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Gay Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson joins Gaydio

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Reader comments

  1. Am i the only one who is quite excited about this? :D

  2. No! Its great to see these celebs coming out! the more that do, the more others will feel able to do the same… and for those that watch the shows the ‘stars’ are in… it will help them too! This is what we need on the TV, more LGBT storylines, that may help break down barriers too!

  3. There are millions of gays who hide because they know they will be bashed and persecuted for coming out gay and if they do come out they will be put on the Christian hit list of gays to be the target of the Christian madness that they are planning, like the kill gays bill in Uganda, no joke the Christians in America are behind it and if they get their way they will kill all gays, just like you know who in Germany did not too long ago. They said it would never happen but it did and now it is happening again in America the new dictators who want to take over the world and control it using the Bible. The CIA Christian scientist made the HIV/AIDS virus to kill off “unwanted people” because they could not get away with making “camps” where they put gays and black and Muslims etc. to get ride of them but if they say it is a monkey virus that kills in plain sight they can get away with it. America has started buying up land the size of France in Africa and they plan to buy more. Why?

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