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Poll: Young people see online anti-gay or racist slurs as ‘just joking’

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Reader comments

  1. I would agree with the Poll I see it as ‘just joking’ aswell.

    1. Only Joking 20 Sep 2011, 3:48pm

      You stupid puff faggot queer boy. Only joking. Haha. Hysterical. NOT.

      1. yes cocksucking fagot I hope you get cancer.

        1. Staircase2 20 Sep 2011, 6:01pm

          Theres 2 ‘g’ s in ‘faggot’ James!

          1. It was an ironic post to show how nasty these jokes can be.

    2. Trouble is, not every victim on the receiving end of such verbal abuse can simply brush it off. Deep down, these vile comments hurt and there is absolutely no need for it whatsoever!

      Why do people need to spout vile abuse? Just to get off on one or extend their ego a bit more? The mentality of some people amazes me these days, uneducated, uninformed, uncaring people who only think of themselves. What a mess we have got ourselves into.

      1. billyWingart 21 Sep 2011, 5:51am

        america under our conservative republicans has a new name

        the nation of me me me me me me me me

        Reminds me of my 2 year old grandson.

    3. billyWingart 21 Sep 2011, 5:49am

      sicko And I bet you’ll next be screaming about protecting life.

      while letting our culture help drive gay kids to suicide

  2. In the types of US online shows I watch someone always uses the 3 letter f word. It’s part of their every day “speak”. There’s “f**” as short for “f** hag”. I don’t mind that one. There’s also “f** as short for “f***ot” – which I don’t like though.

    I suppose if I heard it every day it would offend me in the UK. America is different though (in my opinion) – I just wouldn’t live there.

  3. The problem is that what you post online is not contained to “your social circle.” It may be perfectly fine in person to jokingly use a slur among your friends, where everyone knows you are joking. But when you post it online, MANY other people can see the post who don’t know you, don’t know the context, and find it offensive. Joke all you want with your friends privately. But be careful with the offensive words you post to the whole world.

  4. They think fag is not offensive as long as it’s directed at some one else ….

  5. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 3:54pm

    “A poll suggests that most US young people”

    “The poll surveyed 1,355 people ages 14-24 nationwide. ”

    Erm, Seriously? no really?

    There does seem to be a problem with not teaching how to resepct others but how many 14-24 years old live in the US and are we really taking seriously that 1,355 people speak for them all, sorry most of them?

    If it was 100,335 maybe but come on, give us some news?

    1. It doesn’t matter what proportion of the total population took part in the poll. What matters is that you sample the youngsters in a representative manner (avoiding bias towards those living in any particular area or from any particular social background for example) and that the absolute sample size is adequate to reduce the error caused by chance bias in the random selection (and 1355 is quite adequate for most purposes).

  6. it depends on who is using it, and in what context. I am happy for any of my friends to call me a fag or a yid – because i am and i know they are doing it without true malice. Its not words that hurt its the way in which they are used.

    1. Martyn –
      Did I teach you Spanish some years ago in Oxford and went to Manchester to see you marry your boyfriend?

      1. as i dont speak spanish, have never been to oxford and am not married (yet)..probably not! glad to know i have a twin somewhere though!

  7. Let me guess, most who see it as “just joking” do so because they are over-privileged and have never once been on the wrong end of hateful or bigoted behaviour. I find the opinions of those that are still in that sociopathic stage of childhood development (where young people are still convinced that the whole bloody world revolves around them – vital to survival when small, less appealing when older) to be worth precisely sod all.

  8. Personally it’s not the words used that bother me, it’s the actions of someone. I’m fine with my friends calling me ‘offensive’ words (including fag, dyke etc) and I’m okay with people I don’t know calling me that, even if it’s meant with spiteful intent, which has happened more than once. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ and all that jazz.

  9. On the PS3 online, the US gamers are the worst. Every other word is fag. Everytime they lose they call the winners fags. Everytime they win they call the losers fags. Everyone is a fag to US gamers. I never know what to say. At first I pretended to be straight and ignore it. Then I tried being nice and talking to them and tried to get them to not say the word coz I hate it. Now I just argue with them and get banned from talking on my headset every other week. They use the word fag as an insult, they are not only joking, they use it to put others down. And it works. It makes me feel like shlt to the point where I have to mute everyone from hearing their voices which is rubbish. They make me hate being gay.

