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Lesbian couple accuse Thomson of honeymoon discrimination

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  1. LGBT rights in DominicaFrom
    Same-sex sexual activity legal? Illegal[
    Penalty: 10 years (buggery),
    5 years (other acts)[1]
    Gender identity/expression –
    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)
    According to Article 14 of the Sexual Offences Act from 1998, anyone caught perpetrating an act of gross indecency can be punished with imprisonment of up to 5 years.[2] Article 15 punishes anal sex (regardless of whether with men or women) with a prison sentence of up to 10 years, or in some cases can lead to internment in a mental asylum. Article 16 states the punishment for attempted anal sex is imprisonment of up to 4 years.[2]

    From 1995 to 2000, 35 people were arrested for the criminal offense of buggery.[3]


    Serves the selfish idiots right. I would not have gone the arparthide SA these fools should know better or don’t the see black LGBT people as equal or deserving of their rights.

    1. Thankfully they’re British then and not Dominican – the law there won’t be so qucik to punish their tourists. They need the trade.

      Also, while I agree with you that I wouldn’t go to or support a country that finds my sexual practices illegal I am also inclined to argue that they have a right to go where they please.

      1. Whilst I have some sympathy with the thought that I would not pay (business travel is different) to go to a country that is so homophobic, I agree entirely with Menderins comments that they have the right to go where they want and that there is a desire for tourist dollar that transcends some issues such as enforcement of LGBT local laws.

        Incidentally, it may be the editting but, James!, are those facts you have posted for Dominica or the Dominican Republic (different places!) but nonetheless the general argument would be the same (unless the country has a much more friendly LGBT approach.

      2. It amazes me how few gay people seem to do any research when planning their vacations. I have to agree with many of the posters on this forum in that my sympathy for this couple is limited given that they decided to support a homophobic regime with their foreign currency. They should consider themselves lucky that they didn’t find themselves in prison. The argument that they should have the right to go where they please has to be qualified – it cannot stand on its own. Whilst I agree they should have the right to freedom of movement, they also need to take some responsibility for any consequences of that freedom of movement. I have no sympathy for people who fall foul of anti-alcohol laws in countries where alcohol is forbidden. Similarly, it strikes me that they are complaining about homophobic treatment when they knowingly visited a country that has homophobic laws. Seriously, what did they expect?

      3. They do have the right to go where they want and i hsve the right to laugh at their idiocy amd selfishness. The natives can go to hell as long as they have a honeymoon they can brag about !?

        1. DJ Sheepiesheep 20 Sep 2011, 6:01pm

          It would seem to me that the real issue is whether Thomsons should be taking a honeymoon booking from a lesbian or gay couple without first advising them of the obvious problems associated with a country that still has anti gay laws.

          1. Nah they should be standing side by side with their brothers and sisters ans know this stuff

    2. Li Thotomist 21 Sep 2011, 4:29pm

      You’re confusing Dominica with the Dominican Republic, in the DR gay sex is legal but that’s about it, in every other respect it’s another backward hole where gay rights are concerned. But do get the country right, if you want to quote the law.

      1. Dominican Republic, Caribbean
        Official Name: Dominican Republic
        Population: 9,905,000
        Capital: Santo Domingo – Pop. 2,100,000
        Area: 48,730 sq. km. / 30,279 sq. miles.
        Language: Spanish
        Religion: Roman Catholic
        Status of Homosexuality: Legal
        Telephone Country Code: 1809

  2. Without seeing the details it is sort of hard to tell. But if, for example, it can be categorically proven there were other hetero honeymooning couples and ALL of them got the same special gifts but the GLBTQ couple didn’t then there is a prima facie case and Thomson might do well to pay them off and make it go away. I suppose there might be a wrangle over responsibility for agents in other countries – but you cannot treat GLBTQ couples differently, and if I could prove it, I would go for the throat. Of course, if it is just a perception or belief that they cannot back up then there won’t be a lot they can do. In other words – story has insufficient facts to make any opinion one way or the other. But would I be surprised if it was later proven that the treatment was not equitable? Not especially, no.

