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US politician Sally Kern: Gays are more dangerous than terrorists

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Reader comments

  1. Surely she should be happy that AIDS has killed so many evil, nasty, (probably satanic) homosexuals? Her point of view should logically lead her to celebrate an illness that kills of more homosexuals. I note that in her calculations, she does not include the number of people that have died following the US-led “war on terrorism” in sovereign countries. Were these not also killed through terrorism? She also does not appear to count the number of people killed through US sponsored terrorism like the IRA…

    1. biillywingarten 16 Sep 2011, 7:34am

      She is the wife of a baptist minister, the people who in the USA gave us slavery and then the KKK hate group and segregation

      this creep also threw out her own gay son.

      this garbage she spit out on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 makes me wish she had looked out the window and seen the plane coming. She is every bit as psychopatic as the westboro Baptist church fruitcakes who celebrate happily at the funerals of murdered gays and our soldiers.

      Some xtians are anything but. the bitch deserves cruel and unusual punishment the birds will appreciate the results, as wil the maggots. to each his/her own

      Can we rent your tower of london for a day?

  2. Oh please, she’s not counting anything. That woman is pulling numbers our of her bottom.

    1. *out

    2. Sally Kern has amply demonstrated that she is a total arse so where else can she pull anything from other than her saggy old bottom?

    3. She only talks through her mouth because as her arse is worn out.

    4. She looks totally evil in her pic. And just a little insane.

  3. 32,788 Americans died in road traffic accidents in 2010. Nobody is campaigning against cars.

    1.3 Million heterosexual Africans have died of AIDS and millions more will die.

    This woman is a moron.

    1. Sally Kern suffers from an irrational, dangerous and pathological bias against gay people and she should by rights be receiving supervised medical assistance to manage and contain her debilitating illness until such a time she no longer represents a threat to the safety of others.

    2. biillywingarten 16 Sep 2011, 7:39am

      BTW teh poep went to Africa a couple years ago where he told africans that condoms cause AIDS.

      he obvioulsy wants more mind to corrupt, regardless of how many die.

      BTW Hitler spared the lesbians while he threw the gay men into the ovens. He used the lesbians as breeders for his Wehrmacht…As well as told his own women to have more kids

      And opposed real birth control just like the vatican does now.

    3. biillywingarten 16 Sep 2011, 7:46am re stoping research on cancer .

      his llink tells how the catholic bishop of Ohio told people to not give to cancer research since it might use stem cells.

      Since any treatment might use stem cells, those creeps would stop all medical research.

      reminds me of the anyhting buth “holy” inquistion when the church burned books on the human body.

      their message – just pray away the sickenss. Knowing that sometimes miracles do appear to happen, so htey can claim their god saved the person.

      While supporting lfie by letting large numbers of people die.

      May allah have mercy on the souls of the vatican. A few trailer trucks full of plastic would be the best thing in the world for western society.

      We could then rebuilt the vatican and its rotting corpses by turning it into a parking lot.

  4. Jennie Kermode 10 Sep 2011, 12:16pm

    One assumes she also wishes to ban cars, mayonnaise, swimming and childbirth.

    1. She might also like to ban anyone from owning a Toyota Prius or driving on the first Tuesday in every month. I wonder if she’s thought about a ban on Peanut Butter too.

    2. probably, tho i think id kinda be with her for the mayonaise lol :P x

  5. Dear god! Looking at her she is due to drop dead from old age and sever stupidity and if there was a god I wish he would take off the mortal realm. As Peter said, what about the number the US has killed with their “friendly fire” and since when he gay men and women gone out their way to fly planes into buildings, sent people onto the underground to blow themselves up? We did not create HIV?AIDS so that we could infect ourselves, like any disease it mutated genetically. The only thing that is un-natural in this world is complete idiots like her who make brash statements like hers to increase her profile.

    1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 10 Sep 2011, 12:48pm

      I would like to point out that in the past 2000 years gays have been persecuted in the name of religion, hanged, gassed, etc. And sadly it is still going on in many countries.
      But at least we did not have to resort to terrorism, car bombings, suicide attacks, plane-hijackings and indiscriminate murder of women and children like Al Qaida or the IRA. We only achieved recognition and rights through tiredless campaigning, peaceful protest and public awareness. Look at the Native Americans in the USA. They are a peaceful people who do not use violence even though the settlers killed many of them by giving them smallpox!

      1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 1:46pm

        Yep and all due to the wonderous, murderous cause of Religion.

        Though I do accept not all religious people agree with such hatred.

        1. But you know what? Those religious people who don’t “agree with such hatred” are quick to tell you and me just that, while they rarely (even never) turn around and address the haters themselves.

          It’s usually a version of “well, that’s not MY sort of Christianity,” spoken to you and me, but pointless when not addressed to source of the problem. They are complicit in the problem.

          1. Soren456

            Some do … perhaps not enough, but its wrong to say that some religious people who are supportive, accepting and embracing of LGBT people do not confront those who are homophobic – to be fair, if that was the case then the debate on LGBT issues within the Church of England etc etc would not have happened – there has to be a movement in support of LGBT advancement in order for the debate to be had

  6. Well, I’m glad to hear that ancient Greece and Rome lasted only a few decades each. Makes ancient history SO much easier.

    This woman is freaking deluded!!

    1. Yes well, when you have to fit the whole of human past into about 6 thousand years from the garden of eden . . .

    2. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 1:47pm

      She does appear so. Prehaps the American will rewrite history again like the church does so often.

      1. Sally Kern is living proof that dinosaurs and homosapiens still co-exist, just saddle her up and ride her to church but don’t let her bite you because the bacteria in her mouth is toxic.

