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Channel 4 documentary follows transgender men and women

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Reader comments

  1. I know drew who’s in this she’s on of the most lovely beautiful woman I know I will deffinately be watching this.

  2. this is a good thing but the only thing i do find disappointed with i feel it should of been equal trans ladies to trans guys, i do understand there is more transgirls then transguys but it shouldnt matter. there’s different stages to each transition which i feel should been shown it would more helpful

    1. im sorry went through the artical again realise you are following seven people, i went by the names you put which seemed to be more girls names then boys and you do find a lot of the documentary’s done about transgender covers more transgirls than transguys. i think this show is a good thing getting transgender awareness out there and just what trans people go through on our journey.

  3. It’s about time trans people got some TV awareness, not that I’m knocking LGB, but it does seem LGB have a lot more ” media time ” than trans people. Hopefully this will be another step forward for the public to realise we are not freaks or some kind of sexual deviant.

    All we need now is for the WHO to drop the labeling of us as menatally ill.

    1. I agree whole heartedly, I think LGB (being G myself) get a lot of screen time but there is very little T on television, this new show best be tasteful and not pathologise the participants

  4. I am the person in this picture! you have missed out htree people from the list of participants Max, Fox and Lewis!

    1. Jessica Geen 16 Sep 2011, 9:42am

      Sorry Max! We got wrong info. Will update story.


      1. Hi jess, is it possible to remove my comment and my last name at all?

  5. This will also be a way of educating people who do not understand how boys become girls and girls become boys. Hopefully it will help some people like the Christians from being so confused about a persons right to be who they are and who they want to have sex with, even though it is not any of their business who has sex with who and what boys wants to be a girl. Maybe then they will mind their own business and stop forcing their religion on people who do not want to be told who or how they want to have sex and with whom they have sex with. Really, it is 2011 and time for them to be stopped from poking their nose into others peoples bed rooms and private lives and trying to force their beliefs on others who don not waht or need it.

    1. Another Hannah 15 Sep 2011, 11:29pm

      problem is christianity in the world isn’t really christianity. its been twisted and misused to become a device for social control and manipulation, and that’s what were seeing going on here.

    2. It becomes a bit tiring to have ones religion continuously slated on here :( Its fine if you don’t want to believe in the sky pixie – that’s your choice. But try and be a bit more tolerant of those of us who do! Just because the Pope or the ‘Christian’ Institute shout the loudest doesn’t mean all Christians think the way they do. If you want to have a go at them, name them but don’t tar us all with the same brush.

    3. Will like “LGBT”, “Christians” and I am gay Christian all have their own views. You can not talk about “the Christians” any more than any other group of people

    4. You don’t educate people out of poking their noses into other’s private lives and bedrooms by doing documentaries about very private aspects of lives. It is way past time television here stopped being obsessed with transition and realised we have lives afterwards, with some very interesting issues; as Chaz Bono recently reminded an interviewer. This is as if they were only interested in what gays do in bed.
      And what moron, pray, thought of the total fail of a series title? Wasn’t “Trans Media Watch” supposed to be recommending this series? Isn’t the damned point that we never really were the gender they put on our birth certificates?

    5. as other people have said some of ‘the Christians’ (like me) are not confuded at all about people’s right to be who they are.

      I’m looking forward to watching this programme (and ignoring the typically silly title). About time trans people got to improve on their negligible screen time. I’m just hoping it won’t be like the documentary a couple of years ago where the voice over deliberately used the wrong pronouns.

    6. Don’t hold your breath, Will..
      These ‘christians’ will twist whatever they can find in the Bibles to support whatever ideas they have on things being wrong.
      As this is all about “vile and demolish sinners”, they will not watch the program as it might infect their TVs…. Eh…..

  6. Good luck to all of them.

  7. I think it’s great that this is happening, and hopefully they show the people involved in a good light and choosing their words carefully. Lets hope we don’t get any of those obligatory trans-women putting her makeup on shots.

    But I’m really pleased they are having trans-men involved as virtually every program always shows trans-women and a lot of people I talk to never knew that there are trans-men.

    Fingers crossed :)

  8. I welcome this program. It is good the see a further part of the LGBT community being high lighted.

  9. Trans people are, I think, amongst the most brave people in the world. The discrimination against them is sickening and even though LGB people still don’t have it easy, things are far worse for T. We have to unite as a community and support and protect them. Transphobia is still common amongst LGB people, and it has to stop.

    1. And also the “I” should not be forgotten, as Intersex babies/infants generally are still being cut up to fit within whatever side of the gender ‘binary’ their parents and especially doctors are most comfortable with…..

  10. jessiepeace 21 Sep 2011, 2:30am

    My friends know a lad who is going to be on this, he had a fundraiser a couple of days ago for his chest surgery. It was filmed. I went along and It was a lovely night and he seemed lovely.

    I think it is great because a lot of the time people concentrate on the Lesbians and Gays (sometimes Bisexuals), however, forget about the transgender community. Its still pretty much a taboo subject. But shows like this help people understand.

    I shall be watching.

    1. Caroline Tyler 26 Sep 2011, 11:32am

      As a friend of one of the women on this series, I so hope that the approach and editing of the mass of footage they have accumulated is going to be sensitively done, and not go down the road of the car crash style that “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” was.
      It would be so easy for the programme makers to sensationalise it all in order to raise their viewing figures.

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