    1. As Valksy says it is difficult to assess without the full details.

      That said, there is a perception from the couple (whether this was intended or not) that they were discriminated against due to their orientation. That being the case, it would seem appropriate that if Thomson are unable to evidence how this was not homophobic that Thomson apologise and compensate them.

  3. Clearly this was an upsetting experience for them.

    Having sais that – what did they expect?

    The Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean – a notoriously, backward, bigotted, vile part of the world.

    Thomsons are clearly lying when they say this has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. Thomson’s staff would be local Domnican people. And Dominican people are homophobic. And the country is homophobic.

    I want to know does Thomson#’s have specific training for their Caribbean staff which states that Dominican homophobia is entitely unacceptable and that any staff who engage in it will be fired instantly.

    If they don’t then Thomsons is merely downplaying their staff’s bigotry, and all Thomsons holidays should be avoided.

    1. With all due respect I disagree. Perhaps I’m a little dense today but I can’t see anything in the article which evidences overt homophobia.

      I have no doubt that they felt they were treated differently (and they probably were) but they need to evidence this to havea case and as the spokesperson said (even though I’m loathe to agree) it could just be bad customer service.

      Also, a lesson learned. Next time perhaps look at other destinations and use a gay run travel agency. Or if that’s too expensive do some research (go and grab a copy of Spartucus) at the very least.

      I’ve no doubt that the Dominican Republic is very beautiful and picturesque but I’m also of the opinion that there are equally beautiful places in the world which aren’y likely to treat you differently because of your sexual oreintation.

      1. I strongly suspect most of Thomsons staff would have been British and not locals …

  4. Why do people go to these places? all of which have human rights and especially gay rights at the very bottom of their list.
    I was recently invited to a family wedding in Jamaica and politely but firmly refused giving my exact reasons.
    Simply – do not visit these countries and the same goes for an awful lot of UK commonwealth ones as well.

    1. Its happened in Brighton too! You wouldn’t think it possible….

    2. I agree those selfish idiots could have picked anywwhere in the world serves them right that their honeymoon was rubbish

      1. @James!

        How have you formed the opinion that this couple are selfish?

        1. If a black person had a holiday in aparthide south africa what would you call that person?

          1. I wouldn’t label them as selfish in that situation. Confused, unaware, surprising, ignorant of the local situation – maybe any of those … but selfish wouldn’t immediately spring to mind?

          2. Or racist. Maybe they dont give a damn about black lgbt

          3. @James!

            You are the first person to mention race in this issue. Do we know the race of the couple involved? Is race that relevant in this particular story?

    3. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 9:50am

      “Why do people go to these places?”

      Because people have the choice to make up their own minds, prehaps?

  5. I know these girls and to say they are selfish is a bit much. I believe what they have said and it was their choice to go to the dominican republic for honeymoon, its a major honeymoon destination after all. Calling them selfish and stupid just for wanting to visit the Caribbean is a bit much

    1. I believe what they say as well. I have no doubt that they were treated in a homophobic and disrespectful manner

      But their decision to go to a homophobic dump like the Dominican Republic was naive at best, foolish and ignorant at worst.

      How exactlu were they expecting to be treated in a country where homosexuality is punishable by prison?

      They felt they were treated badly. And they made a complaint to Thomsons which is pretending that it is has notihing to do with homophobia (which is rubbish if the hotel staff in the Dominican Republic are native to that bigotted dump.)

      This couple should do their research in future and avoid all places where homosexuality is a crime (regardless of whether it is a ‘paradise’ destination or not.

    2. I would not go to ararthide south africa. I would not go to a country where LGBT people would not enjoy the same rights I take for granted just cause other people do. You must be really dense or just a nasty piece of work to not give a damn about other LGBT people. How could they be sharing their love knowing that other a few miles away LGBT people would be locked up for the doing the same thing. It’s not only selfish its sick

      1. de Villiers 20 Sep 2011, 9:00pm

        You are very pompous and judgmental – using nasty names towards people you do not know and then attacking their friends. The nasty piece of work is you. Everyone can see it.

