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Labour says it will pressure government for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Fine Labour, do just that but remember, it took you years to implement civil partnerships and then another year before a single civil partnerships took place.

    Good to see all three major parties in favour of marriage equality, they should all work together to speed it up.

  2. Ha, talk about political opportunism again on behalf of the party with no plan the labour party.

    1. Its a difficult one to get the wording right on, but this one I think Cooper has gone in far too harshly …

      She would have sounded much better if she had cautiously welcomed the announcement and promised to hold the govt to account if they failed to deliver on their promises, but offered unconditional support on this particular matter if the govt progressed it fully and appropriately

      Shame her comments sounded like an attempt to make political capital when this “should” be a non partisan issue

  3. All I can says is… 13 years! And not a sniff of even considering it. Not one mention of support.

  4. I can’t see the point of religious CPs which aren’t even marriages. Heterosexuals are not accorded the same right when they enter into a civil marriage. Wasn’t it the purpose of civil marriage, to provide an alternative to hetero couples who didn’t want or couldn’t have a religious marriage? It seems that granting religious CPs to gays only is rather unfair and one-sided. It also gives marriage equality opponents ammunition to say that allowing CPs in a religious setting gives special rights to only one group of people to the exclusion of everyone else. I say, let’s get same-sex marriage legalised first, then concentrate on the religious recognition of CPs and Civil Marriages for both gays and heteros. Seems a more pragmatic approach and will avoid giving our foes any more ammunition than they already have.

  5. Why hasn’t Labour not adopted same-sex marriage as official party policy?

    1. I wouldn’t be too dis hearted that it’s not an official party policy. They haven’t got any official party policy, yet. Miliband has only been doing the job nearly two years.

      1. 1 Year even*

    2. Because Labour is not Labour it’s Tories dressed in red ;)

      1. You’re an idiot.

        1. And you’re evidently constructive

  6. Political opportunism at its most craven.

    i have heard nothing from the Labour Party on marriage equality.

    their official line until today has always been ‘Civil partnerships are enough for you so stop demanding equality.’

    True the Labour Party has never been tainted by the same bigotry as the Tories, but frankly it’s offensive and dishonest for Labour to now start claiming they support equality.

  7. Jumping on the bandwagon. Labour were in power for years and they did nothing to try to introduce equal marriage. If they cared so much, they could have done it then, but I don’t believe they had any will to. Now suddenly up they pop all positive.

    1. 19 Sep 2011, 5:34pm

      Well to their credit they are now making waves about it, I hope Cameron comes on board.

  8. I’ve got to say I’ve been doubtful of the Tories but this is just Labour being opportunistic!! They are just showing there desperation not to be out done on the equality front by the Tories it would have more sway if they actually came up with a next progression rather than just parroting the Tories, but I suppose they are almost Tories now so it’s fitting.

    1. Good to see you being balanced in your comments, Hamish! Whilst, I understand you being doubtful re the Tories, I do prefer to be hopeful and cautiously optimistic re the announcement on same sex marriage. I do entirely agree that Cooper has been outrageously and inappropriately opportunistic on this, when all she needed to say was that if the govt did not deliver she would hold them to account.

  9. Labour wants to be the party to lead the change, but has just realised the party has been overtaken by LibDems and Tories.

    1. Iain Donaldson 19 Sep 2011, 5:51pm

      If Labour wanted to lead the change they would have adopted the proposal in the Lester Bill rather than sidelining it and embedding in British Law a clear divide between marriage (for straights but not gays) and civil partnership (for gays but not straights).

  10. Yvette cooper is doing the right thing, she and other equalities ministers, need to network around the countries, and form equal rights alliances, everywhere on behalf of people and children, the gay mayor in berlin, its good he is gay, but make sure that he does not have any of the evil roots from hiltler against people of colors and women, its an evil person to holler when they are being victumized by racism and then they are abusing and discriminating others out of their own racism and bigoty, these kinds of people or hippocrites, and dangerous, you stand against all victumized by racism and bigots and unfair treatment of other onto others, regardless of gender or race or sexual orientation, love all of your gay sisters and brothers in every color, or you are part of the problem , we dont need hipocracy in the gay community, just honorable human rights people taking a stand for others in need

    1. de Villiers 20 Sep 2011, 5:22pm

      > , but make sure that he does not have any of the evil roots from hiltler against people of colors and women

      How bigoted you are. He is German, therefore we have to protect against the risk that he is a Nzai?

