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Brian Souter says society may ‘implode’ if ‘traditional marriage’ falls

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Reader comments

  1. ..all the more reason to have lots more stable happy marriages..of the gay kind..dont you think mr souter?? As hes so keen on Judeo-christian marriage do you suppose he avoids his wife while shes menstuating and has sex through a hole in a sheet??

    1. Curious how Mr Souter’s business did not implode, especially when one of his top executive was caught arranging to meet a male escort on a business trip to the USA.

  2. Has he never had sex just because it feels nice then? Or simply because it’s an absolutely natural human desire? What an absolute pillock!

    1. He’s a christian.

      It’s no surprise that Souter is a poisonous bigot.

      He does not deserve a knighthood.

      1. Some Christians enjoy sex – or at least they tell me they do!

        1. Although it could be tricky enjoying sex, especially with LJC breathing down you neck all the time.

    2. Mumbo Jumbo 19 Sep 2011, 1:06pm

      Has he never had sex just because it feels nice then?

      As he is most likely a repressed homosexual who humps the missus out of religious duty, the answer is probably “no”.

  3. auntie babs 19 Sep 2011, 12:20pm

    so, in his world, where sex is only for procreational purposes, we can judge the number of time a married couple has done the naughty on the number of children they have?

  4. stephen kay 19 Sep 2011, 12:28pm

    No surprises here then?

  5. Jock S. Trap 19 Sep 2011, 12:46pm

    Implodes eh? Well that must be it. Funny but I still see Mexico, Portugal, Spain…. or have they ‘imploded’ too?

    So how come with the way marriage is at the moment we still seem to have such a problem with society. Typical bigot who chooses to be blinded by the fact that ‘traditional marriage’ has been declining for many years and in fact in most cases where Marriage Equality has been given the LGBT community have been propping up and increasing the numbers in marriage.

    We only have to see the recent riots to see ‘traditional marriage’ failing and in decline. So he choose not to see that giving this Equality will make society more stable, more able to work together to remove the problems that so called ‘traditional marriage’ has left behind and once again give it something worthy of the beauti of human beings in celebrated relationships.

    1. Or the Scandinavian countries or Argentina or Brazil ….

    2. jamestoronto 19 Sep 2011, 4:08pm

      Don’t forget us here in the Frozen North across the pond. We’ve for the “implosion” or whatever to happen here—outside of some loud thunderstorms nothing much out of the heavens. How does the fact that less straights chose not to marry, and have for a couple of generations now, in any way mean marriage for gays should be denied. Rethink this one.

  6. This man just annoys the crap out of me. The biggest threat to marriage is the huge number of (straight) people who have the right to marry and yet treat the institution so cavalierly.

  7. Whenever anyone with Mr. Souter’s views (note: the lack of the use of ‘Sir’, he is a disgrace to the Kinghthood system), I will always point them towards this:

  8. I agree with him. Please Brian, give Dave a few million to bring back section 28, our children should make their own mind up, they dont need ‘teaching’;

    Im glad your website has returned to the search results.

    1. Do you support the banning of heterosexual divorce Matthew.

      if not then why not?

      Or are you religious and therefore opposed to democracy and justice by default?

    2. Sounds like the sort of rhetoric that has its motivation in the continuance of homophobic bullying of children in school – shame on you Matthew

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 19 Sep 2011, 2:06pm


        Many more “Matthews” would have been churned out of the education system had Section 28 been retained.

        1. Ben Foster 19 Sep 2011, 4:47pm

          obviously not Keith renamed as he didn’t talk like a sewer, but clearly a new troll.

    3. Children do make up their own minds, Matthew – some are tolerant of gay people, others aren’t. Or do you think the evil gay mafia has infiltrated schools in order to recruit children? I assume so. Well, we don’t need to recruit children (not that that’s even possible, of course) because LGBT people are being born every day just as they have been since time immemorial.

      You can’t teach a child to be gay, Matthew – but you can hopefully teach them not to dislike a whole great group of people who are no different from them, no better, no worse. Has the whole homophobic bullying passed right over your head? That happens because of a lack of understanding, a fear of being different, a feeling of being alone. Any information that can stop that – eg being able to mention LGBT people in class if and when appropriate – is good. Not just for gay people, but for society as a whole. Unless, of course, you’d prefer a society mired in hate and ignorance?

    4. O dear Matthew . . .
      How many Ex-gay conferences have you been to recently?

    5. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 10:45am

      Curious. How do you teach someone to be themselves Matthew?

  9. So is Brian Souter campaigning to ban divorce.

    After all seeing as 50% of straight marriages end in divorce, then he thinks society is already imploding.