        1. I’ll tajke that as a compliment from someone like you

  6. I’m afraid I find the language and attitude of one or two of these comments to be quite disgraceful. “Selfish idiots” is not the language we should be using to describe these girls – especially when they have had such a rough time. There are many other ways to make a point without resorting to abuse. Quite honestly, this form of communication will put many people off airing their own comments – and this would indeed be a shame for those who have something positive to say.
    Gay people are slagged off enough without this happening in one of “our” spaces, so please, clean up your acts.

    1. I agree,

      People should not resort to name-calling.

      On the other hand it is very appropriate to point out that 2 privileged western women, travelling to a homophobic 3rd world country and complaining that they were treated in a homophobic manner is very foolish and selfish indeed.

      They should try being a native lesbian couple in the Dominican Republic.

      That would give them an understanding of real, systemic bigotry.

    2. Grow up I will critize what i see as selfish behaviour, rubbing the noses of the local gays and lesbians in the fact that they can get married while a few miles away people live in fear of jail.

      How selfish can you get and the argument that other honeymooners go there is so weak. Trying to assimilate straight people is just sad

      1. Miguel Sanchez 20 Sep 2011, 4:12pm

        It’s quite obvious to me that you’re just another homophobic gay basher. Do us all a favor and DON’T POST.

        That being said, I do agree they should have checked the country they were going to a little better. This way they wouldn have known what they were getting themselves into.

        1. Actually I see his point. We shouldn’t relaly give our money to and thus support economies of countries which harm LGBT people.

        2. sod off

          I could not imagine a black man going to have a holiday in south Africa under aparthide and not be slagged off for it. Why can’t i critize these women without being homophobic? It’s very immature and nothing says I AM AN IDIOT like caps

          1. That post is to miguel

          2. de Villiers 20 Sep 2011, 9:01pm

            Nothing says I AM AN IDIOT more than a post by James! Pompous, nasty, vicious and obviously self-hating.

          3. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 9:53am

            “I could not imagine a black man going to have a holiday in south Africa under aparthide and not be slagged off for it.”

            Well no because thats what You would do. Thing is we’re not all like you and the same goes for most but only judgemental people like yourself.

          4. Flipping hell I’m wasting my time

      2. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 9:49am

        “Grow up..”

        Grow up? we’re not the ones doing the namecalling. Bit rich James!

        Have to say can’t really see how they are selfish but hey guess your getting attention.

        1. Well i guess I must be a nutter. As the if we were black analagy is used frequently I ‘ll use it again.

          If a black man took a holiday in aparthide south africa would that be acceptable to you?

          1. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 11:31am

            Would be up to that person, nobody else really wouldn’t it. But then as you’ve already been told you’ve got the areas wrong. Your on about Dominica yet this story is about the Dominican Republic.

          2. Yes and i admintted my mistake. If you think that it’s morally acceptable to take a holiday in a place where LGBT people live in fear we will have to disagree. i think it is unacceptable and I would not sleep at night knowing that if I wa born in different circumstances i could be on the other side of the compund wall living in fear.

          3. @James!

            If the story were about Dominica, then you would have a (more) legitimate point … as it is about the Dominican Republic then your emotive comment “in fear of their lives” is not substantiated

          4. The carribbean is not a safe place for black LGBT. If the DR was a great place we would know it as a leading example and it would have been quoted somewhere. As I have not heard anything positive about it I can make the assumption that it is socially comparable to other carribbean islands. It is 90% catholic so I imagine not so great to be a gay local but probally ok for tourists with $$$’s


      3. “Trying to assimilate straight people is just sad”

        The word is “emulate”, not assimilate.

    3. Ok I take it back the DR is not as bad as Dominica

      Sorry ladies

  7. Next time girls try a Thomson Freedom Holiday in SITGES Spain.
    Same company- but a world apart from DR.
    It’s not Thomson- it’s the PLACE!

    1. Or stay at very gay friendly hotel, El Cortijo La Prensa in the centre of Andalusia, Spain where you would get a very warm welcome.

    2. Thompson have a responsibility to monitor and vet the ‘place’, they sell on the ‘place’ and thus should make sure their products are as advertised.

