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Section 28 backer Brian Souter accuses Google of censoring his website

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Reader comments

  1. well done PN for giving extra publicity to the bigot of the 2011 by mentioning his domain name

    1. Did u visit it? No, neither did I!

      1. clearly you ‘ve missed the point

        1. Part of the duty of a responsible media is maintaining publicity about issues. This man is a determined homophobe and is subject to recent media attention given the bigot of the year awards. I applaud PN in publicising his horrendous views and maintaining awareness in the LGBT communities against such vile rhetoric. Of course, we could always just put our head in the sand and hope he goes away – I’m pleased PN takes a different approach however.

          1. i give up

          2. and whats with the thumbs up and down, such a daily mail thing, come to think of it its not the only similarity between PN and DM

          3. Kane its to get rid of trolls.

          4. as u speak trolls are retreating

        2. Yeah may not be retreating totally but their comments are not as visible and I know PN (from contact I have recently had with them) are reviewing how and when they can prevent inappropriate content on the comment boards

        3. The domain isn’t a link, and even if it was linked PN could have added a rel=”nofollow” to the anchor tag to ensure it gave the domain no additional relevance for searches. i.e. you can link to something, yet not give it any Google Juice at the same time.

        4. Jock S. Trap 17 Sep 2011, 1:45pm

          Clearly it’s you that’s missed the point!

  2. He should feel at home with this type of censorship considering his support of section 28. In his warped world freedom of speech doesn’t exist anyway.

    1. Censoring the Censor. Boot other foot?

  3. Much as I hate to say, I think Mr Souter is probably right. Lately Bing is providing a better, faster and more reliable service.

    1. I doubt he is right… google uses crawlers to know which sites are being searched the most… his site either lacks any new terms, words, or plugs that the crawlers can detect, he is just using the gay leftist tactic of “being discriminated” because of who he is… which is a far fetched hypothesis being that google has BIGGER enemies to look out for and that 98% of google is automated.

      besides here in America and elsewhere when you search homosexuality you often the anti-gay groups on the first page and sometimes there are not there…

      1. Staircase2 14 Sep 2011, 2:27am

        ‘leftist’…? what the fvck are you going on about now?

        The rest of your post is full of sense and then you go and shove in that little bit of bitter twisted bigoted vitriol into the pot…what exactly is wrong with you…..?

    2. He’s not right. Bing may be providing better search results for you, but it isn’t censorship. His site is still available on the internet. You and I are free to visit it any time we like without hindrance.

      Google is merely a very advanced directory. And Souter’s arguments are like me complaining that Bus companies are being censored by the Yellow Pages because I have to look them up by business type rather than by name. His site is still in Google, and Google has returned it to me with certain search terms (which include his name)

  4. I’m sure the bigots who want to find his website will find it…what a prat!

  5. Bill (Scotland) 13 Sep 2011, 11:28am

    I did look at Souter’s site a few months back – well-organised of course, as one would expect from such a wealthy individual. It didn’t take long to find ‘objectionable’ material in it, though.

    I love the Google spokesman’s not so very subtle put-down :”the search engine’s algorithm seeks to provide the most relevant results”; i.e. his website is pretty irrelevant, a pretty good summation, I think.

    I still find Google much the most useful search engine, I’ve used Bing a few times and it is good and getting better though – so I expect Google will have to innovate to keep ahead.

  6. theotherone 13 Sep 2011, 11:39am

    it does not appear for what search terms?

    If you typed in, say, ‘hot queer bodies covered in oil’ it probably wouldn’t come up.

    If you typed up ‘bigoted arse’ it would be number 1.

  7. Another closet case who hangs out in public bathrooms and can be found cruising schoolyards, who pays men for sex. You’re not fooling anyone by pretending to be ‘straight’

    1. Here we go again

      Every god damn homophobe is a closet case… really?

      What does that tell you about the homosexual’s state of mind then?

      This comment is total rubbish, the majority of the homophobes are heterosexuals who have animus against gays, just accept that… why the need to paint gays as closeted schizos? I don’t get it.

      1. Something I can agree with Pepa about – I do think the suggestion that someone being a homophobe automatically means they are a closet case is both simplistic and irrational. Whilst there will be some homophobes who are deflecting (and there are clear established cases of some former closeted LGBT people who were homophobes), some will simply be homophobic (regardless of the motivation).

