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Edinburgh police investigate gay sauna death

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Reader comments

  1. I suspect there will be much speculation about this case until more facts are released.

    Whilst some of the reporting connected to this (on PN and elsewhere) has some information that may lead to concern that there may be something suspicious about this incident – it is equally possible that there are other answers ranging from pre existing medical conditions, heat related disorders, drug related matters, natural causes etc etc

    I am intigued by the use of a new lock on the door and the closed until further notice comments as this could be taken as an indication of a need to preserve the scene for a prolonged forensic and scene examination. However, that does not necessarily indicate the presence of a crime.

    1. A sensible observation as usual, Stu.
      You were off the PN threads for a long time until just recently. How are you?

      1. Thanks Riondo.

        I was unwell for a little while and spent a little time in hospital, but am improving now.

  2. stuart little 15 Sep 2011, 1:25pm

    for everyones information the reporter that did this story is talking rubbish i never said one word like that to her typicals reporters twisting words i was out for a day out with 7 or more friends in priscillas when the reporter started asking us if we new anything

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