  8. Whilst I believe that the archaic homophobia of some of these countries like The DR need to be challenged, I really wish UK LGBT people would check destinations for legalities.
    We wouldn’t tolerate people coming to the UK and ignoring our laws because they are different from their native laws, so we should respect foreign legal systems the same; regardless of how offensive we find them.
    I won’t travel to countries where homosexuality is illegal; for my own safety. Expecting the DR hotel to treat them as any other couple when the law of the DR outlaws homosexuality is simply naive and rather foolish.
    Either choose a destination that is “LGBT friendly” or accept the law as it stands when you visit.

    1. The Dominican Republic does not outlaw homosexuality; my partner and I have been on holiday there and saw a few other gay couples around, nobody batted an eyelid. We had a lovely time. Just wanted to add that.

  9. Rick Hurlbut 20 Sep 2011, 6:55pm

    Actually, the promise of a pleasant vacation and happy wedding came from Thomson – which should have either known better about what to expect in the Dominican Republic and warned the couple accordingly; or have taken the necessary steps with representatives on the ground to ensure a smooth ceremony. Neither happened.

    You may recall that several years ago Sandals was pressured by UK authorities to allow same-sex couples at their couples-only resorts in the Caribbean. What happens in the UK can have an affect on what happens elsewhere, and Thomson should use its significant clout to champion the cause of UK gays and lesbians.

    1. So forget the locals just make sure you can shag i. Private shamefhul attiitid

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 9:54am

        Ooooh, I think that comment says it all about you James!

        1. Maybe

          I couldn’t imageine going to sandals in Jamaica with my partner while other LGBT live in fear for their lives. It would feel wrong

          1. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 11:34am

            Maybe but your still ignoring the thing some are trying to correct you on.

  10. British expat in the DR 20 Sep 2011, 7:05pm

    Most of you are barking up the wrong tree. The quote about homosexuality being illegal refers to Dominica which is a different country. The couple in question went to the Dominican Republic (DR) which is not particularly homophobic, and homosexuality is not illegal. Not to say there isn’t some intolerance but nowhere near countries like Jamaica – probably closer to a western European country if anything. In my experience Thomsons’ employees tend to be British, although I’m sure they also employ some local staff.

    1. I agree that most Thomsons employees tend to be British (although in some instances I know they employ some locals).

      I thought the comments referred to Dominica and not the Dominican Rep (although I must admit I did not know for sure the status of LGBT issues in the Dominican Rep. Whilst LGBT rights are not perfect in the Dominican Rep (although neither are they in the UK), homosexuality is indeed legal, with an equal age of consent. Also, recently a court upheld cases of unlawful discrimination in several cases involving gay businesses protecting their rights to be treated with fairness and accepting intolerance due to sexuality is inappropriate, clearly demonstrating there is some legal level of protection for LGBT people.

      The situation is far from that described by James!

      Perhaps, he should get his facts right first

      1. dont be a twat Stu whats on paper is not always what happens in real life. the law ifs for the tourists the black LGBT will have a different experience. Just like the south African constitution is the nest for LGBT but corrective rapes still happen

        1. No, James!

          I think you will find it is you who are wrong.

          You stated homosexuality was illegal (it is in Dominica) – in the Dominican Republic homosexuality is legal with an equal age on consent

          If you are going to argue against people based on legal facts, at least try to use legal facts from the correct jurisdiction

          As I have said LGBT rights in the Dominican Republic are not as good as those in the UK. However, the level of rights in the Dominican Republic are better than those in Dominica. Also, the rights in the UK are inferior to those in Spain, Argentina or Norway (for example)> Would you suggest no LGBT people holiday in the UK because our level of rights are inferior to Argentina?

          1. What I would say is how can you be comfortable knowing that you can be with your partner but the locals maybe living in fear like taking your partner to sandals Jamaica. Only a sadist would be happy to do that

          2. @James!

            But this story is not about Jamaica

            The only time I have travelled to Jamaica has been on business and without my partner. Its not a place I would (currently) choose to go with a partner …

            I understand your argument about personal morality on ground of LGBT rights and not visiting certain nations eg Dominica, Jamaica or Saudi Arabia, UAE, Uganda etc but I fail to see that the Dominican Republic form part of the same category of nations …

          3. I agreed I made a mistake but we have moved on. Taking a holiday in a place with questionable LGBT rights should not be praised and I agree i may have been a bit harsh on the women.

