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Speaker launches gay rights group Kaleidoscope

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Reader comments

  1. Great to see a pressure group seeking global LGBT rights and equality that is supported by all strands of politicians in the UK. Good to see enlightenment in our politicians on LGBT issues coming to the fore. Important that Kaleidoscope holds all governments to account both in how the treat and protect their LGBT populations and how they seek to influence other nations in the decency they treat LGBT citizens with. It could be a valuable organisation, there needs to be transparency and honesty and accountability from Kaleidoscope so that it can hold governments and organisations to account.

    1. Should start at home mate. We can’t get married or give blood and where is our leader Cameron? I’m not saying ignore the world but I reckon we should sort it out here and led by example

      1. Why can’t we set to influence those who have no freedoms and risk being murdered by their nation due to their orientation?

        Why can’t we influence our own government and politicians on improving things in the UK?

        Why can’t we do both at the same time? I can’t see why it should be one or the other. They aren’t mutually exclusive, in fact I would contend they are complimentary

        1. A leader should always lead by example.

          Murderers of gay people get lighter sentences if we are to change other countries we need to improve our position first.

          The UK’s reputation abroad is as bad as the US under bush and the riots didn’t help. the world is laughing at us

          1. and we are lead by the pie faced donkey Cameron

          2. I agree leaders should lead by example. I agree that Cameron wouldnt be my first choice as PM (nonetheless he is who we currently have so its appropriate to campaign him currently).
            I agree for us to persuade others about any issue it is more persuasive if we have our own house in order usually. Nonetheless, I think we are on the moral high ground re LGBT issues when compared to many African, Asian and some European countries (and many US states for that matter) and thus we certainly have some incontrovertable influence.
            I’m not convinced your contention that murderers of gay people get lighter sentences is accurate (two serial murderers of gay people are amongst the people sentenced to full life tariffs for example).
            There may be some aspects of UK life that mean we have a poor image currently, I would contend not our LGBT approach as a nation and its evolution. Can’t see the relevance of economics, riots etc to Kaleidoscope either – its an organisation independent of govt!

          3. Stu

            The UK no longer has any moral high ground or incontrovertable influence since invading Iraq for oil, support the Lybian rebels while leaving the Syrians to die. no one is falling for the english gentleman routine anymore

          4. @James!

            I have a slightly different view on Libya to you.

            I recognise the moral concern about Iraqi action.

            I recognise the argument that action taken in Libya could also have been taken in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain (to name just three). However, Libya was the closest risk to the UK and EU and the UK can not fight all battles. Diplomatically we have been leading criticism of Syria and Yemen in the UN and elsewhere.

            Regardless we can agree on some and disagree on many about UK moral fibre in international relations.

            If we do see the UK as being predominantly negative, should that not lead us to encourage actions which are non-government based (although supported by all parties) and seek to act ethically and appropriately. To do otherwise is to say the UK has failed in the past and shouldnt try again. I would not want to be so defeatist.

      2. Staircase2 14 Sep 2011, 6:03pm

        Youre missing the point (not for the first time…)

        Its entirely possible to ensure that the fight for LGBT equality goes on at home AND abroad – theyre not separate things…

        And to be honest equating ‘marriage’ (as defined by Pink News commentators) and giving blood with literally death, imprisonment and political scapegoating of LGBT people in other countries around the world is misguided.

        The reactionary forces at work around the world stirring up homophobia need to be addressed.

        Noone is ‘equal’ until every single one of us in the world is…

        “Every single one of us is ONE of US”

        1. Robin Evans 14 Sep 2011, 8:31pm


        2. My point is sort out your own business before telling the world how to live. The UK has killed 100,00’s Iraqi’s for oil we have no credibility and may do more harm than good. Kaliedscope may be better off having a go at the US christian nutters funding this homophobia before condemming whole nations

          1. So until the UK is perfect we can’t challenge a country who kills people for being gay, or challenge slavery, or challenge apartheid?

            If we follow that argument then no country can have influence on any other because none are perfect. Its fatuous to suggest that there is not influence between nations and encouraging humanity is important.

  2. A great initiative but not inviting PT is a bit off.

    1. I would have preferred to see PT there, but given the launch was in parliament and Kaleidoscope were there as guests of the speaker, Kaleidoscope would have to comply with parliamentary views on who should and should not be invited. Its then a matter of balancing the issue of not having a significant guest there that you would like with the opportunity to have such valuable publicity and kudos from the speaker hosting the event in parliament.

