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Obama praises end of military gay ban

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Reader comments

  1. About time the ban was lifted… Now, is this move by Obama just to curry favour with those who were unable to follow what the aspired to do, just because of their background?

  2. Good man, Obama !!

  3. I suppose now they can rehire all the Arabic linguists they had to fire, though it’s a bit late now.

  4. Thank goodness they’ve got here – ten years after we did in UK

  5. Now all the US has to do is bring about equality for LGBT folk. I can’t believe it is so far behind the U.K. here. Even with the lifting of the ban military folk will still be 2nd class due to lack of benefits and spousal rights. The US just needs to ignore the extremists and pass a comprehensive equality law.

  6. jessiepeace 21 Sep 2011, 12:42am

    Took them forever, but better late than never I guess.

  7. Yes , thats fine and well to be glad for the dadt repeal, those soldiers have suffered horrific evils from this shameful government, who knew what was going on, it took a few brave souls inside the white house and judge virginia and a few other judges , to look at the fact that it could have been one of thier own childdren suffering abuses and hardships because of the bigotry and harrassment and wrong discharges, this govenment owes those individuals greatly public apologies as well and extra lump sums for their terrorizm and false racist discrimanitory actions againt them and these jugdes and panetta needs to see to it that its done, the military must be under the watchful eye and transparent to the human rights and aclu and those jugdes , and panetta from now own as a deterent and gay mentors must be put in place as platoon seargents, for them to check in with if need be, in every sector of military, also all of their benefits as families and individuals and isurances instated now

  8. God Bless America for making a major step in giving some equal and Civil Rights so long denied to millions of LGBT Americans who will now be part of the US Military, openly and freely. Now make America Free for All people, America now needs to show the world that America is truly free and give LGBT people the same rights as all Americans, the right to marry the ones they love. Keep America Free and show the world how Freedom is really done, America. The eyes of the world are on you. Will hate in America destroy America or will America be free, free to be the leaders they have been so far and not the puppets of the Right Wing Christian religious fanatics.

    1. I think if you’re interested in making American ‘free’ then you’ll need to start working to dismantle the deeply undemocratic 2-party electoral system in the US.

      A country where there is only 2 political parties and where it is virtually impossible for another party to gain representation; and when both those right-wing political parties are more concerned about their corporate masters wishes, rather than the electorate, cannot really describe itself as a democracy.

  9. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 8:17am

    This is good. Lets hope more Equality follows.

  10. Thanks Obama

    What a that this president – the product of a marriage which was illegal in many states when he was born – still thinks that the LGBT community are 2nd class citizens who do not enjoy the right to get married.

    The Republican Party in the US are the equivalent to the BNP in Britain.

    But the Democrat Party really is pathetic and weak when it comes to supporting our rights.

    I’m glad this disgusing policy is finished. And that the US Army has removed the disgusting bigotry that has characterised it for centuries.

    But remember – this repeal is in spite of, not because of Obama,

    The court declared the policy illegal so Obama’s repeal was merely an attempt to control the repeal.

  11. Now sort out the fact that your kids are topping themselves because your country is a mess.

    Smug prick.

  12. These comments are terrible. Obama has been the strongest supporter of LGBT rights in US presidential history. Oh but it’s not good enough so let’s not support him. We’re our own worst enemy.

    1. Too right it’s not good enough

      Until each and every LGBT person has full and equal rights and has the ability to go to school without fear, join the army and get married in the eyes of either state or law or both then the world will be put to rights.

      Obama is his own worst enemy. Stopping legal action to enforce a ban on DADT and allowing each state to effecitvely legalise discrimination in the workplace is NOT a sign of someone who supports LGBT rights on any level. It’s a sign of a reluctant president who really has no idea what he’s doing in power.

      It’s not often that I say this (but I feel I’m just). Europe is far from perfect on LGBT equality but at least we’re trying.

    2. Yes. People forget it was Obama who approved the Matthew Shepard Act, one of the greatest victories we LGBT people have conquered.

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