    3. Michaelangelo 11 Sep 2011, 12:19am

      Actually, both ancient Greece and Rome had laws against homosexuality, and many Roman commentators were of the opinion that the (homo)sexual activities of their Emperors were partly to blame for a) the end of the Republic and b) the final destruction of Rome – Justinian (the Emperor in the East) was of this opinion, too.

      The acceptance of homosexual sex in the ancient world is more mythical than some of religious myths often found in these same societies.

      1. It is a recorded fact that homosexuality existed in ancient civilisations even in myths such as Achilles mentioned it.

      2. Oh, really? What were those laws?
        I daresay your claim will turn out to be as inaccurate as your statement ‘…(homo)sexual activities of their Emperors were partly to blame for a) the end of the Republic’ which makes no sense since, obviously, the Republic ended when Octavian became Augustus.

      3. Nonsense, gays werent criminalised and persecuted until after the Roman Empire became Christian, being made a capital offence in the 5th or 6th century.

  7. Is this a late bid for the “Bigot of the Year” award?
    HIV and a lack of safe sex awareness is a killer.
    Pathologising entire minority groups is not the answer, it’s part of the problem.

  8. Gay Daily Mail Reader 10 Sep 2011, 12:39pm

    What a load of garbage! We enjoy life too much to go round hijacking planes and flying them into skyscrapers! Wars kill, cigarettes kill, cars kill, let’s get things in perspective. Stuff Al-Qaida! Stuff the US funded IRA!

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 1:49pm

      Clearly she’s confused between bombs that kill and glitter thats one hell of a mess and can never get out of hair and carpets.

      I wonder how many people have died from being ‘Glittered’?

      1. Glitter is sort of like nuclear waste..not in the sense it is dangerous…but a little goes a long way, it spreads uncontrollably, you only see a small portion of what actually is lurking and it takes hundreds of years to go away…lol.

        1. Does anyone know if this woman has been glittered, so to speak?

          1. Just like a turd Sally Kern can never be polished but she could always be rolled in glitter.

  9. What can one expect from an American republican? You have to ask yourselves, why is it that America leads the western world in breeding these religious bigoted nutters? It’s the sort of thing that was around during the middle ages in Europe.

    She needs to check the WHO (World Health Organisation) for global AIDS statistics. More heterosexuals are succombing to HIV/AIDS than gays, not just in Africa but in the far east, but of course she’ll still see it as a gay disease.

    What is sicker is that gay republicans, an oxymoron if ever there were, vote for this party which has NEVER sponsored or authored one piece of equality legislation, in fact votes overwhelmingly against anything favouring gay people.

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 1:52pm

      Indeed. It never ceases to amaze me how these bigotted idiots always seem to either forget or knowingly dismiss the fact that there are more heterosexuals than Homosexuals with HIV.

      It just shows them up how they are willing to give our misleading, wrong and false information which in itself is dangerous. Yet agaion something they refuse to accept.

      1. David Myers 13 Sep 2011, 8:24am

        See, they would argue that we gays caused this disease and “infected” straight people with it, so those millions of “straight” AIDS patients are our victims. Nevermind that our earlier deaths gave straight society a chance to jump on trying to find a cure for AIDS or a vaccine (we, Haitians and Hemophiliacs were the early warning system like the canaries in the coal mines for poison gases). Unfortunately “they”, including the Reagan Administration just rationalized, “It’s a homosexual disease, why sweat it?”. And now its our fault that millions of “straight” people have it.

  10. Standard dominionist christofascist wingnut. Ignorant and most likely brainwashed by her pastor husband (although I did wonder if he was the reason that she seems so gosh-darned furious with us gay folks which is why I looked him up). She also seems to have “issues” with women in general and other minorities and is living in the United States of Bigotry.

    1. Not all of us Americans are bigots, thankfully. We are fighting against the likes of her and her ilk. I find it repugnant that she blames Aids only on gays, instead ofillecal drug use involving dirty/shared needles. Which does account for quite a bit of new infections. She is disgusting, as are Michelle Bachammm, her husband and Rick Perry.

      I seriously hope that neither one of these insane people are elected president. I have become very vocal lately and it scares me to see just how popular Perry has become. They all need to crawl back under the rocks they come from.

      1. Indeed most US citizens I know are generous and good spirited (and all exclusively GLBTQ). What worries me more for my brothers and sisters in the US is not just the anti-gay backlash (and it will get worse as DADT falls, DOMA eventually falls and marriage equality spreads) but the anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-everyone who isn’t a straight white middle class hetero male mood that is spreading. I’m alarmed and afraid for my American friends because of it.

  11. Gay Dailiy Mail Reader, with respect, the U.S. government, if that’s what you’re inferring, didn’t sponsor the IRA financially, but a civilian Irish-American group of IRA Sinn Fein sympathisers did, not just with money but with guns. The American government actually condemned it.

    1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 11 Sep 2011, 8:12pm

      When I said US funded, I refered to the fact that much of the money for the IRA came from America via NORAID and NOT the US Government. The Irish Lobby in America is linked to the Democratic Party as the Jewish Lobby is associated with the Republicans. Being a member of a group who has been persecuted but never resorted to violence in order to achieve had we had done, I feel that other suppressed minorities have no excuse for violence.
      By the way Osama Bin Laden came from Saudi Arabia but I don’t think the Saudi Royal Family (who run the country) gave him as much as a penny.

      1. Paddyswurds 11 Sep 2011, 8:58pm

        Unfortunately he was independentaly wealthy.He was and his family are probably one of if not the biggest construction companies in the world. however the stupid CIA gave him billions to fight the Russians when the had their stint in Afganistan.