    Or is Brian Souter simply a revolting sick, homophobic bigot.

    Is this appalling monster STILL getting a knighthood.

    He does not deserve any recognition for his poisonous prejudices.

  10. Mumbo Jumbo 19 Sep 2011, 1:03pm

    Traditional Christian marriage explained:


    1. Absolutely. Watch this and throw it in the face of everyone who tries to call on the concept of “traditional marriage” (which isn’t Christian, no matter how hard intellectually dishonest christofascists like Souter try to claim otherwise. And incidentally – what a sad sad sad pathetic little man. Human sexuality is about so much more than procreation. I think of a hetero couple in their 60s I knew who still had an active sex life – because it was just another way to bond, another way to be close, another way to show affection and (in their words) it was just so much fun. And they had been married for 40 years. Clearly Mrs Souter is as revolted by him as we are and he is coping by playing the “sex is bad” card. Sorry, but for a lot of us it is a satisfying and enriching experience.

  11. History suggests that societies ‘implode’ if their economic or ecological base disappears, the political class abandons the responsibility to govern, the wealthy keep all the loot, or the religious seize power and end innovation and debate.
    Changing marriage arrangements doesn’t seem to figure much in it. The thing is that science and the enlightenment long ago deprived religion of its assumed right to define the whole of reality, so obsessing about sex and marriage is pretty much all that’s left to it.

  12. I would refer Souter to the following academic research:

    “Will providing marriage rights to same-sex couples undermine heterosexual marriage?”. The author is M V Lee Badgett. It is published in Sexuality, Research and Social Policy Vol1, No 3, 1-10.

    The abstract states:
    “This paper analyzes data regarding the impact on heterosexual marriages of laws in five European countries that provide marriage or marriage-like rights to same-sex couples. The data provide no evidence that giving partnership rights to same-sex couples had any impact on heterosexual marriage. Specifically, heterosexual marriage rates and divorce rates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and the Netherlands displayed no significant change in trends after implementation of rights for gay couples; longstanding trends in nonmarital birth rates showed no sign of acceleration attributable to passage of partnership laws; and nonmarital birth rates showed the same changes in countries with and without partnership laws…

    1. …Finally, because the United States gives many more incentives for heterosexual couples to marry than European countries, any effects of passage of gay marriage or partnership laws in this country would be even less likely to have an impact on the status of heterosexual marriage.”

      Publicity hungry Souter. Or just bigoted. Or both?

      One thing is sure, he can’t deal with facts.

  13. Well, he has only to look at the state of hetero marriages today. Divorce at an all time high, not as a result of same-sex marriage since we don’t have it yet, where does he get his facts from? Procreation is not a mandatory requirement or pre-requisite of civil marriage nor is it mentioned. If that’s the basis of his argument against our marrying, then he’ll have to support a ban on hetero couples who can’t or choose not to procreate. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Why is it that nobody ever asks these bigots that very question. I wouldn’t mind betting there are a lot of nasty skeletons in his own closet that need to be exposed.

  14. “or are we going to stick with the Judeo-Christian tradition, where procreation is something that we want to put within a marriage context”

    Oh please, Jews don’t accept Jesus Christ as their saviour. Time you solved that conundrum before lobbing these two groups together to add clout to your argument Mr Souter.

    1. Ben Foster 19 Sep 2011, 4:48pm

      Oh, please, lets have the Babylonian-Greek version where we all have some fun.

  15. I agree with Mr. Souter’s views. “Society is in danger of “imploding” if “traditional marriage” declines”!

    I think he tries to get the balance right when he states: “gay relationships is a small side-product from that discussion” and in his refusal to criticise gay marriage.

    As for Stonewall’s bigot of the year nomination, once again I am disappointed but not surprised. Them assiduously vilifying folk who correctly speak their mind on matters of importance when others fear to do so, through fear of a vociferous backlash, speaks realms of their perniciousness.

    1. What about Mr Souters hypocrisy by stealth?
      Surely, Mr Souter complicit in his own vilification?

    2. So why then is Brisn Souter not campaignig to ban heterosexual divorce?

      The 50% straight divorce rate is far more dangerous to society using Souter’s logic.

      Or is Souter just a vile bigot who is blaming the gay community for straight society’s utter failure to protect ‘traditional marriage’ thanks’ to their outrageously high divorce rates.

      I suspect MISTER Souter (he does not deserve his knighthood) is a bigot.

    3. ““Society is in danger of “imploding” if “traditional marriage” declines”!”

      As marriage as been given to gay people in at least 10 other states, and they have not “imploded”, your argument (and his) is not exactly backed up with empirical evidence, is it? Quite the contrary actually exists. The only real conclusion one can draw if that you both have a penchant for histrionic unproven statements.

