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Marines begin recruitment drive at gay community centre

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Reader comments

  1. Ugh.

    I am glad the bigotted DADT law is repealed. But I sincerely hope that LGBT people resist the urge to sign up to join the army.

    Since the appointment (he was not elected) of George W Bush as president of the US in 2000, the US Army has remained a force for incredible evil in this world.

    No self-respecting LGBT person should get involved in the US Armym, while its main function remains invading other countries for their natural resources.

  2. Sadly the T part of LGBT still can’t join the US armed forces. Sadly members of the US armed forces will be 2nd class citizens like the civilian population due to the lack of equality and spousal benefits. It is s a good first step but the US still has a long way to go yet.

  3. The toughest boot camp in the world?Well, maybe a second to the French Foreign Legion.

  4. This is great news. I sincerely hope that LGB people sign up to join in droves. The best way to affect change is from within.

    1. Ugh

      Why should LGBT people want to joiin an organisation whose 21st century purpose is to illegally invade other countries to steal their natural resources.

      Just because we now CAN join the army doesn’t mean we SHOULD.

  5. yes the only good thing about joining the army is the uniform. Dont care how many gays are in it, its a suicide mission if the Yanks are involved.

  6. Talk about quick off the mark!! They must have been on the starting-blocks for ages. Are they having recruitment problems? It’s odd if they are – economic slow-downs are usually good for the military. Unless Afghanistan and some projected future oil wars are putting people off, of course…

  7. jamestoronto 22 Sep 2011, 3:43pm

    What an about face – a 360 degree turn literally overnight – well maybe a 180. You can’t convince me that this wasn’t in the works for a while. To set up a recruitment centre, have a tailor-made spokesperson, and to hit the news wires all within barely 24 hours. If nothing else, one has to admire the Marines impeccable precision timing – at least this time. Don’t be surprised to see them at gay pride events soon. The Canadian Forces have had recruiting booths at Toronto’s for years now.

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