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Clint Eastwood against gay marriage bans

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Reader comments

  1. Graham Bengen 14 Sep 2011, 12:15pm

    Clint and Leo … two GREAT men!

  2. I adore Clinton Eastwood. A brilliant actor and I’ve always considered him a good guy. His movies are amongst the best and most iconic ever made and ever will be and he is possibly the meanest toughest guy on screen you’ll ever meet.

    Nobody does a sneer like him.

    Behind the screen he is magnificent as well, having worked with so many people and seen so many things he has developed a unique creative style.

    I love him even more now knowing he supports us. The world would probably be a better place if we learned to step bak a bit and let people be.

    The bigger story if written right is to me that Leo is against gay marriage. Because our efforts for equality affect global warming and the economy.

    If this is reported. Correctly then I am disgusted as it extremely narrow minded as surely same sex marriage can only be good for the economy and I’m not sure how we cause global warming but I’m sure it must be gay peoples fault. Everything else seems to be. >.>

    1. Graham Bengen 14 Sep 2011, 12:18pm


      DiCaprio is FOR gay marriage.

      1. DiCaprio said it was “infuriating” to watch people putting effort and resources into gay marriage campaigns.
        This does not sound like someone who is for gay marrage.

        1. concerned resident E3 14 Sep 2011, 12:36pm

          He is actually referring specifically by the huge mormon funded campaign to get gay marriage bans state by state across the USA. it was this campaign that put forward Proposition 8 in California and is presently fuunding a similar initiative in South Carolina. By contrast campaigns FOR gay marriage as well as those for global warming etc are not so well funded.

          1. I realised from previous stories and reporting elsewhere that Leo is pro equal marriage. However, I did have to check on reporting elsewhere to ensure that Leo hadnt had a dramatic change of opinion. Leo is definitely pro equal marriage.

  3. jamestoronto 14 Sep 2011, 12:38pm

    I think there is a misconstrue of DiCaprio’s view in the wording : it was “infuriating” to watch people putting effort and resources into gay marriage campaigns. DiCaprio is a long-time supporter of equal marriage so it should probably been worded “into anti-gay marriage.” The current wording is ambivalent.

  4. I would still do him

  5. Excellent news! Stick um up cowboy. Happy hollywood is still the beacon for social justice

    1. haha! Love the hollywood classics

  6. Well said, Mr Eastwood.

    The Republican Party today have lost the plot. They are not about small government. They interfere in people’s bedrooms.

  7. You’ve made our day, Clint, well done and thank you.

  8. Thanks Clint Eastwood for coming out and helping the LGBT movement get same sex marriage. A right and freedom all should have with out having to resort to going to court and protesting to demand a Civil and equal Rights all people should have. Really it is just two people who love each other who want to make a commitment. Stop making love a crime and stop the hate before it is too late.

  9. Well said Clint and Leo!

  10. lady tanya 15 Sep 2011, 4:21am

    Thank you Mr Eastwood, you have made are day and year.
    loved your movie Gran Torino.
    all ways a fan

  11. Cambodia Guesthouse 15 Sep 2011, 5:58am

    Yes this is actually a big pleasant surprise. I always figured that Clint Eastwood would be ANTI gay marriage… just shows how wrong you can be!

    Good on you Clint.. You have gone up 100% in my view!

  12. Gay Daily Mail Reader 15 Sep 2011, 6:49am

    Clint Eastwood shows yet again that not all Republicans are anti-gay. During the 2008 Presidential Campaign Clint Eastwood supported John McCain who stated that he had no problem with gay marriage. It certainly has made our day to see a man associated with a macho image supporting gay rights. Surely with issues like climate change and with America being maxed out on it’s credit cardbthere are more important things to worry about than whether or not two people who love each other getting married.

  13. Jock S. Trap 15 Sep 2011, 8:30am

    Good on Clint. It’s good to have such a major star/director being so supportive.

    Looking forward to “J. Edgar” which also stars Dame Judi as J. Edgar’s pushy mother. A role she was quite giddy about because Clint Eastwood was directing. Something you don’t expect with talents such as her.

    Now the call for British talent, stars, directors, musicans etc etc etc to “come out” in support of marriage Equality in the UK.

  14. Aww, aint it great when childhood heroes turn out to be sound as a pound in real life :)

  15. jasonwantssuperpowers 17 Sep 2011, 8:48am

    Clint for president!!!!

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