        I don’t think the comment of a few saying these things casts any implications on the LGBT mind as a whole, however ….

        1. Staircase2 14 Sep 2011, 2:31am

          I fully support the idea that someone who is fully confident in/of their sexuality has no need to be homophobic….

          Whereas closet cases who will do anything to protect their ‘guilty little secret’ invariably do…..

          1. @Staircase2

            That can be the case with some people, some people are very much not homosexual and homophobic … to suggest that homophobic means closeted in all or most cases is simplistic and juvenile

      2. Staircase2 14 Sep 2011, 2:29am

        No actually – the ‘majority of homophobes’ are usually closet case gay men….

        1. evidence that it is the majority …

          If we are going to fight homophobia then lets due it factually not speculatively!



            These are just two academic opinions which suggest homophobia may not be influenced on homoerotic issues or homosexual arousal

            Some females are homophobic re gay men – does that make them closet transgender gay men – I doubt it!

  8. Poor diddums den and bye bye.

  9. Exactly. No one goes to his site, therefore its not near the top for results for his name. If you entered its domain name it would be high up. this whole thing just shows his ignorance, which we kind of guessed already.

    1. Spanner1960 13 Sep 2011, 9:25pm

      Going to his site from Google, or typing it in will have no effect on Google ratings whatsoever..
      You have to do it from a hyperlink on another site.

      1. Classic, Brian Souter complaining about censorship who supports a law on censorship – what a dick!

  10. Good! Then all of us won’t have to put up with your vile abuse! Be informed that the more you post this type of stuff, the stronger we become. We are united! Take your little tantrum elsewhere!

    1. Happy times… I guess you’re just staking out the place and not taking part in the action? Are you scared? Are you jealous? Bye bye and enjoy yourself Will/Rich/Adam/Keith/other pseudonym. ;)

  11. Google doesn’t rank the site because the algorithm has analysed the site and found little data of value. Hardly a shock!

  12. With that silly gaffawing grin on his face… Oh dear, he’s not number one on the search listings… what a shame… Toys out of the pram time! Waah Waah!

    someone should set up a comparison site, like anti-souter dot com or somthing, and then get everyone to visit that site!

  13. Perhaps we should do to Souter what Dan Savage did to Rick Santorum? Let’s think of something vile and google bomb him with it. Funny thing about “freedom of speech” (not guaranteed in the UK anyway) is that NO ONE promises you a soap box upon which to stand.

  14. He has actually been very quiet since his daft referendum, maybe he has grown a bit older and hopefully a lot wiser since then. I doubt he will put his head above the parapet over gay marriage even though old queens like O’Brien, Conti, and Tagliatelle would love him to do so.

  15. Wots this??? A bigoted ego maniac millionaire not able to get his way…I never heard of such nonsense….Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah! Me is waiting on the ‘rent boy in a hotel bedroom’ story on Mr Souter coming soon no dount

    1. Bill (Scotland) 13 Sep 2011, 5:23pm

      That’s not such a silly comment, bizarrely, because around the time Souter was spending big money in support of retention of S.28, one of his most senior Stagecoach ‘lieutenants’ was had up in Houston for booking a ‘rent boy’ to come to his hotel room – he was dismissed from Stagecoach in the fall-out from this incident.

  16. That’s right, give a Knighthood to an out-and-out homophobe – makes be proud to be British – NOT!

    1. gee and I always get lectured how Britain is this lovely place to be gay and how much of a great gay utopia it is! LOL LOL LOL

      1. Well clearly you dont read the websites then and see our campaigning to improve things for LGBT people – it clearly is not a utopia if we wish to do that. We do have some things right and some need changing – better than Arizona regards LGBT utopia however (I recall some of the issues I chatted to a guy in a bar in Pheonix about were issues of fairness and transparency that we take for granted in the UK but he was treated appallingly because he is gay).

      2. Jock S. Trap 17 Sep 2011, 1:50pm

        Well it’s clear that Britain is more advanced (and intelligent) in many areas than America so I know where I’d rather be.