      1. Will, exaclty . . . this is just hysterical nonsense.
        Strange that the Plymouth Breathren Minister (JohnB) cannot see this, presumably he his blinded by in his continuing holier than thou frippary.

    4. Ben Foster 19 Sep 2011, 4:54pm

      how is it in any danger? Does the campaign for same sex marriage equality go hand in hand with a plan to ban hetero marriage? you and souter are both talking rubbish. think about it.

      And Stonewall have the right to villify anyone they choose.

    5. Firstly, I should say I wasn’t aware of Brian Souter before today and my comments were based on the PN article.

      I don’t see hypocrisy and bigotry in his words / actions. If one of his executives has an affair with a gay person how does that make him culpable? If he doesn’t endorse gay marriage or the promotion of homosexuality in schools, how does that make him a bigot?

      I would imagine Mr Souter is concerned as I am with the high divorce rate of hetero couples. I suspect he would agree with me that this is a major contributory factor to the breakdown of society.

      Stonewall can nominate who they want for what they want, but as far as I am concerned their credibility decreases when they resort to the afore-mentioned tactics.

      I agree gay folk should be able to campaign for gay marriage and many (maybe most) would seem to work as well hetero, but my instinct is society is strongest when hetero marriage is strong. I accept, however, the need to back that up with empirical evidence.

      1. “I don’t see hypocrisy and bigotry in his words / actions. If one of his executives has an affair with a gay person how does that make him culpable?”
        Surely Mr Souters choice in executives, points not only to Mr souters poor judgment, but also Mr Souters self serving ethical stance. An ethical stance which appears to be borne of a pick and mix morality allgined to his business ventures, rather than a deep concern for social, spiritual or moral cohesion.

      2. Ben Foster 20 Sep 2011, 7:09am

        `you still havent explained how gay marriage harms hetero marriage and neither has he.

      3. What do you mean by ‘strong’ when you say ‘society is strongest when hetero marriage is strong’?…..What kind of empirical evidence would back up such a vague assertion? And in what ways might same-sex marriage in any way affect the ‘strength’ of hetero marriage. This article gives 8 causes of marriage break-down: No mention of ‘same sex marriage’ there, but perhaps you’d like to explain more precisely the mechanism whereby same sex marriage will prove to be so toxic to straight marriage. Please include in your answer reference to those countries that already have same-sex marriage….

    6. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 10:48am

      “gay relationships is a small side-product…”

      I’m sure if your not LGBTQI and have all Equalities that may well be the assumption, note please…Assumption.

    7. JohnB

      I would refer you to the research that I have detailed above …

  16. I actually agree with him – marriage is very important to society – thats why it makes zero sense that he is opposed to gay couples who want to commit to each other.

  17. Another Hannah 19 Sep 2011, 1:48pm

    Who gave Chicken Little an OBE?!!! What a stupid thing to do. Decadence, greed and the lack of regulation is what is causing the west to fail, and it isn’t by the people at the bottom, it’s th ones at the top, bankers, remember. Who’s getting all manner of reward and bonuses when were failing? THATS WHY WERE FAILING.

    1. I thought he looked a bit like Yosemite Sam after a bit of a trim:-)…

  18. Peter & Michael 19 Sep 2011, 1:51pm

    His comments are shameful, especially to many Gay couples whom have long term relationships with one another. we wonder what his attitude would be if one of his three son’s came out as Gay, it is not unknown that a sibling of a prominent person in politics to ‘come out’, to their parents.

    1. I’ve no doubt, Peter & Michael, that he’d simply tell any child of his who happend to be gay, to pray it away.

  19. “We are arguing here about what kind of society we want to live in. Are we going to be in a Babylonian-Greek-type of society, where sex is primarily a recreational activity, or are we going to stick with the Judeo-Christian tradition, where procreation is something that we want to put within a marriage context?”

    You’re kidding me right? A human with a brain said this?

  20. Who is this cnut? He must be one big ole closet case to care so much

  21. Johnny33308 19 Sep 2011, 2:28pm

    Lest everyone forget heterosexuality is still the VAST majority in any society, and even if every gay person were to marry, heteros would STILL be the vast majority. How can a society implode if the masters of it are still in charge? The argument that society will implode is much more plausible if people become poor than if every gay person married of heteros decided sex was ‘recreational’. In human, it is recreational already so Souter’s opinion seems rather irrelevant. How many sex acts currently result in pregnancy? Really, Souter is just showing his ignorance-hetero sex has been primarily recreational for quite a long time already. Each sex act he performed resulted in a child, did it?

