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Video: Foo Fighters play ‘gay love song’ to God Hates Fags church

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Reader comments

  1. The Foo Fighters are Aids denialists.

    In 2000 they began supportiing Alive & Well, an organization that denies the link between HIV and AIDS, questions the validity of HIV tests, and advises against taking medication to counter the disease.[37] Foo Fighter bassist Nate Mendel learned of Alive & Well through What If Everything You Thought You Knew about AIDS Was Wrong?, a self-published book written by Christine Maggiore, the organization’s founder. Mendel passed the book around to the rest of the band, who supported his advocacy.[37]

    In January 2000, the band played a benefit concert for the organization, which Mendel helped to organize.[37] The band also contributed songs to The Other Side of AIDS, a controversial documentary film by Maggiore’s husband Robin Scovill, which questions whether HIV is the cause of AIDS.

    They no longer list Alive and Well on their website but they have never apologised for or explained their gross irresponsibility for supporting quack medecine.

    1. Just because the supported that organization doesnt make them anti-gay. AIDS doesnt JUST affect homosexuals btw.

      1. Their support of that organisation is grossly irresponsible.

        I am not claiming either that Aids just affects gay people.

        But gay people account for a larger percentage of HIV+ people than in the population in general

        As a result the Foo Fighters have indirectly (or directly) encouraged the deaths of HIV+ gay people through their obscene negligence and irresponsibility.

    2. I may not agree with it but I prefer that to a totalitarian state

      1. What do you mean when you say ‘totalitiarian state’.

        Encouraging people to stop taking life-saving medecine because of quack theories is truly appalling behaviour.

        The Foo Fighters may not be homophobes, but their Aids denialism is truly revolting.

        1. We live in a democracy and we have to accept that there will be opinions we abhor but we have to defend their right to express them

        2. I’m sorry, just gotta correct this – it’s Medicine not Medecine. Carry on…

    3. Lucio Buffone 21 Sep 2011, 5:46pm

      Christine Maggiore who started the group Alive and Well died of AIDS related complications whilst suffering from pneumonia in 2008 aged 52.,0,7407966.story

  2. Which is worse I wonder – the Westboro Baptist Church who engage in disgusting language and practises.

    Or the Foo Fighters – a group which encouraged people to kill themselves by denying the existence of Aids?

  3. The Foo Fighters are AIDS denialists.

    This is a stunt ot cover over there past.

  4. Phillip Levett 21 Sep 2011, 3:38pm

    Personal does not matter what they did in the past, it what they did in the present, and they are took on one of the most twisted group of people in america, so all I can say to them is good on ya.

    1. Encouraging people to stop taking their medication and thereby risk killing themselves absolutely does matter I think.

      Their Aids denialiism was murderously negligent and irresponsible.

      They have NEVER repudiated or apologised for their obscene Aids denialism.

      Even though HIV/AIDS effects more than the gay community, while the Foo Fighters leave this issue unaddressed, they cannot and should not be regarded as friends of our community.

      That song ‘Stuck in the middle’ from Reservoir Dogs springs to mind.

      ‘Clowns to the left of me (the WBC), jokers to the right (Foo Fighters)’

      I regard the Foo Fighters as being as gross and disgusting as the WBC for their shockingly irresponsible Aids denialism.

      1. You are entitled to your opinion just as the Foos were entitled to question the link between HIV and AIDS. As far as I am aware, they did NOT turn up to pharmacies, doctors surgeries or sexual health clinics screaming abuse at the people trying to access HIV/AIDS services. However, that cannot be said for the WBC’s way of ‘informing’ people of THEIR beliefs. To compare them as like-for-like is just plain wacko.

  5. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 3:40pm

    Well done the Foo Fighters!!

    Excellent, loving these happier news stories at the mo.

    1. They believe that there is no link between HIV and Aids and beleive that people should not be tested for HIV, and should avoid all anti-retroviral medications.

      1. Jock S. Trap 22 Sep 2011, 8:28am

        You said that was in 2000 apparently. I living in the present David, in 2011. A lot can change in 11 years.

        In any case this isn’t about HIV or AIDS or what they think/thought about it. This is about what they did, standing up to a bunch of homophobic bigots.

        So for that my comment stands, Well done those Foo Fighters!!

        1. They were supporting Aids denialism on their website until 2007.

          And raising money for Aids denialist organisations,

          That is truly scummy and irresponsible behaviour.

          I don’t thihk they are homophobic necessarily, But seeing as gay men are at greater risk than most from contracting HIV, their message has possibly indirectlty led to the deaths of gay men.

          They are free to do and say as they please

          But in my eyes they are irresponsible scum.

  6. Good for them! Standing up to protesters outside their gig, WBC only do this for publicity so anything that takes this away from them is welcomed

  7. You beauties! Now THAT’S how to say a grand “FU*K YOU!” to the WBC!

  8. I cant help but feel stories like this are exactly what that ‘church’ wants. They have to hitch themselves onto the back of someones funeral or someones gig to get coverage. How else are they gonna get their sad little faces noticed? I dont want to see them ridiculed anymore, I just want to see them completly and utterly ignored

  9. We love you Foo Fighters.

    The Westboro Baptist Church people are what REAL American Christians are really like under the fake smiles and their false god bless yous.
    The America Right Wing Christians really are twisted and sick people who really do want to over throw the government and set up a Christian dictatorship using the bible instead of the Declaration of Independence. Then they can murder the Muslims, gays and anybody not one of them.

  10. It’s good to see Dave doing something other than being a corporate rock whore for a change. Slowly gaining some respect back for him.

  11. When Fred Phelps dies I have good idea: Anybody ever seen “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

  12. Gay Daily Mail Reader 23 Sep 2011, 7:39am

    Two fingers to the WBC! God loves the Foo Fighters!

  13. God bless the Foo Fighters Fanstastic!!!

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