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Welsh clerics to consider pensions for gay partners

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Reader comments

  1. That’s mighty christian of them.

    1. JDA_Glasgow 16 Sep 2011, 3:54pm

      @Robert Some people are never happy.

    2. billywingar 22 Sep 2011, 4:35am

      For a change.!!!

  2. Hang on – they are only going to “consider” giving equal treatment to gay people. May be they will conclude that gays are not worth their consideration?

  3. I’m ver happy, JDA. As John said…they’re only “considering”, not the same as “doing”. Action speaks louder than words. Considerations often don’t materialise into reality.

  4. There’s an odd air of peace and quiet about this. Has no-one told the nutters in their church about it yet?

    1. billywingar 22 Sep 2011, 4:37am

      MOtr of the nutters – I love that english term – they probably have another guys gonads in their mouth. Its almost always that way.

      TOP 15 scandalous haters outed, usually by their boyfriend – most btw conservatives……………

      (actually now top 15)

  5. Exactly. Why must they “consider” this? What are the issues to be “considered”?

  6. Consider, how immesurably quaint of them!!!!!!!!!

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