    1. And the gay community cannot be blamed for 1 out of every 2 straight marriages ending in divorce!

      1. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 10:50am

        Exactly, though I expect somewhere down the line the bigots will blame us somehow.

    2. I’d like him to provide the facts to prove that same-sex marriage has caused society to implode or has stopped heterosexuals from marrying. Heterosexuals have been divorcing long before same-sex marriage was legal in any country and it will continue to happen without any help from us. In the state of Massachusetts in America, the first state to legalise same-sex marriage in that country, divorce rates have declined and more couples are marrying, both straight and gay alike. Hardly what one could call an implosion of society. In the mormon state of Utah where pornogragphy consumption is among the highest in America, divorce rates among heterosexuals is at an all time high.

  22. Nawal Husnoo 19 Sep 2011, 2:36pm

    “We are arguing here about what kind of society we want to live in. Are we going to be in a Babylonian-Greek-type of society, where sex is primarily a recreational activity, or are we going to stick with the Judeo-Christian tradition, where procreation is something that we want to put within a marriage context?”

    CF: 1984

    “The aim of the Party was not merely to prevent men and women from forming loyalties which it might not be able to control. Its real, undeclared purpose was to remove all pleasure from the sexual act. Not love so much as eroticism was the enemy, inside marriage as well as outside it. All marriages between Party members had to be approved by a committee appointed for the purpose and – though the principle was never clearly stated – permission was always refused if the couple concerned gave the impression of being physically attracted to one another. The only recognized purpose of marriage was to beget children for the service of the Party.”

    [Gay Agenda, 4:14] (http:/

    1. Interesting and apposite quote, Nawal :)

  23. Yeah, gays are responsible for heterosexual divorce and single-parent families.

    1. Yes quite… and all the divorcees ‘turned gay’ overnight too!

  24. let it implode! there’s room for hope!

  25. Eddy - from 2007 19 Sep 2011, 3:48pm

    Yes, Mr. Souter society will implode, the sky will fall in, and everything bad and horrific will happen if all the Civil Partnerships that now exist in the UK are simply converted into Marriages.

    This poor man is paranoid and delusional.

    He presumably cannot see that society has not imploded since the coming of Civil Partnerships.

    But the world is full of delusionals and the sad thing is that it is generally impossible to change their minds.

    We have to convince those who are not delusional, so that Mr. Souter out is left out in the cold.

    The trouble is he has a lot of money and can do a great deal of effective campaigning against what is reasonable and just.

    He’s a dangerous man.

  26. Dr Robin Guthrie 19 Sep 2011, 4:01pm

    Perhaps Souter needs to be reminded that marriage is a multifaceted institution of great antiquity which also predates the Catholic Church by millennia.

    It has NEVER had a single unchanging definition and same-sex marriages were celebrated in the classical world of Greece and Rome as well as regions of China such as Fujian.

    The Catholic Church has been repeatedly assured that the law will continue to guarantee its right to refuse to conduct same-sex marriages and that should surely be enough.

    He is simply a bigot hiding behind his religion.

    1. Nero, he who fiddled on a hot night, married two men!

  27. His comments seem extraordinarily restrained considering his record, but I suppose even he knows the way the wind is blowing.

    I suppose we are now just waiting for those other great sissies, Josephine Devine and Nazarene Ali to put their oar in.

  28. “In the interview, he refused to openly criticise gay marriage, but claimed that those with “traditional” views are becoming marginalised.” You’re not becoming marginalized Mr Souter you’re being shown the boundaries that society has consistently ignored while they have been prohibiting those of us who have been marginalized from living our lives the way they have been for centuries. It’s called having the playing field levelled. We get the same rights that the Judeo-Christians have enjoyed for centuries and you get to mind your own business, live within the boundaries of society and stop trying to keep us as second class citizens.

  29. Cambodia Guesthouse 19 Sep 2011, 5:45pm

    I cannot believe this bigot is still getting column inches for his prehistoric views.

    Anyone and everyone who cares ANYTHING about equality should boycott ‘Stagecoach’ bus services and everything else this man is associated with..

    And him getting a knighthood? That’s perhaps the biggest scandal of them all!

  30. Nutjobsareeverywhere 19 Sep 2011, 6:07pm

    He needs to get his own bus in order , before he tries to get on hours , go do something worthwhile with your time and money there’s kids starving.

    1. I hope that comment was deliberate – get his own bus in order !

  31. I wish his nasty, ugly, head would implode – that would only benefit society!

  32. His society may implode …what an ugly idiot!

    1. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 10:51am

      yeah, here’s hoping!