      1. And did you ask the Speaker’s Office why a prominent gay rights activist is bared from a gay rights event in Parliament? And, if so, what was there reply? And were you happy with it?

        1. Not personally, given I wasnt at the event!

  3. Ooer missus 14 Sep 2011, 1:09pm

    How do we join or support?

      1. Ooer missus 15 Sep 2011, 9:44am

        Thanks guys.

  4. How can we donate to this organisation?

    Do they have a website? Couldn’t find it on Google.

  5. George Broadhead 14 Sep 2011, 2:50pm

    Bisi Alimi said “I am tired of international organisations coming to Africa to tell us what to do.”

    I wonder if this is a dig at reputable and long-standing organisations like the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association ILGA)? I hope not.

    It is outrageous that Peter Tatchell was not invited – quite obviously because he is persona non grata with the Establishment .

    1. He is allowed to opinion and the cultural differences should be respected

    2. Kaleidoscope sounds like a valuable and dynamic organisation that will urge improvements in LGBT equality and rights globally. In doing so, I hope it holds both those countries which have poor records on rights and equality to account and those countries with better records to account if they fail to encourage those nations where progress is made with sufficient vigour. I also hope kaleidoscope will find methods of encouraging the LGBT communities in various countries to develop and grow. I am aware that sometimes in the west we can seem to have a desire to imprint our own solutions onto other peoples problems, and whilst I would not want this to dilute efforts to support, challenge and foster growth of equality and opportunity, there needs to be an appreciation that the most effective and sustainable solutions are when (whilst possible encouraged and supported from outside) the change comes from within; the answer to homophobia in Africa should mainly come from Africans.

      1. Finally a comment from Stu i agree with. You want to sort out your paragraphs though

        1. Thanks James!. I was less concerned about my paragraphs when I re-read my comment than with the punctuation I used.

      2. Stu, are you part of Kaleidoscope? Your exciteful comments may affect the reputation of the new organisations as it could look like a PR/insider job or a Mole. However, it would come out as genuine if you declare interest or keep it to a reasonable minimum. The organisation is set to be an example and we are hoping it be. It is good to see the amount of good that everybody wants to do especially where it is not an issue that directly affects…

        1. I’m not a member so shut you cakehole and leave Stu alone

          1. Thanks James!

        2. I am surprised that you find my comments exciteful or negative.
          I am not currently a part of Kaleidoscope but would like to be.
          This is a public forum. Kaleidoscope have made a fairly public launch. It should be therefore expected that there will be discussion about it particularly in a gay news discussion forum.
          I merely want to encourage Kaleidoscope to be a tool that is effective and dynamic. If thats negative then my understanding of the word negative is somewhat different to yours.
          I disagree it directly affects us – the ability to encourage global equality directly or indirectly affects all of us.

  6. if we did not have religions we would have less hate Christans want us burned to the stick and islam wants us stoned to death or hanged. where is love in religion is it only hate no thanks for me religions belong down the toilet

    1. de Villiers 14 Sep 2011, 9:07pm

      If we did not have gravity then we would not have to walk on the floor. But there it is.

  7. We need help to stop the Christians from going on a witch hunt to persecute gays around the world.

  8. Staircase2 14 Sep 2011, 5:54pm

    Fantastic idea

    I cant believe they didnt (and never apparently have!) invited Peter Tatchell though – especially as the Director, Lance Price, says, “If it wasn’t for Peter, we wouldn’t all be here tonight.”

    Its terrible that his input is being continually ignored in this way…

    (although to be honest it actually means he’s been doing exactly the right things and not getting tied up in party political strings…)

    Keep up the good work, Peter!

    And likewise, Kaleidoscope…

  9. Staircase2 14 Sep 2011, 5:56pm

    By the way: am I the only one finding the hiding of replies in the new Pink News Comments system to be really irritating?

    I love the thumbs up/thumbs down feature – great and innovative way of dealing with trolling. But it would be good if the replies to posts were visible all the time.

    I also think they should tell you how many times something has been reported too!

    1. I agree

    1. It is a story that should have been covered

  10. Should we be telling other countries how to treat homosexuals.. on BBC Radio:

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