying on a gay pride event. Either she was looking for someone, or was longing to grab a rainbow flag and join in. But honestly, she strikes me as a little frosty, or likely to bite something off…

  5. Like most homosexuals, disgusting comments, with no respect. Vile. But hey, this is what most homosexuals are like behind the respectable veneer.

    1. Jock S. Trap 26 Sep 2011, 11:49am

      Your a big ol Hypocrite, Keith.

  6. Vile comments.

    1. Jock S. Trap 26 Sep 2011, 11:49am

      Is what You mostly come out with.. agreed!

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