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Episcopal bishop who ordained gay man dies aged 87

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Reader comments

  1. Blessing thoughts and a candle lit for one good spirit who has left this world better than it was. You showed courage where fear to change overrode healthy reasoning. Thank you for making a difference for us.

  2. What an honorable man he seemed to have been , trying to do the right things, now they just have to find another human rights equal rights bishop with just as much or more since in humanity and NO PRIEST NO WHERE SHOULD EVER BE CELEBATE, ITS IN HUMAN AND ITS NOT RIGHT, YOU HAVE A; RIGHT TO HAVE A RELATIONS SHIP OR RELATIONS HIPS IF YOU ARE SINGLE WITH OTHER GROWN, ADULTS, WHO ARE RESPESCTFUL TO YOU AND YOU TO THEM, YOU WHERE MADE TO LOVE AND BE LOVED AND TO CHOOSE TO HAVE FAMILIES AND MATES , PARTNERS AND FRIENDS AND EVEN CHILDREN, PEOPLE ARE MEANT TO SOCIALIZE AND HAVE WONDERFUL LIVES OF FUN AND JOY, THAT IS NOT RAPE , SEXUAL HARRASSMNT AND PEDEPHILIA, AND MURDER, a priest is healtheir when he are she is not celebate and trying to please human beings which they should never do , just please angelic beings of love and charity, who commands the world love and freindship and happiness and joy angels new you cannot live in joy and happiness by being a robot hiding feeling they gave you

    1. Celibacy is a calling…. so I think you are wrong and therefore you are imposing your will on others. If someone wants to be celibate then that is their choice but I have never been an advocate of enforced clerical celibacy. Its is a choice not to be taken lightly.

  3. People get out of line with other peoples persoanal lives because of nosiness and jealousy, and it has to be stopped, if the adults care for each other, its their business , and what they do in their bedroom, to what they wear in their bedroom to where they go on vacations , to their hobbies, if they want to go to a casino or dancing, a priest is just a man or woman in a robe, still humans that ;have human needs with human feelings that needs that need to be met, properly without hurting others, priests had better start getting others out of their persoanl lives and they had better get their own lives , before they end up pedehiles and in jail , you dont do it, start their own charity churches with priests who are not crazy enough to be celibate if they do not want to and have happy fellowship and you will find many priest coming a joining a good diocese that does not violate their human rights, get with and put a welcome sign out for all priest and thier mates ,partners ,and friends

  4. you mean to tell me that these preist now that the other so called high priest , which is not anything but mean with and ego and a gown dress like theres, their next door neighbor also, you no they are screwing around with people all over and in their own church , and partying behind close doors like they found all of those rabbis down their in that hotel appartment duplex sex trafficking, how dumb can the other priests be to allow another grown man tell him about his personal life, if he is not harming anyone, you have to draw a line with the congregations and the other ministers when it comes to your loved one and partner, who loves you back, you leave the church at the church and take you loved one out to dinner and a movie, and your intiamacy is your own, wheter you wear poka dot draws or silk undies is your own, as long as you others no wrong, grown people had better start putting other grown people back into their place and out of their face and you dont let them choose your mate

  5. Gay Daily Mail Reader 14 Sep 2011, 7:14am

    It is honourable Christians like him who do not get the publicity they deserve. They show that not all Christians are homophobic, only a vocal minority are and it is them who should be starved of the oxygen of publicity.

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