    2. They might not have funded the IRA, but they have funded dangerous fanatics before. And look at how it’s supporting these christian bigoted hate mongers. Gay people don’t cause mass suicides in cults, they don’t act as leaders but molest children in their parishes, they don’t rally their people to cause hate and discrimination against straight people, they don’t blow planes up and kidnap and toture their prisoners. These are all things the church and government does or condone, yet they say that gay people are the evil ones? I don’t think so. Who we love and what we do with our bodies is our business, not anybody elses. What gives the church or govt the right to decide what we do is wrong? Because their beliefs are based on a book that has God telling people to rape, molest and kill innocent women and children. And WE are supposed to be the bad ones? Right…

  12. What a vile and dangerous bigot! Republicans and their christofascist friends have killed more people than anyone else.

    1. biillywingarten 16 Sep 2011, 7:47am

      And enslaved the africans.

  13. You know, I’m continually amazed that her and her ilk can say we’re a tiny portion of the population, and yet apparently so deviously clever we’ve infiltrated all the major institutions, and have secret conspiracies and such. It’s almost as if she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and is, in fact, a deluded cow.

  14. de Villiers 10 Sep 2011, 1:00pm

    > homosexuality is “deadly and it’s spreading, and it will destroy our young

    We cannot recruit. We can only impress.

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 1:53pm

      Yep. A classic case of a ‘projection’ statement.

    2. Oh i’m definitely nicking this – great stuff! :)

    3. Are you serious grow up….you are just the lowest of all people

      1. Jock S. Trap 12 Sep 2011, 7:58am

        Erm, crazy says what now?

        lowest in what way exactly?

  15. It’s the glazed eyeballs and pained (I’m lying through my teeth) moronic smile that this lot all seem to share that gets me. The whole lot of them seem to have gone in for the Stepford Wives (male and female) look in a big way.

  16. People like this woman control the world. It doesn’t make sense to me. But, I actually feel sorry for her. She has immense hate issues, to spread vicious lies about a group of people who mean her no harm is dangerous. The real danger in the world IMO are politicians and leaders like her.

  17. Mumbo Jumbo 10 Sep 2011, 1:25pm

    Point and laugh.

  18. How can some very stupid and deluded people get into positions of responsibility and power as this woman has achieved.

    It seems that American politics in particular is peppered with irrational and and stupid people who spread vile concepts to a population that in a proportion will believe this rubbish.

    There is an emerging school of though in the 21st centuary that indicates that human progress and evolution is linked to those who can bring higher brain functions to bare, that make the right logical decisions, not purely emotional ones.

    This person is clearly one of those backward humans from a bygone era.

    1. It all started when they elected a washed up old actor from CA to be President. He listened to his wife’s astrologist and probably a bunch of rich people who convinced him that “trickle down” would work. (Then only effulent trickled down).

      He started cutting back on public education, others cut back more on education, no one was encouraged to THINK for themselves and now we have a nation of undereducated people who spent too much time in church praying for relief and something positive to trickle down, but the churches raise kids to never question, just believe, so the education of kids who graduated during the Dubbya years was even worse.

      Then it became okay for an idiot to be in office, so this year, they will try to put another idiot in office, only because they believe that idiot is a god-fearing christian. (Which scares me to the core!) So, here I am, a liberal Democrat, in a very Repugnant-controlled state trying to turn AZ blue on the political map…

  19. I wonder what she’s speaking about when she say: “It’s [homosexuality] more dangerous [than terrorism], and yes I think that it’s also more dangerous because it will tear down the moral fibre of this nation. We were founded as a nation upon the principles of religion and morality, if we take those out from under our society we will lose what has made us a great nation, we will no longer be a virtuous people, which we see happening already. And without virtue this nation will not survive.” I believe in accord of all my american friends who left USA that this country lost all moral principles long ago and it is not because of homosexuality but because they don’t have any inthe first place.

    1. Obviously, you haven’t read much about Jefferson or Franklin. Please read up on the life and times of these two men. Tom Jefferson was more an atheist?humanist than anything and Ben Franklin – spent a lot of free time engaging in quite un-christian debaucherous liasons, with many others… Quite the sex-freak for his day. It may have been only with women, but when there is more than two in a room together, it’s not very Puritanical….

    2. By the way, religion and morality are not intertwined, you can have high morals of what is right and wrong without ever being part of any religion, and as for religion being the bastion of morality, there seems to be a disconnect there that is born of the hypocritical “step on everyone else, cause (indirectly or directly) the suffering of people around me and just go to church on Sunday to pray away all the evil done throughout the week, feeel absolved of sin, so perpetuate more unethical decisions the next week, rinse & repeat.

  20. Scott Aron John Reynolds 10 Sep 2011, 1:34pm

    Anyone Get HIV/Aids,

    Including Straight People :/

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 1:54pm

      Indeed. Unlike Sally Kern, HIV does not discriminate.

    2. Thats right, straight people do get HIV and AIDs, a fact which Sally Kern appears to neglect in favour of a partial view of reality.

  21. Worldwide I wonder how many people have died because coconuts have fallen on their heads – ban these devil incarnate things; but not before I’ve nipped out to buy one for my curry tonight.

  22. Scott Aron John Reynolds 10 Sep 2011, 1:39pm

    See Some Americans & Those In Power Are More Dangerous, Than Anyone :/

    HIV/Aids Wasn’t Born By Gays, It Just Became More Clear & Obvious.

    Also Doesn’t She Know Gay’s Have Been Around Since Time Began & For Thousands Of Years :/

  23. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 1:40pm

    The biggest threat to America, that kills more than terriorism are Bigots like Sally Kern.

