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Lib Dems urge Scottish government not to give in to gay marriage threats

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Reader comments

  1. If people can not behave and accept their dogma does not rule the land then their rights should be taken away. It is not a human right to be allowed to bully the government into denying people their human right.

    1. The RC church seem to have no understanding of what fundamental human rights are … strange that given their views on contraception, child abuse etc – actually there seems to be a pattern … That is not saying that all members of the RC church hold such draconian and outdated views – although their leaders seem to have as much insight on marriage equality as they did on child abuse in Ireland …
      No government should ever be blackmailed by pressure groups particularly those based on faith. It shows a poor understanding of democracy, morality and debate to have to resort to blatant and irrational blackmail

    2. This is proof that Catholics are Christian Terrorist who say they are war with gays and want to destroy them. How come the group called ANONYMOUS does not do something to help gays and LGBT people fight against the Catholic Church? Could it be true that ANONYMOUS are Christians and Catholics pretending to do something to help the little people but in fact they are a scam to get money for their attacks on anybody who is not Christian? Everybody knows they attack religions who are not Christian. Yet they don’t attack Christians, I wonder why? Could they really be Christian Terrorist?

  2. Throw the papist overlords out. If they are not capable of keeping their snotty noses out of politics, they should be sent packing back to the Vatican

  3. Robin Evans 13 Sep 2011, 12:58pm

    i cannot believe this, old insecure men trying with their last breath to stop the inevitable… its just pathetic to see…

  4. So 800,000 Scottish Catholics will turn against the SNP if it brings in marriage equality? They will just do whatever they are ordered to do from the pulpit? Don’t sound like any Catholics I know. It’s a hysterical bluff and these mad prelates are going to end up with a lot of secular egg on their episcopal faces.

  5. The Catholic Church in Scotland could not claim to have 800,000 people in their churches on any given week. Far less could they see into the future and predict how they would vote. The should consider that many of those claimed 800,000 are Gay, or have Gay family and friends. Beware Bishop Tartaglia, the people are not so easily blinded by your words in these modern days.

  6. Julian Morrison 13 Sep 2011, 1:22pm

    Since Catholic laity are usually well to the left of the priestly hierarchy on things like contraception, abortion and gay rights, this threat ought to ring hollow.

  7. A religious cult threatening a political party and its leaders should be construed as treason. The Scottish hierarchy should be arrested for sedition and subversion for attempting to hold a political party to ransom over a strictly civil issue that has nothing to do with them and is outside the religious realm. Time to call for a ban on catholicism, to give them a dose of their own medicine for a change.

  8. jamestoronto 13 Sep 2011, 1:54pm

    Odd how Roman Catholic countries like Belgium, Spain, Portugal, & Argentina have all passed equality marriage laws and the sun still rises and sets as usual there. Equality marriage was introduced in Canada by a prime minister who was RC (Chrétien) continued through Parliament by another Catholic (Martin) and supported by a majority of the Commons many of whom were Québec or Ontario Catholics. There was even the old bogey-man scare of excommunication which fell flat. No RC or Anglican blessings have been or will be forced here. They throw out a lot of red herrings and not much in the way of truth.

    Get on board or leave the pier. The ship is going to pass you by and leave you and your irrelevancy stranded.

    1. I live in Spain and married my partner in April. We live in a small inland village, and all the villagers know we are a couple. Whne the bands were posted in the village notice board everyone we saw congratualted us, this from a village where the majority go to church on a Sunday.

      As you say the sun still rises here every morning, and our neighbours have not shunned us or cast us out of the village.

      I think the leaders of the catholic church may want to remember that their congregations have minds of their own and will in the end come to their own conclusions on what is fair and right in society.

      1. jamestoronto 13 Sep 2011, 6:31pm

        Congratulations on your marriage. It is heartwarming to hear stories like this. More and more of these types will emerge as time goes by. Intelligent decisions by independent thinking congregations is the one thing many churches fear and dread. Your small village is not so small in thinking that is for certain. Some cities in North America could use a lesson.

  9. 500,000 = 10% of Scotlands populations
    3,050,000 = 61% of Scotlands population (including some of the 500,000 from the 10%).

    So, if it went to a public vote who would really win?

    If the Catho;ic church chooses not to conduct same-sex marriages that’s fine but for those that do want it why stop them? Why don’t they do what they do with all things that are “evil sins” and pretend they don’t exist.

    Humans have loved for hundreds Millennia the Catholic church, no! Christianity has only been around for two millenia but clearly they know all that is to be known and what everyone should do and be.

    I’m not anit-christianity just people that are closed minded and blind to see that all though Homosexuals are now “everywhere”. So are disabled people, This is because we’ve realised everyone deserves an EQUAL chance in life regardless of who they climb into bed with at night’ if they use a Guide Dog or a mobility scooter; If they go to a tample or mosque – the sigmasare being shed.

  10. luke from canada 13 Sep 2011, 3:57pm

    people will bithc and moan about it for a while but after the dust settles and people calm down life goes on as it has before. Nothing bad come of it, hello there are 10 countries that have proven that

  11. may I point out that the church of rome represents only17% of the Scottish populaton! Also that only 25% of catholics are against Gay Marriage while 66% are in favour! (Figures quoted yesterday by the Equality network on the Lunchtime edition of Reporting Scotland)

  12. luke from Canada, exactly right! I’d like to know where all the polygamy, incest and bestiality is happening, according to these christian bigots if same-sex marriage is allowed. I haven’t noticed a sudden decline in the number of heteros getting married either as they’d predicted. What I am seeing is a lot of adultery, philandering and breeding going on, long before same-sex marriage was a reality. If anyone is rendering marriage “meaningless”, its the heteros who’ve been doing a great job of it for millenia with their aberrant, anti-marriage behaviour while the roman cult looked the other way if you look at its history. Its still going on with or without us.

  13. Same-sex marriage foes would do well to read the article in the attached link.

  14. So this bigot thinks I can not raise a child the correct way? Disgusting and bigoted comment. He ought to look in his own back to the hidden perverts abusing children before he dares comment on my parenting skills!

  15. Another Hannah 13 Sep 2011, 9:57pm

    Roman Catholic church trying to poke its nose into others business as usual and tell them what to do. How many of those roman catholics who are against gay marriage do you think would be staunch conservatives anyway?

  16. Don’t be surprised if they cut out all post because the Christians have bought them or the Christians who pretend to be gay have take over the posting here. The Christian have stopped Craigslist from posting a lot of “gay and sexy” stuff. The Christians have taken over almost all post sites and even the free gay hook up sites. They pretend to be gay to get your personal information so they know who to round up when they take over the world, ok maybe just America first then the world and you know America is taking over the world, like the middle east right now. Most of these American soldiers are Christians. They don’t call it a Hoily War for nothing. I have been posting the truth for a while now but I can see the end is coming when they will also pull the plug on me here, it is only a matter of time. The day of free speech is coming to an end and the evil ones will take over if nobody does something to stop them. ANONYMOUS and Wikileaks will not do it because they are also evil.

  17. The solution is not to make a law allowing “gay marriage”

    I am sure Scotland, like England has a civil marriage statute. I recall Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall were married in a civil ceremony because they were both divorsed.

    The solution is to remove descrimination that prevents same gender couples from using the civil marriage statute to gain government recognition of their relationship.

    We don’t need a “new right”, just the end to “old descrimination”

    P.S. Not gay – just don’t like discrimination.

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