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North Carolina House approves referendum on gay marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. Enshrining discrimination into the constitution.

    The USA really is fvcked by these Jesus types.

    The founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

    1. Cpt kibbles 13 Sep 2011, 10:55am

      i would indeed agree with you, i dont think they understood the point of constitutions in the US, the idea of enshrining rights rather than limiting them for the populus (although limiting those of the government)

  2. Yet again… we are being dragged back into neolithic times… listening to these anti-equality tripe pushers.

    Just shows how backward and narrow minded some people are.

  3. Art Pearson 13 Sep 2011, 2:56pm

    I continue to thank God that I’m Canadian and, as a gay man, am protected by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    1. jamestoronto 14 Sep 2011, 2:35am

      Amen to that Art. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Strange how our Constitution keeps expanding our legitimate rights while the American ones for the most part it seem to be taking them away. How did the US system go so wrong. Good to chat to another Canuck.

      1. Believe me, if I could get my husband to do it, I would immigrate to Canada in a heartbeat. But he says people are very prejudiced against foreigners and that he couldn’t get a decent job. he also says that the health service won’t cover a pre-existing condition. maybe one day he’ll see the light and we can start the process. I am so sick of the fascist wannabe theocracy the US is becoming.

        1. jamestoronto 14 Sep 2011, 12:58pm

          If Canada was prejudiced against foreigners we’d have to be prejudiced against almost everyone. Some prejudice does exist, it would be a lie to say otherwise but mostly against “line-jumpers” though. Can’t speak to the job situation but several Americans I know have found some pretty good jobs here. Depends on what you are looking for, I guess. A pre-existing may affect your immigration time, but I doubt the health care system would turn you away. I’ve got some “pre-existing conditions” and I get the best of medical care. A friend who immigrated to Canada 5 years ago (from Virginia) echoes your sentiment — in his words “the churches are running the whole damn place.”

  4. Miguel Sanchez 13 Sep 2011, 3:33pm

    Time will tell if the voters out their vote where their mouth is and vote against the ban.

    1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 14 Sep 2011, 6:39am

      Unfortunately you will find that the extremists are the ones most likely to vote and while opinion polls suggest a no vote, people who are not bothered either way are less likely to vote, allowing the fundies and hardliners to get their way. Making voting compulsary (as in Australia) could be an answer but people will claim a right not to vote. I always vote in General and European elections and vote whenever possible in local elections. No vote, no voice.

  5. StraightPride 24 Mar 2012, 8:29pm

    I hope homosexuality is banned

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