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Kinnock’s daughter-in-law denies husband is gay on election eve

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Reader comments

  1. This is how the CIA trains the people in America to destroy the reputation of people they do not like and in that way the person who is accused of being gay can loose their job and position in life as well as friends and family, his support etc. This is another evil thing the CIA have been teaching the Right Wing Christians to do to supporters of LGBT Civil Rights and Equal Rights Movement in America. They call it Psychological Warfare where they destroy their enemies without having to shoot them and leave a bloody mess so they can be caught and brought to justice for their evil crimes against Humanity. The Christians and CIA really think they will get away with it, but not for long, not if we expose them for who they really are, evil merchants of fear.

    1. God help Denmark if that woman is elected. She is horrible. She and her allies will destroy the county.

      1. They will be busy cleaning up the mess already done by the former government is my guess.

    2. ooer missus 15 Sep 2011, 7:43pm

      Will, don’t you think you’re getting a bit carried away? Do we even know what this woman’s politics are, or where on the spectrum her party is?

      I’m surprised this is considered a smear in Denmark though, I thought being gay there has been no big deal for decades.

    3. biillywingarten 16 Sep 2011, 7:12am

      I’m sure the smear was from the catholic hierarchy. Denmark is the only scandanavian country with 2nd class marriage – RPs – for gay citizens. Norway sweden and Iceland have gay marriage, iceland by a vote of 49 to 0 in their parliment 2 years ago.

      This remind me of the brutal murder of MAtthew Shepard in wyoming in 1998. Picked up by two bums , both catholic names, who claimed to be gay. they took him to the desert, tied him to a fence bashed in his head and left him to die

      the catholic church tried to smear the prosecuter and illegally influence the Jury. they got life per the request of Mats father. So that every day they can look at the bars and realize its their fault they are in a hole .

      And I urge all of you to look at the following website, which shows what the church is all about.

      HTTPl//NOBELIEFS.COM/SIZAN.HTM (just reverse the letters in SIZAN, used to get around the censor.

      1. biillywingarten 16 Sep 2011, 7:18am

        May I add – Finland is also changing from RPs to marriage. Their relativly progressive lutheran church did make some dumb statement about that issue. Overnight, by internet – 30000 people resigned from the lutheran cstate church.

        Finland is really not considered Scandanavian. I dont know about the peoples heritage, but their language is only related and distantly so, to Hungarian – which itself is related to Mongolian.

        But in genral on social issues they are great.

        BTW I spend the first week of August in iceland on vacation. The gay pride parade brought out half the city of Reykjavik Its like a national holiday, the viewers were mostly str8 families there with their kids.

        and in 2009 they voted in gay marriage (from RP)s by 49 to 0.

        And virtually everyone, young and old speaks good english. Great place to visit, great people. the way the world should be.

      2. I’m sure the smear was from the catholic hierarchy

        I’m very surprised by what you say, given that less than 1% of Danes are Catholics.

  2. @Jonny
    Just imagine if she was in charge of the “country”…If you’re going to have a go at someone at least check your spelling.

    As for the rumour…

    1) Ooh, strange timing, no?

    2) Jeez, it’s someone’s private family business.

    3) If he is, or isn’t gay, it doesn’t affect how his wife does her job. I know of plenty of women whose husbands are kung fu obsessed football fans, but they seem to be able to hold down a job pretty well.

    4) And if he is gay – what’s the problem? I’d hope the people of Demark are made of better stuff than Sarah Palin supporters.

    1. It has nothing to do with whether her husband is or isn’t gay. Danes really would not care less. It has everything to do with her lack of a credible economic policy… to start.

      Please excuse my typo above, I did not realise it was a stoning offence.

      1. Danes really would not care less

        The fact that she considers it a grotesque smear suggests that some Danes would care about it.

  3. I hope she is elected.

    The tricks used against her by the right wing in the press in Denmark and Sweden have been sickening.

    The present right wing, homophobic, transphobic, zenophobic, evil of the present government needs to be got rid of. They have bankrupted the state, just like in the UK by transferring wealth from the poorest to the richest.

    I really hope she wins.

  4. Without reference to this woman’s policies or politics I have an immediate issue with what she has said.

    Assuming her husband is straight then rumours are slander and libel. Nothing more. Simply an untruth.

    To call them a “grotesque smear” is to suggest that homosexuality is somehow grotesque and that to be associated with that label has sullied or soiled her family’s (good) name.

    1. Patrick Lilley 16 Sep 2011, 4:55am

      She has won the election and he is now the first dude in Denmark. Since they have kids at best he might be described as bisexual if he has any same sex activity or desire at all and who would know?

      Her use of the word smear is as subjective as the word grotesque so you may as well take exception to both words – grotesque and smear.

      Perhaps the suggestion that he husband lies to her and her family and the public is what she might consider grotesque…

      Its really open to interpretation. You are welcome to yours.

      Anyway its great that the tide is turning against Right Wing parties in Europe at last. There is hope…

      1. biillywingarten 16 Sep 2011, 7:24am

        Yes. I’m still reeling from reading about the nut case extremist christian who murdered 73 kids at a camp for future leaders in Norway.

        Glen Beck a “conservative” c commentator on Fox News (Murdoch) said the kids were like hitler youth.

        its time to reconvene the Nuremburg trials. Hitler didnt kill anyone except a niece who refused sex with him. His words killed 55 million

        If Germany had laws against hate speech in 1930, he would have rotted in jail and 55 million would most likely not have been murdered, including 20 million Dupes.

        All poisoned by the catholic church, who hated Jews for a millenia, a hatred Hitler, a still unexcommunicated catholic leveraged to gain election.

      2. biillywingarten 16 Sep 2011, 7:29am

        who gives fa flying f#@k what he does in bed. More pussy or more butthole to him as he and his partner choose to do in private.

        If he got elected, its great – he’s a liberal as best as I can understand.

        while Denmark is a great country, they are still the most conservative of the scandanavians

        And they and their church helped save 4000 Jews from the CAtholic and still unexccommunicated hitler – by smuggling them over to Sweden during WWII.

        Possibly including some of my parents first cousins who were never found again after the war.

  5. The republicans put anybody up to trying to undermine the democracy, but the country had better start putting liberal democrats into parliements especially women if they had want to see their well being and families concerned for, they are the only ones fighting for womens rights, and senior citizens well bieing and veterans concerns and the economy that concerns the people in need, thier focus had better be on fairness to all of their famiies, and to stop the constant out break of violence and wars because of hatred and bigotry by the republicans like new hamshire republicans, they had get aclu and others to shut those bigots down to keep them from digressing the nations progress in equality and fairness and civil rights, the nations families must ban together and take the nations forward in a positive way to harmony and peace for all of their childen and grandren, in a positive way, and that cant happen with bigotry an prejudice, causing abuses and kaos , and harrassment from klans

  6. Same old, same old homophobic game.
    Tweedle-dum – ‘You’re gay and that’s dusgusting.’
    Tweedle-dee – ‘I am certainly not gay, it is disgusting to say so, and I say that because of course I agree with you that being gay is disgusting.’
    The habit ought to develop of inviting all public figures who ‘hotly deny’ that they are gay to state clearly that, nonetheless, being gay is fine.

  7. Jock S. Trap 16 Sep 2011, 11:50am

    Isn’t the correct response, regardless of fact or rumour, who cares? Gay, Lesbian or Straight so what?

    Surely only a matter for the family, if it was true.

  8. Would it not be considered a smear because this,is, ostensibly a heterosexual marrige? Not because being gay was, per se, smear worthy?

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