    Through people like her we have acceptance pushed back and the creation of hatred and discrimination which results in many young and old committing suicide, many criminal injustices, intimidation, abuse and violence towards the LGBTQI community that only Sally Kern and her kind force us to put up with.

    The fact she thinks that people loving is more dangerous than extremists who wish to harm, kill, maim and destroy communities shows how little regard Ms Kern has for any part of humanity.

    It is her ignorance that is the biggest killer in our world and linked with her chosen religious lifestyle makes for a damaging, destructive, hateful agenda.

    These people should Never be given a platform but more in need of medication to control such hatred of other human beings.

  24. And yet another silly stupid woman looking for publicity – to be ignored

  25. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 1:42pm

    Please note this vile woman is also well known for her blatant racism too.

    In April she made the headlines with “Blacks Are In Prison Because They Don’t Want To Study”

    For one person to have such hatred of human beings I think says it all about Sally Kern.

  26. If we’re looking at casualty count, let’s take a look at the number of people killed by terrorism vs those murdered in the name of “the principles of religion and morality”. Although, it might be difficult to distinguish between the to since terrorism and “the principles of religion and morality” so often go hand in hand.

  27. I was thinking about her saying. when we’re make some serious thinking about what she said we can easily confirm that she’s stupid. How many americans died just last year? From aids, cancer, virus of any kind, guns ( I believe that USA got the record of murders in it’s soil) and so on. It’s not Aids which kill people it’s life itself. Aids it’s just a way to die as it is for cancer, car crash, alcool, diabeth… name it.

  28. Kevin, the reason why people like this disgusting woman get elected is simply because equally stupid, ignorant and bigoted people vote for her across the entire United States, hiding behind religion to justify their beliefs. America has an abundance of them, more than any other western country it would seem. That’s why more than half of the states ban same-sex marriage, all emanating from religious bigoted zealots. It’s a form of ideological terrorism to some extent and the very gullible American electorate falls for it every time there’s an election. They reallyi couldn’t do it to any other group other than gays, the last group of people it’s legal to discriminate against as well as villify and denigrate to score political points. We have some of it in the UK but not nearly one quarter as bad, thankfully. I’m sure Melanie Phillips would have a lot in common with her.

    1. luke from canada 11 Sep 2011, 6:06pm

      she’s from okalhoma, a state not exactly known to be open and accpeting, the southern states are ramapnt with backwardness, and bigotry, look at slavery, the kkk and now homophobia. if congress and the courts had not intervened then I bet in certain states there would be segregation and blacks would not be able to vote. Congress won’t do it, it can barely function, the courts need to rectify all of these bans. I say a class action lawsuit launched in every states that bans equal marraige rights for anyone.

  29. If any mainstream European politician said something like Ms. Kerns there’d be uproar and the politician would be forced to apologise and claim to have been “misquoted” etc. In America, it seems par for the course for Republicans to spew such extremist hate and yet few bat an eyelid. For such a powerful and supposedly advanced nation, America’s polarised and extremist politics is frightening.

    1. VERY frightening. There’s no center anymore. It’s all fringe doing the acting. I think far more people are against this nasty rhetoric and right-wing turn of mind, but they do nothing to counter it. They don’t bother to vote, as the 2010 elections prove in spades. I don’t see 2012 as being any better.

    2. Michael S. Andrews 11 Sep 2011, 6:17am

      It is frightening, Blazer. The brilliance of freedom of speech becomes clouded when America’s extremist Republican and religious factions begin to legislate hate and fear. They are now coming after me; personally viewing my longtime relationship and community service unimpressive, they challenge my very right to exist outside a closet!

  30. Christine McQueen 10 Sep 2011, 4:02pm

    She said, “We were founded as a nation upon the principles of religion and morality, …..”

    If Ms Kern thinks that, she really needs to take a good long look at the Constitution.

  31. This woman is inspirational and following her example I am going to launch a global campaign against everything that causes more death than terrorists. As terrorists are by definition the worst thing in the world and anything worse should be removed also gay people are the only people with aids. However there are a few other things that need to be added to this list like lightning and donkeys. That have both killed more people than terrorists in the last 5 years. Those evil animals need to be removed from the face of the earth and we need to stop lightning by arresting clouds. Because any civilization that has accepted donkeys into their livestock or accepted lightning as natural have not lasted more than a few decades.

    1. Hmm, maybe we need to arrests wasps, scorpions, spiders, termites, locusts, dung beetles etc……. since they are also vile and the scourge of the nation in some peoples opinions!

      Don’t forget also, Goats… They need to be stopped as they chew shoelaces!

  32. I’m still completely shocked about the article……….wait what?

    Give me afew minutes…..or hours

  33. Kat in AZ, exactly. I still find Americat very conflicted when it’s a question of religion. Your country is supposed to have separation of church and state according to the Constitution, yet why is it that ‘In God We Trust” is on every court room wall, on the currency and why does every successive president invoke “God Bless America” at the end of virtually every speech? It’s rare to hear that in Europe, from any of the political leaders. All of this one nation under God mantra makes me cringe. Don’t you find it conflicted and unnecessary? I think this is part of the reason why there are so many religious nutjobs in America. They actually don’t believe in separation of church and state it seems.

  34. She’s a friggin’ fruitloop.

  35. Since when did hate become a virtue? As for HIV/AIDS, so many died because government decided to do nothing for so long. If I remember, President Reagan never even mentioned HIV until after he was out of office. Any other potential epidemic and government rushes into research. Sally Kern is more dangerous than terrorists.