  11. I remember when the CP consultation was underway. Blair together with StonewallUK said that “they” didn’t want to go the same-sex marriage way because it would have gone nowhere. I have my doubts about that. Summerskill was vehemently opposed to marriage at the time and wrongly misread the gay population up until last year.

    David, actually, Miliband did declare support for same-sex marriage last year. It would help though if his party adopted it officially, just as the Lib Dems have done. Prior to the election, Cameron only said he’d “consider” it.

    1. Summerskill should have been fired years ago.

      He has brought disgrace to Stonewall and irreparably damaged their reputation through his homophobic opposition to marriage equality.

      1. Any body can get married. What is wanted by Gays is legal acknowledgement by government. So to mates like to stick their penises up each others anal canal, They want is to equate this act to intercouse between and man and women!
        Great ! Know how much time will it be before marring your sheep and having a roaring good time shouldn’t be called the same thing??
        Why not make it a law that all men being equal their penises should all be cut the same lenght?? All men should be 6th high as well and the list goes on forever!
        This certainly will make me happy to know my fellows who surround in society will all now be treated equal!!

  12. I find it strange that the government will enact a blanket ban on all denominations wishing to officiate at a same-sex marriage. What is the reason for this I wonder. Why not allow any denomination to make its own decision, legally so of course. Why the ban? Makes absolutely NO sense.

  13. I welcome Labour’s perhaps opportunistic intervention on this issue.

  14. Just what I’ve come to expect from the Liebour party. After 13 years, they lost all credibility on this issue. This is political opportunism and smacks very much of the “New Labour” that did nothing for the ordinary man.

    1. Craig Nelson 19 Sep 2011, 11:31pm

      I still predict it will pass on mainly Labour votes in the Commons as a large number of Tories will oppose or abstain. It is important for the Labour Party to signal its intention to support which actually they have been doing since all 5 leadership candidates supported marriage equality.

  15. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 8:21am

    This comes across as jumping after the horse has bolted. I’m sure she means well but why not all this before and pushing, why after the announcement. What was wrong in joining the Lib Dems and making this party policy and fighting for this Equality before. All Labour seem to do these days is arrive late when they should be at the front making a difference. Hardly electable. Labour are coming across as very stale.

  16. I am not Englsih, but are we close to an English election? They like to dish us small portions over a long time, even when they know the right thing to do is give us the full meal deal- complete equality. Any one feel like a dog being trained with bit of a treats for good behaviour in the form of our votes.

    1. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 10:43am

      No the general election is still on track for 2015 (so far) and most local/council elections are in May of each year.

    2. We won’t see a GE until 2015 in all likelihood. Which means we probably won’t see gay marriage until near to then.

  17. I’m glad she’s come out with this positive statement which suggests the whole party is behind her but we still haven’t seen the party officially adopt it and I still remember all those lab MPs signing that awful EDM supporting the ECHR initial decision that it was ok to discriminate against us on religious grounds, did they all withdraw their signatures in the end from that EDM?

    This is an interesting link

    a freedom of info request to get all the info on what has been happenning in the last yr on SS marriage…I suspect very little!!!

    All parties seem to be dragging their feet on SS marriage , more delays and we’re supposed to be jumping for joy..

  18. Its like they were never in power for 13 years. Half of the positive gay legaslative changes occured under Labour because of intervention from the European court of human rights. They even keep reminding us of the Tories and Section 28. yes there are some tories who are like that but if you look at the voting record of some Labour members, they also have their anti-gay MPs.

    I think the legislation is watered down but that is probably due to coalition politics. Its going in the right direction but not far enough (like the blood ban)

    1. Trust me,

      there are some Labour politicians out there who would also regret scrapping section 28.

      I’ve seen some scarily authoritarian right-wing Labour politicians.

  19. Please, Labour jumping on the bandwagon of equality when they were contect to offer half-hearted civil partnerships previously.

    They want to be apologising first for their mistake before offering any critique.

    Opportunists, Miliband is a knob. I say this as a member of the Labour party too.

  20. Why didn’t it do this when it was in power for 13 years?

    There’s a bandwagon, let’s jump on. It might take the voters’ minds off what a dope Millpede is

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