        2. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 11:36am

          Yet you brand two women as selfish on your own mistaken information. Even though other are trying, politely, to correct you you still remain rude and ignorant to the facts. It seems you just hellbent on creating a scene for the sake of it.

          1. Yep

            they were more concerned about their perfect honeymoon than the conditions that local LGBT people have to live with. I call that selfish

          2. Not given the LGBT rights situation in the Dominican Republic – it is not the same country as Dominica or, for that matter, Jamaica ….

          3. Stu the DR is 90% catholic in the carribbean I don’t think it’s going to be gaytopia

  11. They should be compensated.

    On a more general note, I would NEVER visit a homophobic country. What I mean by that is a country that is SO totalitarian that homosexuality is illegal. They don’t deserve my hard earned money. Let them wallow in their ignorance and poverty.

  12. It’s not right that these ladies were treated in a homophobic manner, I think everyone accepts that. However, if you’re of the mind set that you will be who you want to be and take the world head on then you need to be prepared for the consequences. Homosexuality is not illegal in the Dominican Republic, but it doesn’t take more than a Google search to realise it is a conservative country where LGBT people are discriminated against. That said, a major company like Thomson should be making deals with hotels that give diversity training to it staff. With the amount of money a company like Thomson must pull in for those hotels, not to mention the country, and with people in the DR wanting to keep their jobs like everyone else, things could be improved quite easily within a 2 year time frame. Unfortunately it would mean a short-term hit on their profits so it’s simply not going to happen.

  13. paddyswurds 20 Sep 2011, 8:08pm

    They flew to the Dominican Republican….Really. Just where exactly is that? ……anywhere near the Dominican Republic one wonders……

  14. paddyswurds 20 Sep 2011, 8:56pm

    So pink News cant handle a little criticism but can tolerate homophobic comments from the likes of keith, pepa and other weirdos. They deleted my comment on the clearly woeful writing and editing when i commented on “Dominican Republican”

    1. paddyswurds 20 Sep 2011, 8:58pm

      …..This new system is clearly not working either. my original post only appeared after i posted another. Just why cant PInk News get this right.

  15. Although I sympathise with the couple as their holiday was ruined I do have to ask Why the Hell would anyone book the Dominican Republic to celebrate their CP? What were their second choices, Iran and Uganda?

  16. A GLBT couple coming to the Americas, sadly should expect disrespect, and the need to demand equality. There is nowhere that is safe from oppression here in America!

    1. The article refers to the Dominican Republic, not North or South America. I live in SW Florida and have never been discriminated against.

  17. You get the bigots sued , sue the travel commpany for your abuses, and racist attacks , gest it done, and then help others , do not tolerate the hate attacks and abuses, any company that la;unches hate attacks and abuses just like schools must be sued for their evils, and if you no the direct individuals they must be fired, these companies are responsible for diversity training and if they purposely hire racist people they deserve to be sued anyway because they allowed this type of abuse on purpose, they no racist and bigots are dangerous, just like the manager that pushed a gay couple with his bare hands, yes his they should have sued the place and the manager should have been fired, the companies are suppose to give a diversity speech to every new employee against discrimination and tell them we want stand for it and the jepardizing people and our company and its reputations and business, so you had better be courteous to everyone, and if someone causes you problems let us no

  18. I am so glad that these girls are doing something and they need to sue the travel company for all they can get. Money seems to be the only thing people understand today and when you are gay and get mistreated and you can prove your case then go for it and change the world. Carry a video camera and or tape recorder or what ever to make a tape of what happens so it can be used in court to win millions of dollars and then give some money to fight the haters in the world who are spending millions to stop gay marriage.

  19. The girls in question are my friends, I proudly attended their Civil Partnership Ceremony and hoped that their honeymoon would be just as fantastic for them as the day itself! Maybe they didn’t “research” the country they were going to, perhaps they were foolish to believe that in this day and age they would be entitled to the same treatment as any other honeymooning couple. I think an apology from the holiday company was all they asked for, the intention was never for this to go as far as it has. They are good people who just wanted to have some memories of what should have been the best time of their lives. Let’s not berate them for their actions, lets support them for having the courage to stand up and be counted!