  17. Do these idiots even know how google works out the results? Amongst others, it lists the most common sites visited in relation to the query – so if no one visits his site, it isn’t going to be on the list! There are many other elements, of which that is just one. All this is is one tired old bigot throwing a hissy fit because he is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

  18. his bus timetables are crap too

    1. And train fares are extortionate!

  19. Shouldn’t the top line be “Scummy homophobe Brian Souter” ??

  20. No search engines are required to provide equal service. Their business, their rules. If he disagrees he should try moving to a socialist state.

    1. so if gay activists squirm like this little millionaire pygmy did are we allowed to copy and paste this comment as well?

      1. Staircase2 14 Sep 2011, 2:24am

        …(as always) I dont get you….

      2. Yes, feel free to quote me on it too. You can’t force people into not discriminating (hence why the southern states in the US are still largely racist), nor can you force businesses to do the same. You could make an argument if it was a government run entity but it isn’t and that’s all there is to it.

      3. Being a homophobe is not protected by human rights so it is perfectly fine to discriminate against them based on there views.

  21. Goiogle can be a bit heavy handed at times but I must chechk this mans site out and see if he is what he appears to be.

  22. Rudehamster 13 Sep 2011, 5:27pm

    Souter is, and always was, an odious and obnoxious pig.
    I know that members of his family have been ostracised for being gay and have been cut out of wills.
    He really is a bigoted and hateful human being.
    Well done Google!

  23. Charles Gormley 13 Sep 2011, 6:46pm

    Why is this story even featuring on this website? The link between it and the gay community is tenuous to say the least. Quiet news day? Seriously?

  24. Spanner1960 13 Sep 2011, 9:23pm

    “the search engine’s algorithm seeks to provide the most relevant results.”

    Google works by checking the number of referrals to a site from other sites. Basically, if nobody else’s website link to his, then he won’t be on the top list.

    On top of that, Google is a private company, not some public service, so they can scratch his name off their lists if they choose to do so, in the same way he can have gays thrown off his buses for kissing. Not so fair now that the boots on the other foot, is it Brian?

  25. Hip hip hooray for Google. Big Brother must be gay :)

  26. Johnny33308 14 Sep 2011, 1:53am

    He deserves a much more severe punishment for the untold misery he has heaped upon innocent gay people for a long time indeed. BIGOT!

  27. Staircase2 14 Sep 2011, 2:23am

    Could it be that Google is merely reflecting the searches done by people for Brian Souters name?

    I tried ‘Brian Souter’ followed by ‘homophobic twat’ ‘section 28’ ‘homosexual’ and ‘homophobia’ earlier.

    If Im right and everyone else does the same then it’ll push the bigoted twat’s website even further down in my/Google’s estimation! lol

  28. me 2 i’m divesting myself of google and youtube sorry to see it go but when you start pushing “I am Mormon” video’s I’m OUT;-p
    I agree the search engine is lackluster 2

  29. friday jones 14 Sep 2011, 6:45am

    Oh look, it’s a Yahoo complaining about Google.

  30. Google is a private corporation. If they want to not promote a site surely they should be entitled to that?

  31. Ian Betteridge 15 Sep 2011, 11:39am

    Here’s what Matt Cutts of Google says:

    “Debunking in 1 tweet: (without “www”) was misconfigured to return parked domain. Issue not caused by G.”

    (Original tweet at!/mattcutts/status/114286749513023488)

    In other words, it’s nothing to do with Google: Souter had simply misconfigured his own domain.

  32. David Baddeley 15 Sep 2011, 11:56am

    Google are useless!! I’ve been cheating the so called ‘algorithm’ for years and I am now doing fantastic with my website – Don’t believe Google, they lie to avoid the truth that their technology is worthless and Matt Cutts just doesnt have a clue how to stop people from using techniques to screw their system!!

    Brian Souter just needs to get a good SEO agency, thats all.

  33. Jock S. Trap 17 Sep 2011, 1:45pm

    Maybe he’s just not as important as he’d like to make himself out to be. Nothing to do with cencoring, just a dull person who doesn’t deserve or warrant ‘top billing’.

  34. If you are a Section 28 supporter, then your website should not be blocked, it should be simply BANNED and ERASED from the internet to avoid malice and bigotry spread.

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