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Middle East

Gay Iranians come out on Facebook

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Reader comments

  1. Well done you brave people.

  2. I can see how this is quite a good idea and also a very foolish one. It can put quite a lot of people at risk needlessly, I understand there are ways to remain anonymous but they aren’t always foolproof and with the very real risk of being put to death for what you post on this group I just think its a little careless. that said it enables a massive group of people to speak out together and be noticed and for that it is a very good idea.

    1. Thank you I was expecting lots of comments about bravery when it’s pure foolishness. Fanny Ann Eddy got raped and had her neck broken after speaking at the UN. she had a false sense of security that cost her life and she probabally forgotten by most people. She would have done more if she managed to stay alive.

      1. Bravery and foolishness tend to go hand in hand. Sometimes, standing up and standing your ground is a very foolish things to do; it’s still brave, hell it’s more brave to do that when you know you could be killed.

        1. WIthout some brave, foolish people rights would never be changed, injustices never challenged and bigots allowed to control … thankfully historically and today some people remain brave and foolish

          1. Courage and fear go hand in hand… yes.

            Their intention is to promote human rights and their motivation is equal human rights.

        2. They are pioneers working without a net…and they know enough about cyberspace to take care of themselves.

          Imagine what an insight they can give the world about human rights abuses in Iran, and we can just as easily anticipate liberating consequences as harmful ones.

    2. I agree, some people seem to forget that stupidity is always painful.

  3. Don’t be an idiot internet communications can be intercepted. these people calling you brave will not be there when you are attacked

  4. Knowing how dangerous it is to be queer in Iran, there needs to be a huge amount of support, not only from those who support the lgbt community, but governments must confront countries like Iran who kill people simply for being gay.

  5. jamestoronto 13 Sep 2011, 6:42pm

    Brave but careless. Do you know what kind of a tyrannical government they are dealing with. It will use EVERY method possible to uncover these hapless people. The only solution is to destroy this Islamic fascist regime.

    1. Patrick, Dublin 13 Sep 2011, 8:08pm

      Hear hear. Iran is one of the most wicked and evil regimes on this planet. The sooner it sees another massive revolution the better.

      1. Its precisely because it is such a wicked regime that it needs brave and foolish people to stand up and I applaud them

        1. jamestoronto 14 Sep 2011, 3:13am

          I don’t think the Iranians are foolish by a long shot. I think we in the West would be foolish to chat with them as we chat amongst ourselves freely and openly even though not always agreeing. The open lines of communication we enjoy do not exist in Iran. We could needlessly imperil the lives of these brave souls by openly talking about gay issues. I’ve talked with enough Iranian refugee asylum guys here to understand all too well this is fraught with danger.

          1. I think they can be perceived as foolish because of the risk they put themselves under in that regime and the potential consequences of their actions. Nonetheless, my point is that in order to change perilous regimes (both in the past and now) it has and does take some brave people to behave in manners which others regard as foolish. I prefer to err on the side of the bravery where people step forward with honesty, morality and decency.

      2. Don’t for get about the Christian Right Wing Terrorist who also want to kill gays. Like the Catholics, Mormons and Evangelical Christians who are spending millions to stop gay marriage and the “gay agenda”. Christians are behind the, kill gays bill, in the Uganda government over in Africa now. In fact most of you who have been on pinknews should have seen the rise of Christian control right here in the post only rcently since they hooked up to Reddit. Reddit is owned by Catholics and controlled by Christians for their covert propaganda, check out the Christians post and then the gays post on LGBT Reddit or on any posting “news” site the Christians are using their ANONYMOUS connections to trash and destroy gays who post positive things about gays and the LGBT community. Soon there will be no real free speech because the government and Christians will have stopped it dead. They will pretend to act like we have free speech but you know we don’t, thanks to the evil ones. Form gay groups.

        1. Not so prevalent in Iran however

    2. Well, it’s not as if the gay Iranians are asking our advice or our permission, is it?

      It’s a done deal, and I support it.

  6. “Do you know what kind of a tyrannical government they are dealing with. It will use EVERY method possible to uncover these hapless people.”

    I think the Iranian government probably have more important things to do than devote all their resources to tracking down a few gays – building nuclear weapons might be a bit higher up the priority list!

  7. The international anmessty is going to have to do more about the human rights in iran, but irans Entire government is going to have to be taken down and out like in libea, the same thing that is happening in liybea, they are going to have to have us miitary and british military and others , clean sweep the terroirstisc, govermnet out, and the dictarors of abuse and racism and terrorism out, they are going to have to come out or be taken out but no conferensces, and wasted meeting , this is useless whent you are talking to a dictator and terrorist like hussan, and laden, you are going to have to put a pro domocracy government with women and gay officicial and some young people in the government down there to get their country to a; humanity, of civilized free people loving their children and famiiles without racism and terrorism and abuses of the people ;you are going to have to have a; people government , not ran by terroriest men or women, but good family people who love everyone

  8. Gay Daily Mail Reader 14 Sep 2011, 7:01am

    Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria . . .
    Will Iran be next? It is time for all the decent people of Iran, gay and straight to take to the streets of Tehran and demand change and regardless of our budget situation we should help them.

  9. Please support them however you can

  10. Cambodia Guesthouse 15 Sep 2011, 6:06am

    Lets just hope that these brave people manage to stay safe!

  11. Keith Farrell 22 Nov 2011, 3:41pm

    what I cannot understand is why we allow this to go on, freeze all their funds and assets and stop their leaders from being welcome anywhere in the west

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