    1. @Tracey

      I hope the civil partnership ceremony was wonderful and that they were able to enjoy at least some of their honeymoon.

      I think the criticism of the girls is wrong. The “facts” about tolerance of LGBT people that some on here have quoted are inaccurate.

      Whilst as a general point, its probably advisable to research destinations from several points, facilities, weather, visas required, vaccinations required and indeed LGBT issues – one one hope that a reputable company such as Thomson on being made aware at booking that this was a honeymoon for same sex partners would have advised caution if there was any reason to suspect intolerance or prejudice. Whilst, that is what they perceive they experienced, either Thomson were shoddy in their advice at the time of booking or (generally) there would have been no expectation of any prejudice at that time and the local staff failed in their handling of the situation.

      I think they should be congratulated for taking a stand.

      1. @Stu
        Absolutely they should be congratulated! I for one am completely behind them in their course of action and hope that they receive a heartfelt apology from a major travel company!!!!

  20. It the sandals scenario that pisses me off. How can a gay couple use sandals knowing that over the wall local LGBT people may be murdered or living in fear it is the most disgusting aspect of gay “culture”. I’m alright and sod everyone else. Not all LGBT are equal. A lot of these comments berate the country for it’s backwardness but none support the Domician Rep LGBT people it’s telling

    1. The facts you report are for a different country

      Dominica is not the Dominican Republic

      1. You’re right my mistake. Do you reckon LGBT Domician rep citizens have some great life? If they did we would know about it as the only safe place for LGBT in the carribbean.

        is a socially conservative country and I reckon the laws are for the tourists not the locals

        1. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 11:39am

          So are these women still ‘selfish’ going to a country where being Gay or Lesbian is perfectly legal?

          1. We have to agree to disagree. I would not go to a country with my husband if the local LGBT people could not only not get married but may also live in fear for their lives. Take Sandals Jamaica you would have to be a complete cnut to go there with your same sex partner and if you got klilled it would serve you right. Is that clear?

          2. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 12:41pm

            “if you got klilled it would serve you right. Is that clear?”


          3. You can’t legally marry in the UK? So should gay people not holiday here?

            Live in fear of their lives … that on occasions has happened to gay people in the UK … should gay people refuse to speak their pink pound/dollar/euro in the UK?

            You keep referring to the status or either Dominica or Jamaica which is irrelevant to the Dominican Republic

          4. Stu

            I making the point about holidaying in anti gay places and how comfortable some LGBT people are taking holidays in questionable places where the local LGBT people may live in fear. the dominican republic is socially conservative and not some enlightened carribbean island. Yes it’s better than most but still questionable

            “MANUEL DE JESUS ​​DE LEON (54), gay decorator Dominican Republic, brutally tortured and murdered.

            In February 2010 he was found at his home in Tamboril, Dominican Republic’s north. The murderers cut off his penis, he made ​​sharp objects into the anus and nailed a spike in the head, and to strangle.

        2. I’m not saying things are wonderful in the Dominican Republic, but they are not those that you suggest in your “facts”. Homosexuality is legal, there is legal protection for LGBT people, there is an equal age of consent, there is a thriving gay scene … Yes, things are not equal (nor are they in the UK) … Things are progressing, perhaps by encouraging them rather than being presumptious and vilifying them on the basis of the actions of another nation we would see further progress due to support given to LGBT people in the Dominican Republic by tourists visitng the island who are also LGBT. Sanctions are a tool to use (sparingly) sometimes encouragement is necessary too. If we wait for perfection on LGBT rights then we should encourage gay people not to come to the UK, or go to Sydney Mardi Gras, or go to the Castro in San Fransisco … none of those countries have it right yet … there is progress but lets encourage others who are progressing too.

          1. Ok

            Do you think it is acceptable for a gay couple to have a holiday in Sandals Jamaica?