    1. A fag is just a cigarette really, but no one can hurt your feelings except you yourself. What they say has nothing to do with you, it’s something going on in their own head.

      1. In the US a fag is not a cigarette. It only has one meaning and that meaning is derogatory towards gay men. It is a word of abuse and violence and has no place being used in public other than to point out its offensiveness. I’m guessing, Father Ted, that you’ve never been cornered in a dark alley by a bunch of youths yelling fag at you.

        1. No, I live in England. This is a European website.

          There is a difference between the threat of violence, and name calling. Both can feel threatening, and both are wrong and should be stopped, but we can choose not to feel threatened or victimised when it is about our feelings. It is empowering to know that people who yell this do so not because something is wrong with you, but because something is wrong with them. When you realise it’s just something going on in their head, you are unlikely to feel crushed and suicidal because of it.

          1. Nobody can hurt your feelings without your permission.

          2. Yes, and the survey reported was an American one and dealt with American usage. Keep up.

            It’s terrific that you can be so analytical and thus empowered. I doubt it’s as easy to cope with name-calling if you’re a teenager, though.

  10. Trouble is, not every victim on the receiving end of such verbal abuse can simply brush it off. Deep down, these vile comments hurt and there is absolutely no need for it whatsoever!

    Why do people need to spout vile abuse? Just to get off on one or extend their ego a bit more? The mentality of some people amazes me these days, uneducated, uninformed, uncaring people who only think of themselves. What a mess we have got ourselves into.

  11. Jen Marcus 20 Sep 2011, 8:46pm

    Its inappropriate,disrespectful, impolite and just plain wrong in any forum or context .Its use only validates and gives license for the continued marginalization and bigotry of our community by the existing culture society and its institutions.There is nothing funny about it!

  12. How can you weigh the opinion of the offender over an offendee?

    “But officer, everyone who knows me knows that me waving a gun at the convenience store clerk was only me kidding around”

  13. Another teenaged boy in the US committed suicide because of homophobic bullying this week. I wonder if the people who tormented him thought that they were just kidding….

    1. yes i read that- and saw his you tube video, very upsetting. Im 34 and i dont really care what people say to me, but for someone of that age its clearly devastating-

  14. jessiepeace 21 Sep 2011, 2:16am

    I think some words are ok to use, when in the confront of people you know well and understand the tone of the way you mean it. For example, me and my friends would call each other dykes ect. But if someone on the street, someone who I just met or anyone who I knew was not just messing around. I would be extremely offended.

    It is all about context.

    However I don’t like racist words or the word ‘retard’ not because I would be offended personally. It would just make me disappointed in them and their actions.

  15. Thats a lie and you had better stop spreading that propoganda, i know thousands of young gay children, and none of them thing no such thing, racism and hurtful words and defamations you idiots who wrote that hurts all people young and old why do you think some of these yong children has commited suicides for harrassment and being bothered with names and other assaults , some of them are not as strong as adults, they cant comprehend what is happening to them and why the creeps and demons are trying to hurt them, or make fun of them , you fool, dont you ever, take stigmatizing and defamation lightly , do we need to throw your ass in a den of hatemongers day in and day out for you to understand how it feels, your assinine, and should be reprimanded for printing such disregard for the tragedies , that has taken place of teenagers

  16. Children killing themselves for being called an anti gay slur is not funny. It shows how low people have gone and these children who do it know what they are doing and how anti gay remarks can hurt and even kill. Children learn from their parents who carry the anti gay hate with them like a cancer that is passed from one generation to another. People hear this anti gay hate speech from priest and ministers who preach it in their churches around the wold. Children hear anti gay remarks from family, friends, teachers and priest who have been taught to hate and they have never been truly taught to love and help others instead of hurting them. This is why society is dieing, people are doing it to themselves, they know how hurtful remarks harm others because most have had it done to them at one time or the other. It is done to destroy the other person and can even cause them to kill them selves. If people are to live they need to turn this around and truly start love and helping each other.

  17. Only sluts find the word ‘slut’ offensive

    1. do you find cnut offensive?

      1. Reclaim the c-word! It’s offensive out of a man’s mouth talking about a woman, there’s no doubt about that. It’s usually intended to be a vile insult, and yet the people who use it most (straight men) profess to adore said object!
        Slut is offensive, it’s meant to be offensive, there is no way the word can be anything other than offensive.
        American young people are evidently seriously ill-educated in how to not offend people.

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