  33. This idiot’s company would “implode” if all the gays working for him quit!!

  34. If traditional marriage is falling, then its obviously not working!!!!!!!! Time for a new approach.

  35. David McKinnon 19 Sep 2011, 9:15pm

    Mr. Souter almost makes me ashamed of my Scottish Heritage. I though all of these cretins were on this side of the pond. But I see you have your share to deal with. I wonder now… if sex is a recreational sport, I wonder if it can be elevated to an Olympic Sport in time for the next Summer Games?

    1. I assume you’re in the USA. Don’t forget that the first Anglophone settlers in North America were Protestant Puritan fanatics from England!! That’s where the American side of it all started!!

  36. It sticks in my craw so much that this man is such a big SNP donor. I hopw they continue to ignore him on this issue, like they ignored his appeal to retain Section 28.

    1. Manchester also kicked him in his balls over the Congestion charge

  37. Spanner1960 19 Sep 2011, 10:37pm

    I think Brian Souter may implode if gays finally gain equality.

    1. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 10:53am

      Messy but not could be a delight to see if confined in a perspex container.

      1. Jock S. Trap 20 Sep 2011, 10:54am

        f course you’d have to burn the container. Don’t want to risk any of that Bigotry disease escaping and infection another innocent person.

        1. The remains would have to be treated as radioactive waste and thus stored for 1000 years 2 miles underground to prevent any escape of particulate residues!

    2. Messy indeed . . .

  38. I once had the misfortune to See Brian Souter at Glasgow airport very early one morning. I take great comfort in the fact that the man is as ugly as his views.

    1. The correlation between the two may not be coincidence.

  39. Hmmm, so a society that has imploded wouldn’t need Mr Souter’s Stagecoach buses or trains. Thus, in one bound, his homophobia becomes a essential business expense…

    Does the silly, ignorant man know that the nearest equivalent there is to that Greek society he claims we are heading towards, are the Afghan’s in Helmand province? That couldn’t be more opposite to our goals.

  40. I think we should have a collection and buy him a dildo, when he gets to have a bit more fun himself then he might stop pointing his finger at other humans who just want to live their lives

  41. So, Mr Souter, you think society will implode, if traditional marriages fall.

    Get with it, they already are! Proof that its not working, so time for a different approach.

    Also, I think your bus business might implode if all the LGBT customers stopped using your services… watch and learn, my friend… watch and learn………..

    1. may be we should boycott his transport network and see him
      lose the L.G.B.T £’s everyday…He’d soon back down from his childish and often bigoted high chair

      1. Trouble is, some of us don’t have a lot of choice, especially in some parts of the UK where his company is the sole transport provider! Would be nice if he lost a few ‘pink pounds’, might make him sit up and think about his views.

  42. why is the pink news wasting our time and giving ink space to this bigoted man

  43. send using this web form
    and tell narrow minded Brian Souter as a LGBT person your not giving him any more of our pink money see him and his empire crumble

  44. why is pink news wiping of legit posts on the matter of Brian Souter??

  45. I may also implode if I have to see his dreadful face on PN again.

  46. Joseph Ratzinger 21 Sep 2011, 1:39am

    Religious Rights will lead to polygamy!

  47. Gay Daily Mail Reader 23 Sep 2011, 6:58am

    We are not against ‘traditional’ marriage, we just want the right to marry ourselves. He should be campaigning against divorce instead which is damaging society with children being raised in broken families. How traumatic it must be for children when parents fight over custody of them – even worse when parents argue about who doesn’t get custody!

  48. “Speaking to the Sunday Times, he said Scotland is in danger of becoming a “Babylonian-Greek society” where sex is “primarily a recreational activity”.

    So he really thinks people have only just started to enjoy sex? He thinks in the good old days people only shagged when they wanted a child? What a moron.

    1. That There Other David 8 Feb 2013, 12:35pm

      Saw this fool get heckled on Question Time last night. He really can’t handle his opinion on any matter getting challenged. Maybe if he concentrated on fixing his crappy railway and shoddy bus companies and stayed out of trying to influence social policy that has nothing to do with him the entire UK would be a happier place.

  49. I don’t think he’d be in too much danger of any action even if society descended into a complete public orgy. Another reason not to travel by ‘Hatecoach’..

  50. Those with traditional views being marginalized = bigots no longer able to spew hate = yes please , more this this .

  51. Sheogorath 3 Oct 2013, 11:21pm

    “Scottish entrepreneur and SNP donor Brian Souter says society is in danger of “imploding” if “traditional marriage” declines.”
    Me: *reads headline, googles “decline of traditional marriage”, sees all the divorce statistics, is surprised that society hasn’t imploded already*

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