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Mumbai police fine 150 gay men after breaking up party

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Reader comments

  1. Hang on, hasn’t homosexuality been decriminalized in India and as far as I’m aware the consumption isn’t illegal.

    1. They are claiming that the necessary licences werent obtained.

    2. jamestoronto 21 Sep 2011, 3:30am

      Maharashtra state where Mumbai is located has a drinking age of 21 for beer, 25 for liquor. One district as do a few states outlaws consumption altogether. Liquor laws and drinking ages are state-controlled.

      1. Thanks James, useful to have clarification. Still doesnt make this action right or mean that it wasnt motivated by homophobia

        1. Indeed – thanks for clearing that up.

        2. jamestoronto 21 Sep 2011, 1:48pm

          I agree with you 100% on that point, Stu. It could very well be they used the age thresholds to enter and caught people breaking the law. Police in many countries will utilise any loophole to enforce their own bigotries.

  2. Is consumption of alcohol an offence in India? Drunkeness I can sort of understand as being a misdemeanour but not just having a drink!

    As for the gay issues. Homosexuality has been decriminalised in India (not that their minister of health would concur). I imagine there is a very different definition of indecent in India, and would be interested in knowing how this is determined.

    I do like the comparison of men dancing together and straight couples dancing together in the article – speaks volumes to me.

    1. The police claim it was a commercial party with tickets sold online, but that the necessary licences weren’t obtained. But I somehow doubt a straight party would have been treated the same way.

  3. visit india not 20 Sep 2011, 6:04pm


  4. Eddy - from 2007 20 Sep 2011, 6:43pm

    If the party was illegal, i.e. it was a public party and it had no license, then perhaps the organizers ought to have been apprehended. But surely not the guests? Is it incumbent upon guests to work out whether club-nights have permits and so forth?

    So, yes, it seems this was outright homophobia and harassment of gay men having a party night.

    India, you have a long way to go!

    People of India, kink up stink about this and cause your authorities no end of shame and embarrassment!

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 9:35am

      Indeed. This smack of similar incidences like sadly, still in the states and here in the 70’s where the police saw easy targets to seek authority and then make up reasons to try and cop out of any wrongdoing.

  5. From what I’ve heard of the Indian Police, it would be interesting to know exactly where the ‘fines’ ended up…

    1. One, Bobby Darling, said he was paid by the organisers to attend. He said he was unaware the party was organised without permission and was not fined. 16 x 200 3,800 pounds who did get the money?

      WHY NOT he was there he must of been drinking would fining a star
      make more light of it. And shame on him with the cop-out!

      1. Police should treat Gay as a human being. They are from the same planet

        1. jamestoronto 21 Sep 2011, 3:19am

          Yes but not necessarily from the same world.

  6. Shame on Mumbai police, they have no right to tell the people who they can dance with they have no rights to tell the people who they can have sex with. People need to raise up and demand that police and religions stop enforcing their beliefs on people who do not need or want their beliefs forced on them about who to love and how to love. Love is a God given right that all people have and they do not need to have their sex and love lives policed by religious fanatics.

  7. Gay Daily Mail Reader 21 Sep 2011, 6:52am

    Again it is two steps forward and one step back for gay rights. The police no doubt are using the licensing laws to harrass gay people as did happen in this country some years ago. Once people start kicking up a stink about this then hopefully the harrassment will stop and India will become a beacon for gay rights in Asia.

    1. Yes, while India obviously has a long way to go, it’s as well not to forget how different things were in the UK as little as 20 years ago.

  8. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 9:32am

    I have prouble believing the police account as we all know they’ll say anything to justify their actions and homophobia.

    1. I don’t have enough knowledge on the propriety of the Indian police to know whether I can agree with that comment or not

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 11:26am

        Doesn’t take 2 brains cells to work it out though, Stu. It’s been happening the world over, likewise after a recent change in the law towards the LGBTQI community.

      2. jamestoronto 21 Sep 2011, 1:58pm

        Though not a scientific study, conversations I have had with people from India and Pakistan living in Canada confirm what Jock is saying. Some of the stories of what is common practice there would create absolute scandals in the West. For appearance sake they tend to leave foreigners alone but the local population suffers incredibly.

      3. @Jock S Trap

        I probably come at this from a different angle to you, Jock S Trap

        I suspect we actually agree (in the main). I do accept that everywhere (even in the most ethical police service) there can be and are cases of either corruption, impropriety or misconduct. I do acknowledge that as LGBT rights progress there is a common response from those who oppose LGBT rights (either from within the police themselves eg James Anderton in Manchester or from those who can put pressure on the police eg elected politicians etc) to seek to use tools against LGBT communities. The tools used always have a legitimate use but are used unfairly in a prejudiced manner against gay people.

        That said, I would argue many of the police officers are motivated to serve and do so with fairness. As I said, I dont know how corrupt the Indian police are, but some will not be.

    2. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 11:25am

      That should of course been trouble not prouble.

  9. Michael Docherty 26 Sep 2011, 2:19am

    Being Gay is not a license to do whatever you want. The law has to be kept regardless of who you are. I think dancing naked, having sex and being drunk in a public area is certainly not tolerated here, let alone India. Long live the law.

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