          2. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 12:43pm

            Who are we to say where people go on holiday is acceptable or unacceptable? It’s non of our business but at least they know you justify if they get killed being such a lovely person you – cough – appear to be…. Not!

          3. It’s called morality Jock. I don’t have sky, my pension is ethical and I would not ingnore the conditions that my LGBT bros and sisters live in for a holiday. And that question was not for you so do one

          4. @James!

            Personally, I would not choose to holiday in Jamaica – full stop.

            Personally, because of their attitude to same sex couples I would be surprised if Sandals accepted a booking from same sex couples. They have a history of homophobia.

            I would be concerned if a gay couple chose to make such a booking (and it was accepted) that they may not be in full possession of the situation that they may encounter or that locals experience. I would be happy (if they wanted to listen) to tell them my views. I would understand that ultimately it is their choice – whether I agree with it or not.

            That said, I have holidayed in countries which are less than perfect on LGBT issues – Kenya, Cyprus, Cuba, USA, France, Ireland, Portugal, UK etc. In all these places I could have critiqued the situation but I supported the local gay people through their businesses.

            I have also travelled through business to Iran, Uganda, Ghana, Pakistan, Jamaica, China and other less friendly countries and ….

          5. … I ensure those business trips are for the minimum essential duration (sometimes flying in and out on the same day), those business trips are ones which a partner would not accompany me on, I minimise my contact with their economy to essentials (food, drink, taxis etc) and if safe to do so and I am overnighting with some leisure time I may try to locate a gay scene for a quiet drink but only in certain locations.

            I don’t think any of the scenarios that I consider relate to the Dominican Republic

          6. Finally I agree with you.

            It is the consumers choice where they take their holiday and it is my choice to comment on these stories on the web.

            My opinion is that there are better things to do with our time, honeymoons are for the bougie assimilators who I have no time for and when their “equality” bubble is burst I laugh as it reminds them just how vulnerable they are and all the money in the world will not protect them from homophobia.

            They are gay people still living in fear and they are forgotten by most us but who care as long as we can take get partnered take drugs and party.

            Some LGBT people seem to have few scruples when it comes to their own pleasure and I think it stinks.

            LGBT taking a holiday in sandals Jamaica is the most selfish act I can think of

          7. @James!

            On the general principles, I think we are in agreement.

            On the issues of Jamaica, I would be surprised if we didnt agree on almost everything …

            On the Dominican Republic, I think we have to agree to disagree with the approach that is useful

          8. See what happens when you agree with me you get -1

          9. @James!

            So be it … I think you know that (whilst we often disagree) we both are prepared to argue our point of view, and when we make mistakes are (usually) prepared to admit it lol

  21. Jock S. Trap 21 Sep 2011, 9:43am

    Unacceptable. If people pay money for a honeymoon, a honeymoon they should have just as any other couple. Same goes for any couple on holiday. Shame on Thomson.

  22. What good is a Travel company that advertises diversity, then sells a homophobic package to gay customers? That’s it folks, the company’s name is Thomson and it denies denies denies, just to escape prossecution…

    1. They should have been treated exactly, and I repeat, exactly, as the other heterosexual couples. Thomson, you will face legal action for your total neglect on matters regarding sexual orientation. I hope you recognise your structural operations are deeply flawed, pay a very very handsome to your victims, and correct your attitude towards gay couples.

  23. Before you continue berating a gay couple for making a ‘bad’ choice, look @
    They CLEARLY are marketing holidays for us lot to barbados etc. So you can’t blame the couple for mistakenly taking the word of Thompson as honourable! Everybody, thomson should hear our opinions, we are clearly being treated as a resource to exploit, and no care is being taken to ensure that they are providing ‘GAY FRIENDLY’ holidays. What an old fashioned concept, ‘friendly’ how gracious of them!

    Finally, not only do they deliver a poor holiday, they then deny the voices and experiences of this couple in their responses to their claims. Shame on you thomson, oh and on James! what a fool.

  24. O my lesbian god i can not believe that people can be homophobic to lesbian couple i will love to have a threesome with 2 lesbo couples any man would that couple must have been some bun arse salgs yeah that even there own father wont even secound look them

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