  36. auntie babs 10 Sep 2011, 5:40pm

    just 2 words – Matthew Sheppard.

    id say the hetrosexuals are a damn sight more dangerous than us.

    1. I wouldn’t blame heterosexuals generally for the comments of a seriously deluded heterosexual supremacist hate-monger.

      Sally Kern is not so much an heterosexual as an enthusiastic promoter of specialist sex consisting of penile-vaginal sexual practice within marriage.

      Look closely at Sally Kern’s eyes and they appear to be blank and almost spinning…she’s that far gone into her own deluded fantasia.

  37. Sally Kern thinks chairs are a wicked invention of Satan, in her home, husband Pastor Steve sits on a spike and Sally sits on Steve because two spikes in one home would be an immoral, wicked and Satanic extravagance.

    1. My apologies I cannot type uncontrolable laughter.

    2. “Wicked child!”

  38. You know I agree with most of the rational comments on here about the appalling bigoted comments of Kern. However, I find it deeply insensitive and inappropriate that she has such an unashamed publicity hungry atittude that she should make such a inflammatory and inappropriate comment near the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and demean both LGBT people and victims of terrorism. I hope the world and America looks on this woman with despair and disgust

    1. auntie babs 11 Sep 2011, 12:07am

      i totally agree with you on this

    2. A state representative is very small potatoes in the US. I’m unsure what a UK equivalent would be. To suggest that the US, let alone the world, is significantly aware of her is an exaggeration. And happily so.

      She does less happily represent a newly aroused point of view in the US (and elsewhere) that is unlikely ever to be entirely defeated.

      1. Paddyswurds 12 Sep 2011, 2:05pm

        The uUK equivelant would be devolved Government ministers and Welsh assembly; MSW, Scottish Assembly; MSA, Northern Ireland; MLA.

  39. What about all the heterosexual people with HIV/AIDS? Shall we ban and hate them too? Silly cow!

  40. If she’s right I’d like to add another to the list-no prizes for guessing who

  41. Without a doubt, the biggest killer ahead of terrorism, cancer, aids, road traffic accidents and wars… has been religion.

  42. Actually, we were founded as a nation to escape religious and ideological persecution, among other things. Yup, she’s a moron.

  43. ARE YOU KIDDING US, another polluted hippocrital liar, that glaad has to reprimand like the other hate crimes lawmaker, for defamations, this bigoted womes hate outburst are also ridiculous wrong that a child would no better, somebody had better tell her to change her glasses or put some on , and read every paper and peice of news that goes back a decade, our murders are hetersexual, rappest hetersexual, pedephilles hetersexual , wife beaters hetersexual, tell her to take her hard core female self down to visit every womens battered shelter and then tell her to read the divorce numbers and sections for hetersexuals and ask about the violence and murders in their marriages , incests, and sick occults, warrens, and hinkles and craig and need we go on and on, she is delusional, and the covers will never be big enough to hide the truth, its in your face every single day just like the thousands and thousands of rapes and murders every single day is by hetersexual men, no one has done more

  44. Me thinks she doest protest too much!
    She’s probably a dyke.

  45. Everytime I think a Republican basket case can’t gobsmack me any more….

  46. I think you’ll find Sally Kern is more dangerous than terrorists

  47. Another deluded American. Perhaps this women should go around to her constituents and ask them if they think homosexuals are more of a threat than Timothy McVeigh was.

  48. Jessiepeace 10 Sep 2011, 8:04pm

    Sickens me.
    How many millions of people die of Cancer, in car accidents, from deceases, of HIV etc has nothing to do with being Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender, Girl, Boy or what ever. It is the fact of life there are things that cause death because thats the way of the world.

    Heterosexual’s dyeing of HIV is rising so explain that?

    I am so angry!

  49. Sally Kern’s comments are so stupid and bizarre that I genuinely fear for her mental health.

    What I wonder is how many people are sitting in their homes nodding in agreement with what she’s said, because that’s the really frightening thing. That, and how this woman ever got elected to any position of power.

  50. Now if I’m not mistaken many died of AIDS related illnesses during the early history of the disease, within the United States because the (REPUBLICAN) government did little to intervene during the crisis. They were more concerned with the war on Drugs which as history has shown as only filled America’s prisons and widen many divisions within American society…We queers are awfully troublesome are we not?

    1. There are some who think the RAYGUN administration had something to do with creating HIV, and that they purposely gave it to gay men. As an American I can tell you it is hard to dismiss the idea when you get to know the gang he surrounded himself with, many of Nixons henchmen were in his administration….

  51. ToriAmosRocks 10 Sep 2011, 9:53pm

    Her comments and those comments like hers more than once daily can be considered an act of terrorism in my opinion. Since when is an act of terrorism only measured by the amount of people who are harmed/killed. Gay teens attempt/commit suicide everyday because of words of hate like this. I would think that is terrorism. Sally Kern IS a terrorist. She is the worst kind of terrorist, an elected one who peoploe hang on her everyword. I pray for her soul. Love thy Neighbor Sally, hope you can stand the heat, you are only going one place, get your handbasket ready. She needs Jesus!

  52. Paddyswurds 10 Sep 2011, 10:02pm

    … occurs to me. Was it a huge mistake to give women in America the vote. So far we have science and geography major Palin, History of the world major O’Donnell, that major in stupidity Limbach and now this Kern bint who appears to be and ancient Greek and Roman and demographics major and all the rest especially of the Republican hue. Even the wives of most of the past Republican Presidents with the exception or Betty Ford were absolute walking vegetables.
    Just what is it with American women and gay people. Are they afraid we queers are gonna steal their moronic men. No I think the vote should be removed from them until such time as they can be allowed out on their own. Has anyone here watched Real Housewives of New Jersey or Real Housewives of New York. They make Essex Girls look like rocket scientists.

