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Tasmanian parliament backs gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. 13 Heroes and 9 ‘CONSERVATIVE’ arseholes! The Liberal Party of Australia, the filthy stench of conservatism can be smelt throughout the planet!!!!! Rot in hell you Tasmanian homophobes!!!!!

    1. Joseph Ratzinger 21 Sep 2011, 11:10am

      Nice to see your unbridled joy at a positive outcome.

  2. Good for Tasmania.

    This will increase the pressure on that slimy, bigotted, opportunistic, career politician Julia Gillard.

    Gillard (an atheist who lives with her hairdresser boyfiend) opposes marriage equality because she lacks al integrity or principle.

    Out of fear of alienating the lunatic, christian fringe in Australia, she is happy to throw her fellow Australians under the bus.

    Julia Gillard is a truly contemptible person.

  3. Well done Tasmania!

    Slowly but surely we are gathering speed with our fight for real equality where people are respected with equal value regardless of difference

    I hope other Australian states or territories follow Tasmania’s lead to further pressurize the inept Gillard and her weak coalition

    New Zealand, England, Scotland, New South Wales, Wales, USA, who’s next?

    Hopefully soon most of western Europe, the America’s and Oceania will have equal marriage. Yes some movement is needed in the Caribbean but many Latin American states are moving forward faster than ever thought possible.

    Next Asia and Africa (well done South Africa and Mozambique on your lead!) and the Middle East (where Israel should be congratulated for her LGBT rights records)

  4. Sadlly, I have to agree with David. She has been a disaster and is appears to have nothing but contempt for gay people.
    On the other hand the Opposition leader is even worse. He says he feels threatened by gay people – thereby encouraging violence against the `threat’. Can we swap him for David Carmeron? He seems like a decent human being – we haven’t had one of those in power here for decades.

    1. Joseph Ratzinger 21 Sep 2011, 11:14am

      Let us pray for her early retirement. No doubt she will be dispatched with as much conscience as she showed her predecessor.

  5. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 11:08am

    Well done Tasmania!! Clearly willing to go for Equality for all.

    Happy news. Now for the rest of Australia.

  6. Good news indeed. I believe Tasmania was the first to introduce its own version of civil partnerships if I’m not mistaken, correct me if I’m wrong. Now on to full marriage equality.

    Stu, America is a whole different kettle of fish. As you are aware, it’s a federal system of 50 states each with their own government. Their Supreme Court comprising 5 radical right wing justices on the bench for life, one moderate conservative and 3 democrats (liberals) is stacked against any judicial mandate to not only overturn the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) or declare civil marriage equality for gay people. It won’t do it. The Democrats, Republicans and their offshoots the Civil Libertarians in particular, are not supportive of federal involvement and believe it should be left to each state to decide, including Obama. The Tea Party republicans on the other hand don’t want any marriage equality. 31 states already ban same-sex marriage.

    1. @Robert

      I am fully aware that the US is a federation of 50 states and that some states are already clearly progressing on LGBT equality. I also am aware of the DOMA issue.

      Nonetheless, the US are a nation and I would like to encourage them to act (be that as individual states or federally) to ensure fairness and equality in marriage.

  7. Stu, I meant to have said that the stacked Supreme Court would not overturn the Defence of Marriage Act and certainly would not issue a mandate to make same-sex marriage legal in all 50, not going to happen in our lifetime. America will be one of the last countries in the west to legalise it because of the five arch-conservative justices.

    1. Many of us in the UK never thought we would see a British Conservative Prime Minister standing unambiguously and categorically for same sex marriage, but he has … never say never ….

  8. jamestoronto 21 Sep 2011, 1:43pm

    Nowhere is it mentioned in the article but, if my understanding of the constitution is correct, this was not a bill legalising equal marriage but rather a resolution endorsing it. The definition of marriage is strictly a federal matter.

    Nonetheless, this endorsement is most welcome. Hopefully other states will follow suit and put the pressure on Gillard. The national anthem of Australia might someday soon ring true. “Advance Australia Fair” must have a hollow ring to it to those who see their country neither advancing nor very fair.

    Way to go Tasmania!

  9. Tasmania, your doing the right thing by fighting for equal rights, just know that each life and person could have been you or your child and you would want your loved ones fought for as well as your self if you where gay, or a person of color or a woman, discriminations is unconstiutional and inhumane and causes masses of horrific tragedies, like the 14 year old boy that just committed suicided because of the dangerous racist and bigots who care nothing about children or anyone really but their evil selves, if traced they are all involved with deeper evils as you have been seen uncovered by task forces, and many hate bad pastors to even senator who are apart of hate groups being uncovered for sex pedephiliea, and sexual assault ,look at the vatican and diocese, horrific , right now in more trouble for rapes of children and murders, hidden by the evil church of satan posed as christians, you must make a positve difference for peace and harmony , treat others right an fair, an you stand

  10. Make sure that everyone tunes into the upcoming news tv movie that will be aired about one of the top skin heads gang leaders leaving the hate arion group to just become he said a civilized family man, trying to hold onto his family, The story is about the face of evil, and how the splc was contacted by this skin head as a leader of a hate gang , contacted them for help to become civilized again, the last two years he managed to remove the hate tattoes from his body and looks actually like a human again on the out side also , he will show what he looked like as a skin head with their logos all over his body a monster outiside and within, telling the evils of klans and evils they do and has done, to innocent vicitums of their evil hate, from children to women to othe minorites , how they taught him to abuse his on family wife and kids, he said he had become a terrorist to the nation and his own familiy at home, he goes in depth, this is what the klans and racist republics do in suits to

  11. No Joseph, I am NOT filled with joy after living for 55 years in an Australia where the Liberal/ National Parties have done everything they can to deny social justice to GLBT people! GO and check all of the Parliamentary votes and ‘GUESS’ which parties have fought tooth and nail against the decriminalisation of homosexuality, fought against anti-discrimination laws and are now fighting against marriage equality. I despise conservatives and for very good reasons!!!!!
    PS. If you get a chance, change your surname!

    1. I agree, I have lived here for 54 years and feel the same. The Liberal/National party has not passed one bill related to us – with the one exception of Howard’s bill that said it someone was detained/arrested for suspected terrorism them his/her gay partner could be detained/arrested as well.
      And yes, they have tried to block every pro gay and decriminalising bill that has ever appeared. They are a disgrace! Lest we forget!

  12. Gay Daily Mail Reader 23 Sep 2011, 7:04am

    The gay rights ha become an unstoppable jugganaut and right now the federal government of Australia cannot ignore this wind of change that is now blowing through the southern hemisphere. Tasmania has come from behind to become a leader in gay rights in Australia and with the other states and territories now prepared to introduce marriage equality Canberra should not stand in the way.

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