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Obama’s UN speech: We must stand up for gay rights everywhere

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Reader comments

  1. nice words. now do it yourself. stop denying equal rights.

  2. STFU tell you stupid churches first

    1. So do you not welcome his words and his repeal of DODT??

      Do you not recognise it is a gradual process?

      Sure, we and LGBT people in the US would like it to go further – but this is the most LGBT friendly president the US has probably ever had. His language (whilst measured) is unambiguous on progress needing to happen.

      We need to fight those who are against us, not those who are on our side ….

  3. Oh Obama.

    If only you’d support full equality for LGBT Americans then perhaps we could take this seriously.

    But you don’t.

    1. DADT has been repealed. I think that stands for something. He can be taken seriously.

      1. Why won’t he support gay marriage then?

        1. As a matter of fact the issue is more complex since there is the 1996 Defence of Marriage Act that prevents the federal government from taking action in this respect. The Obama administration has been supportive to the repeal of the act, which would a significant step ahead.

          1. Both the President and the Attorney General have announced that the U.S. will no longer defend the constitutionality of the DOMA, because they believe it to be unconstitutional. So, Mr. Obama is inching toward full marriage equality, certainly more so already than any previous U.S. president.

        2. Given that he doesnt support the DOMA – and his other actions on LGBT rights, its clear to me that he unambiguously supports equal marriage

      2. DADT was repealed because the courts pronounced it illegal, and Obama and the Houses did not want the courts to implement its scrapping.

        Yes it’s good that DADT is gone. But Obama can’t claim credit for this.

        And he still believes that gay people should not be allowed to marrying. He favours civil partnership discrimination.

        1. Your facts are incorrect. DADT was repealed because Mr. Obama pressured the Congress to enact a law repealing the earlier law. DADT was only declared unconstitutional by one trial judge. There isn’t even a decision yet in the appeals court. Mr. Obama gets high marks on this one.

          1. But he still refuses to support marriage equality.

            Why is that?

            Oh because he is a slimy, opportunistic career politician.

          2. @David

            He supports reform of DOMA and is clear that there should be equal marriage (see his comments at the time of New York state legislating for equal marriage!)

        2. You are incorrect David

          Obama was very clear in his support for the repeal of DODT

      3. Stu –

        Right on !

        We’ve come a long, long way, and we can be grateful at this momentous turning point.

        Also, Palestine does have an Observer status at the UN.

  4. Oh, Obama, be still my fluttering heart. You are such a champion of the rights of gay people, like their right to marry… oh, wait a minute.

  5. All I can do is sneer when the POTUS tries to assert moral authority on the subject of GLBTQ rights and fair treatment (also women’s rights, democracy, due process…..)

  6. Why do American presidents always have to punctuate the end of the speeches with a reference to god? WTF is that all about? It’s annoying to say the least. Not everyone believes, so he should STFU. What has god got to do with peace and equal rights. Seems that religion has been the one block to peace and rights around the world.

    1. A terrifyingly large percentage of Americans believe in ‘god’. A president is more or less obliged to mention ‘god’ regardless of his personal beliefs.

      Atheists are trusted even less than gay people in the homophobic USA.

    2. Sorry, but Muslims invoke Allah’s name repeatedly when speaking, even when it’s a subject that nobody thinks is under Divine guidance. For President Obama to use God’s name once or twice in a speech is moderate by comparison.

      1. If only moderate christianity was the norm in the US.

        Extremist, evangelical christianity is very present and strong in the US.

      2. God and religion are matters of personal faith only. It has no place in dealing with affairs of state or politics in general.

        Come on, lots of countries have that seperation of power and seem to run perfectly well – perhaps the US (and the UK to some extent) need to get a move on.

  7. So says the lamest ever US President with the lowest-rating of any President at this point into their occupancy. A shame he couldn’t have courted our vote earlier, then this might not smack of being such a spectacularly cynical exercise.

    1. Don’t worry, he may only serve one term. Then the GOP/Republicans will get back in and we’ll see how nice they are for LGBT equality! Pssst, the Republicans don’t care about us BTW.

      1. Exactly. Americans will get to choose between ‘bad’ and ‘even worse’ at their next election.

        Democracy in action.

        1. yes sadly i was very excited when Obama got in….hes done very little except strut around being presidential- he hates the British over the Mau Mau revolt (bad but happened before 85% of us were voting age), hes terrified of not getting a second term, and hes doing what most presidents do (trying to leave a legacy that looks good on paper)- except hes doing it in his first term!…VERY dissapointing, i really wish they had gone for Hilary.

      2. At this point i’d sooner vote Ron Paul than Obama. Obama’s been just as bad as Bush.

        1. As bad as Bush?? Simply ridiculous.

          1. Care to explain how?

          2. @Ged I suggest you explain how Obama is as bad as Bush on LGBT issues, or why Ron Paul is preferable. Since Bob finds your point ridiciulous (and I agree) – it is only candid to explain how you have formulated your opinion. There has been plenty of discussion on here about the merits of Obama’s LGBT stance … now evidence your opinion …

    2. Lamest!??

      Good grief – have you forgotten who served before him???