    1. I’m afraid that if intellectual attainment were a prerequisite of the elective franchise in either sex, we should be back to the electorate as a proportion of the population of c. 1780. It would, however, be an arguably better criterion than land value.

    2. LoL. Dude, you can’t be anything more than a troll.

  53. Stupid,rancid old slapper! Does she cite how many people globally who’ve succumbed to Malaria?! No? Thought not! Maybe now the 10th anniversary is almost upon us someone will fly a sodding plane into her!

  54. Dr Robin Guthrie 10 Sep 2011, 10:28pm

    Does anyone think that the new Javascript PN have loaded up with the rating systems is pointless.


    It provides for a “Keith Away”, but you can’t see what the latest post is as it all re-adjusts via this script.

    In other words, there is no longer a coherent human conversation as the rated comments float to the top it destroys the flow of conversation.

    Just a thought having 28 years experience in all things IT and Medical.

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Sep 2011, 9:39am

      Looking again, it may end up stifling debate. New comments are somewhere midway. It’s very messy. The debate experience may be lost which is a great shame.

    2. Spanner1960 11 Sep 2011, 11:54am

      I agree. I like the thumbs up, but the reordering is pointless as you completely lose the plot of any coherent timeline. PN needs to find a different script sharpish, this is appalling.

    3. Spanner1960 11 Sep 2011, 11:56am

      I agree. I like the thumbs up, but the reordering is pointless as you completely lose the plot of any coherent timeline. PN needs to find a different script sharpish, this is appalling.

      Get phpBB and ditch this bloody rubbishy WordPress

      1. Jock S. Trap 11 Sep 2011, 1:55pm

        I agree. Plus this thing where you have to find replies within posts to see if anyones replied to a reply to… knackering it is!!

        Not keen, got to admit.

        1. Got to say thats one of the really annoying things it should have it laid out like seperate threads so it tells you the amount of replies in the post but not nessecarily to that poster.

    4. I do like having the thumbs up/down option, but it’s too much of a challenge to follow the comments chronologically with the present adjustments.

      Hopefully, it’s a work in process.

  55. Dr Robin Guthrie 10 Sep 2011, 10:29pm

    oes anyone think that the new Javascript PN have loaded up with the rating systems is pointless.


    It provides for a “Keith Away”, but you can’t see what the latest post is as it all re-adjusts via this script.

    In other words, there is no longer a coherent human conversation as the rated comments float to the top it destroys the flow of conversation.

    Just a thought having 28 years experience in all things IT and Medical.

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Sep 2011, 9:36am

      First thing I thought is that it might confuse the flow of conversation. It will jumble it all up and misplace so for some who instead of replying start a new window the comment may be lost or confused.

      In theory it’s a good idea but will see how it works in practise. I may not be so inviting,

    2. I’m hoping it’s a work in progress, and that PN is depending on our feedback.

      Personally, I do prefer the previous method where comments were kept in chronological order, but I now appreciate having the means to do my part in deterring gay-hating psychopaths from this site.

      1. Jock S. Trap 12 Sep 2011, 7:55am

        Agreed. Though it does look like they have been put back into order again. Now we just have to remember who we replied to. Guess a new window each time isn’t so bad after all.

        1. I think there were a few glitches that have been resolved … I didnt like it at first, particularly the lack of chronology – but that appears to be working now – although still some posts disappear for a short while, oddly

  56. jamestoronto 10 Sep 2011, 11:26pm

    Reality check!! The States lost its virtue a long time ago when slavery was written into the Constitution, which really means it never had it. Those of you out there who believe the USA separates the Church and State in its politics need to invest to invest in better eyewear because you are blind. The Church runs the US completely. The US appears to have freedom of religion simply because the Church in this context is not one single monolithic denomination but a loose confederacy of several powerful and very rich organisations. It’s like an octopus with its poisoned tentacles everywhere. If Sally Kerns wants to deal with a conspiracy look to her Church.

  57. What is this stupid bitch on about,
    10 years ago over 3.000 people died in 9/11 and people are still dying from it as well.
    All over the world people Kill people for the sake of it is this what she wants.
    So you can go to church on Sunday and on Monday you go and kill some one just for the fun of it and that’s ok is you stupid woman.
    How many people have been killed through religion it is in the millions,
    And us Lesbians Gay Transsexual & bis , have maybe killed 100 / 200
    Put that in and you do the math.. you stupid stupid woman

  58. What is this stupid bitch on about,
    10 years ago over 3.000 people died in 9/11 and people are still dying from it as well.
    All over the world people Kill people for the sake of it is this what she wants.
    So you can go to church on Sunday and on Monday you go and kill some one just for the fun of it and that’s ok is you stupid woman.
    How many people have been killed through religion it is in the millions,
    And us Lesbians Gay Transsexual & bis , have maybe killed 100 / 200
    Put that in and you do the math.. you stupid stupid woman
    All of these so called people of the church are mad, off there heads talking out of there ass

  59. What a hideous human being? Oops, I will remove ‘human’!

  60. Where is Obama? Almost as bad as these dangerous evil people is the silence of our leaders. We have the same problem in Australia, with hateful bigots publically enciting violence against gay people and spreading hideous lies. These are met with total silence from our leaders.

  61. Check out this expose of Sally Kern’s real agenda:

    1. Paddyswurds 11 Sep 2011, 9:24pm

      …just listened to the Youtube link you provided and what I heard is very disturbing. Why is this vile woman not in prison in chains. This is even worse than The god hates fags crowd because people know they are just plain crazy and laugh at them but this woman is a different kettle of fish altogether. She simply MUST be stopped by whatever and all means…….

