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Interview: Don Lemon, CNN’s openly gay anchorman

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Reader comments

  1. So who is cuter, This guy or Anderson Cooper? Who’d like to be the filling in that sandwich ? ;)

    As for newscasting, I like Rachel, but I wish she wouldn’t shout all the time.

    When are some British newscasters coming out then, though it seems like too much information in the British news context.

  2. Great interview. Prefer the approach of Lemon to being content to be out than Coopers – but each do have their merits

  3. It is so refreshing to see a gay black man having a successful job and being open about who he is. This is the best education for all of those blacks who think that by siding with the white Christians they are somehow better and don’t have gays people in their black group, which they clearly do. By opening the door to truth about the fact that there are gays in the black community they can start to talk about the major problem in the black community that is killing so many blacks today of HIV/AIDS around the world. They need to stop pretending that there are no gay black people and do something about the HIV/AIDS problem if they are to stop the AIDS epidemic in the black community. There has always been gays and there will always be gays in the future and all people need to fact this fact and deal with it in a loving way not hate and destroy your own people but love and understand them so that they can be helped towards being Equal with Civil Rights for LGBT people and all people.

    1. Staircase2 16 Sep 2011, 6:47pm

      How did you manage to turn this gr8 story about Don Lemon into a rant about the black community?

      BTW ‘black’ like ‘white’ is an adjective – not a noun – it only works if you add a noun to the end like ‘people’ or ‘Christians’ for example: ie ‘black people’ as opposed to ‘blacks’…. (That particularly pisses me off when people objectify people in that way – same way it does when people use the term ‘gays’ instead of ‘gay people’….)

  4. Is Don Lemon to be seen on CNN in the UK.

    Surely so.

    Why not let us know where we can see him on TV, Pink News?

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