  8. No, Obama. You won’t buy me not being angry at your denial of statehood to Palestine by muttering about us gays.

    1. AIPAC is the worst thing to happen to american politics. It seems all american presidents have to be war mongering corporatists who refuse to take anything other than a one sided view on the I/P conflict. The current president is no different..

  9. The hypocisy smells on this one. In the USA they won’t even bring in anti-discrimination laws at federal level to apply to the entire country.

    To make matters worse the Federal Government is funding a full scale assault on transsexual people through Raymond Blanchard and the DSM revision, which the US government wants to include in the update World Health Organisation ICD.

  10. Talk is cheap, actions are harder, but remember he may be the President of the USA, but he is still only one person. He alone does not have the power or authority to make or break laws. He has to convince all the other drum beating orangutangs to agree with him or disagree. Though he is the first US President to openly stand up and say something positive for the global gay community.

    1. Thanks Brandon! Criticism is so easy! It takes time to make changes and politics is sometimes complex. More can and should be done and that is why GLBTQ activism is important… to fight, teach, share and help dialogue… To make such a reference at a UN assembly is still a step ahead nonetheless in my view.

      1. Change in the US is virtually impossible when there are only 2 parties (and the system is designed to ensure that a 3rd party cannot emerge) and both those 2 parties are in the service of business (and not the electorate).

  11. “We must stand up for gay rights everywhere”

    How about starting in American Schools?

  12. using gay rights to argue against palestinian state, its not like israel is gay oasis
    israel the only democratic country that denies democracy to others

    1. Tel Aviv is mega gay…dont judge a country as a whole. And compared to Syria, fact all its neighbours it IS a gay Oasis. Still needs to recognise the Palestinians, and it really needs to improve situation for its Arab residents- but thats one thing thats not true. Jerusalem is a very religious city, as are most of the West Bank settlements- the rest of israel could be anywhere in western europe

      1. im not judging, im stating facts, syria and jordan (unlike palestine) are not democracies and comparing israel to those in terms of gay freedoms is pointless, why not compare israel to sweden or holland and then decide if israel should be a proper independent state. any way my point was i find obama comments cynical

  13. Right On, Obama!

  14. Well they’ve been charging around the world invading and bombing to bring people d’mcrecy (error intended).
    Could this be the latest excuse for more bloodshed? Bringing gay rights at the point of a gun?

  15. So nice to hear these words of a President supporting equality! It would be the mark of a great President if he were to make his mark by unilaterally declaring equality rather than having states declare individual LGBT right and privileges than allowing individual states to make their own mark of acceptance or discrimination!

  16. Jock S. Trap 22 Sep 2011, 8:22am

    Good for Obama but prehaps he should take note from his own words.

    As for Palestine it should be a sovereign state. End of.

    1. If only that were the end of Jock S. Trap’s chronically imbecilic comments.

      1. Just as religon is for the evangelists, not for the congregation, and education is for the teachers not for the students, politics is for the politicians, not for the voters. SO pink news is for Jock S no us… Those who cannot live without their income of admiration and validation.

        1. Good for him. Can you ever fully trust what a politician has to say though…?

      2. Tom Stoppard 22 Sep 2011, 5:16pm

        Yeah I’m more than bored with Jock’s mindless soundbytes. All his postings seem to be along the lines of “That’s good” or “How terrible” or on EVERY occasion “something must be done to stop this”. Yawn! Any chance you could write something other than the flaming obvious Jock? Just cause you have like 300 things posted on here it doesn’t mean any of them are worth reading.

        1. It’s a public forum.

          If you don’t like Jock’s comments just skip them, he’s not hurting anyone or being abusive.

        2. Yawn Tom, something must be done to stop those who make mindless posts suggesting curtailing of free speech which does not harm others, offend others or display any other illegality – strange that’ll be yours ….

        3. Good one Tom, we much prefer to listen to your ridiculous Roy Chubby Brown styled racist remarks than Jock’s logical comments.

          Why not run along and spend some time coming up with another childish insult that rhymes with Obama, there’s a good chap.

  17. Tom Stoppard 22 Sep 2011, 5:14pm

    Obongo still flip flopping over gay rights. If his bruvvers were being victimised he’d do something about it.

    1. What’s that supposed to mean?

      At least, he’s been the most gay-friendly President the U.S has seen.

      I’m astounded at the inane comments posted on here.

    2. Thank you Tom Stoppard, for your insightful racist remarks, they are a testament to your intellect, I’m sure.

  18. Luella Eastman 22 Sep 2011, 5:50pm

    Why don’t u do what ur there to do? Cast out the vote for Palestinan statehood. There is no Palestine and there in Israeli land. Vote no, and no one should bully someone because he or she is gay, leave them alone

    1. “There is no Palestine and there in Israeli land.”

      What the hell are you talking about?

  19. Posted a comment about Ron Paul being a stronger candidate at the minute. Comment disappeared, well done pinknews.

  20. Dr Robin Guthrie 23 Sep 2011, 10:43am

    Yeh right.

    That is why your administration is “Opposing” full severance pay for gay members of the military.


    More like DADP. Don’t ask don’t Pay,

  21. Roger Lafontaine 29 Sep 2011, 2:38pm

    Was this some kind of juggling trick? How do you defend gay rights while at the same time denying Palestinian their long-awaited statehood? Was he trying to play off one against the other? If so, he isn’t doing either side a favor.

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