  62. Wow seriously? The only thing more dangerous than a Terrorist is a close minded nugget brain in charge of anything. Does she really think that only homosexuals get AIDS? What a complete moron.

  63. The biggest threat are brainwashed 9-5 zombies. Why doesn’t she count Americas victims around the globe? They belong to “great nation” of Human kind. Jesus just told me to tell her: “Not in my name!”


  65. Hate is an illness of the mind, left unchallenged will spread and lead to the break up of relationships, the bullying of kids in school, war and possibly the collapse of societies.

    If I have to die then let it not be because of hate – anything else but hate.

  66. Johnny33308 11 Sep 2011, 3:47pm

    Incidentally, one of her two sons is gay and she can hate gays like this? What kind of mother could do this? She is a typical Dominionist KKKristian. People do not “turn” gay by hearing about gay-she is a total moron and an evil degenerate Christofascist. Her “opinion” is uneducated ignorance on parade-we have many, many more just like her in the US-they are intent upon destroying America so that they can put a theocracy in its place-then they will go after the rest of the world, until they have conquered all of. These Dominionists believe that God “needs” their help to rule the world. Idiots!

  67. Fear Eirigh 11 Sep 2011, 5:39pm

    It is so saddening to hear this level of hatred from an elected member of public office. How can she hold such venom? It just proves to me once again how far I, as a simple, ordinary gay man, am from being accepted by ‘society’.

  68. This is the love of Christians she is showing like Michele Bachmann does , speak out against their hate and destruction of people they hate just because they are not “one of them”. Don’t let them control the people who they are working on stirring up to hate others much like another Dictator did not long ago. These people are bullies to put it mildly and they themselves are terrorist, it is always the person who pints the accusing finger who is also one of them, or what she accuses others of doing. Somebody needs to to find more of her crimes she is hiding, she has them just look in her closet.

  69. The biggest threat to America are bigots like her. Her statements are terrorist-like and just like any other typical right-wing advocate, her statements are based on “studies” which were pulled right out of her bum!

  70. Eddy - from 2007 11 Sep 2011, 6:29pm

    “Sally Kern, the politician, says that as a result of HIV/ AIDS, homosexuality has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

    Sally Kern’s logic is seriously astray. It’s a VIRUS which has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, you silly juvenile individual!

    1. One might also argue that the only thing that has gone “viral” is Sally Kerns increduality!!!

  71. Jen Marcus 11 Sep 2011, 7:16pm

    Throughout world history more people have died because of religious beliefs than any other malady of humankind and this deluded woman’s irrational statements are only adding to that number.

    1. yes… it’s plain to see that any belief based on untestable propositions is dangerous, and beyond reasoning.

  72. Jen Marcus 11 Sep 2011, 7:22pm

    Throughout history more people have died because of religious beliefs than any other single malady of humankind and this person without her irrational statements is contributing to that number.

  73. Straight Bloke For Equality And Fairness 11 Sep 2011, 7:43pm

    She’s from Oklahoma the south- why does that not surprise me one bit! What a total joke she is. She is disrespectful and nothing but pure hatred of gays – when my best mate who is gay who died on this day 10 years ago. Both of us had fun together a week before he died – we even got drunk and exprimented together sexually just to know what it feels like.
    I miss him alot. I am not gay because I have a loving girlfriend for 2 years now and I am not in denial of my sexuality. She is properly a lesbian in denial
    People please this is 9/11 our day of mourning of my gay best mate who was hurt on that day – from all colours, creeds, sexualities and faiths we on this day should RESPECT one another.
    Hatred, bigotry have no place anywhere. Gay men and lesbians should have the same rights, responsibilities and duties as heterosexuals in all walks of life from the military to marriage – including the right to express their love for thier partner or spouse regardless of the same sex or different se

  74. Can anyone confirm that Sally Kern disowned one of her two sons because he is gay?

    1. “I find it hilarious that Salacious Sally is such a bigot. Her son Jesse was the biggest queen on the campus of OBU in the mid-90′s. Twice he almost was expelled for making inappropriate advances in the library toilets. When he wasn’t cruising the toilets he was in the glee club and a piano major…there’s your sign.”

    2. Another comment, punches holes through Kern’s religious extremism and suggests Jesse’s homosexuality pushed Sally Kern over the edge:

      Jesse Kern, Sally’s son, was raised in a strict Baptist environment. If your claims are true then you must blame her and her husband for his turning out that way. Most gays aren’t out there breaking the law and engaging in public sex acts and solicitation. Jesse chose criminal behavior to act out on his desires.

      I see in this foolish woman much anger and resentment. Her beliefs are challenged within herself, because if she stands by them then she must accept her part in her son being a homosexual. She isn’t strong enough to do that. Instead, she has created a paranoid delusion that there is some vast conspiracy of gays infiltrating schools and governments to turn others gay and force their lifestyles on everyone. Her subconscious has created this great gay evil so she doesn’t have to blame herself and she says her son as a victim.


    3. Cont’d…

      “Had the gays infiltrated Jesse’s school and indoctrinated him then? Funny, how he attended Baptist schools. His attendence [sic] at Oklahoma Baptist University was marred by his repeated censure for cruising the school’s toilets. Had he been able to live his life openly he would not have had to engage in such actions.”

