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US gay rights campaigner Arthur Evans dies

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Reader comments

  1. RIP Arthur :o)
    Thankyou for your contributions towards making life better for us all
    God Bless x

  2. Thanky you, and to all we must continue to find move forward all of those civil rights and equal rights people who is determined to make the world a better place for children and families, our heros are even children who are in gay and heterosexual alliances standing against bigotry there, we need more every where we have still major battles until all fifty states and foreign countries are living civilied peaceful lives in harmony and children and women and families of all genders and races or treated fairly and are safe its a worthy cause and mandatory one, for a better today and tomorrow, vote for good human rights officials its paramount, and encourage others to do the same, we have bad ones still causing problems for the citizens, like in new hampshire, aclu has to get on top of it and liberal activist, every state, you must take bigots down and out , to save the nation and to move forward, in a positive direction of humanity

  3. Father Ted 17 Sep 2011, 3:22pm

    Sounds like a brave and interesting chap, but sadly I doubt many of us in the UK have heard of him before.

    I expect the powerful people who were zapped would these days claim to be victims.

  4. Thank you, Arthur, for everything.

    Yo made the world a better place for so many gay men and lesbians, just by refusing to be other than you were.

    Rest in peace

  5. E J Thribb ( age 17 1/2) 21 Sep 2011, 12:35am

    So. You are dead Arthur Evans.

    I did not know you, but you were a nice man who did a lot of good things. You also stood up to bullies.

    Well, goodbye then.

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