      “Woof. Those are some allegations! And potentially disastrous for “family friendly” Kern. It also makes you wonder how Kern and her ilk sleep at night – and whether they understand the concept of “hell””

  75. Can anyone confirm that Sally Kern disowned one of her sons because he is gay?

    1. “Sally Kern’s Son: I’m Not Gay, I’m, Uh…Celibate. Yeah, That’s It…Celibate”

      1. He got in trouble for cottaging at his Baptist Uni Celibate my arse.

  76. I really cant believe that people that so called run our country can say things like that……I think that all Americans should turn their heads away from gays for 2 seconds and take a look at the one who said that! She is one of the many that are A. making way to much money to sit at a desk and say quote “Gays are more dangerous than terrorists” Really that is one of the reason that the country is screwed up! If you can say that to the public well here is something from me to you grow up get with the times stop taking our tax money to get what you want. also why don’t you really see how others feel. O wait your are one of the reason that the young generation are killing them self’s. never thought of that now did you. Just hope you read this and it smacks you across the face just like all the gay population want to!!!

  77. Sally’s Secrets

    “The truth always comes out!!!!

    As it should happen to be…

    The homophobic Republican hatemonger from Oklahoma has a gay son!!!!

    That’s right, Sally Kern’s son Jesse is a big ol’ homo, has learned.

    We’re sure he’s REAL PROUD of mommy!

    And, it has also been revealed that Good Ol’ Sally has lied about receiving death threats.

    God is ashamed of Sally Kern. We know. She told us! ”

    1. Well, Cheney’s daughter is lesbian… That doesn’t stop him from spouting trash at every opportunity!

  78. not surprisingly a large number of comments – The most troubling aspect to this Backward bitches beliefs is that HIV IS NOT A GAY PLAGUE, – Unlike most Republicans HIV does NOT Discriminate – 33millions plus living with the virus – Millions more have died from Aids related opportunistic illness – She’s not actually suggesting that there is a world wide majority of Homosexuals cause if she is then minorities like hetros can kissing my hairy white ass!

  79. Tom Cotner 12 Sep 2011, 2:08pm

    It is quite easy to laugh at, cajole, poke fun at, or most any other reaction to her stupid, assinine remarks, but she is quite typical of the Republican politicians who control this state. I live in Oklahoma, and have to put up with these nit-wits on a daily basis. They feed upon the inability or unwillingness of the citizens of Oklahoma to actually find out the facts. And this is a nation-wide situation. Until all these people, such as her, are called out in the public media as frauds, this will continue in this country.
    It is sad, really, that religious bigotry has overtaken this land. It is no different here than the religious bigotry suffered in Iran, or any other country in the mid-East, where the Muslim zealots hold forth.
    Make no mistake, when the religions take over the world (and they’re trying to) then this sort of thing will not only be commonplace, but mandatory.
    And I’m not afraid to post my name:
    Tom Cotner, Martha, Oklahoma, USA

    1. We have the Christian dominionists trying it on here in UK too, the US Alliance Defense Fund is manufacturing controversies mainly to attack gay rights and prevent gay equality via it’s puppet organisations here in the UK, these being the Christian Legal Centre and Christian Concern.
      These are Christian extremists and they claim to believe in young Earth creationism, the infallibility of scripture ( their own interpretation of it ). They also believe that women should obey their husbands commands and that women should not be granted the right to choice over their own reproductive capacity.

  80. The sad part is she won’t be reading these posts but we can email her at:
    and tell her what you think

    1. Emailed her but she probably won’t take any notice :)

  81. It’s really sad if the people of Oklahoma really think this woman is the best they can do when they are looking for elected officials.

    I just hope that one day she is so self absorbed with the nonsense she is yabbering on about that she forgets to look both ways when stepping out into the street…

  82. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” –
    — Mahatma Gandhi

  83. soapbubblequeen 12 Sep 2011, 5:55pm

    Crazy old whore. Go back to Oklahoma and get it on with Annie the Horse.

  84. I’m sure everyone commenting here has heard this already, but, here goes: Gee, I guess she’s also again heterosexuals… for producing all those homosexual children! ;-) Yeah, not new, but revealing of her flawed (rather, NON-EXISTENT!) thought processes!

  85. This is homophobia at its ugliest. The fear that comes from the belief that gay people will ‘tear down the moral fibre’. “We were founded as a nation on priciples of religion” Yeah and look where thats got you. Atrocities continue to be carried out under the name of Christianity, under the name of Jesus Christ. I think the majority of Christians would like to forget that people were beheaded or burnt at the stake with full permission from the Church. I say, dont let them forget, because I think that judgment that has always been a main vein of Christiany is still very much there in alot of Christians and if we really were to allow them to forget and the Church gained power again, there quite alot of people who would start behaving in exactly the same way again. I truely believe that in the hands of the Church, human kind could regress back to such things.

    1. A belief in God has never guaranteed good morality. If anything, a belief in God is more conducive to imorality as it allows people to stop taking responsibility for themselves and what they do, stating simpley “It is the will of God that I am doing this”.
      What most of all guarantees good morality is the conviction that actions have consequences. Natural consiquences. Gay people arent going to be the ones to ‘tear down the moral fibre’. Its the people who continually search for morality outside of themselves, like this woman, who will do that.

  86. I do so love the way that Keith can be made to vanish! :)

  87. Staircase2 13 Sep 2011, 3:28am

    Bless her – shes clearly going to hell in a handcart! lol

    It beggars belief that people can be so bloody IGNORANT of any kind of sense at all…

  88. I think she should get her head out of you know where, what a bigot i am so glad she does not live in my country.

  89. Evil woman… she is deluded. Quite like, however the Ellen DeGeneres show where she got a phone call.

  90. Rashid Karapiet 13 Sep 2011, 11:45am

    American Republican politician a moron? A tautology, surely?

  91. David Dennis Pape 13 Sep 2011, 12:18pm

    Sally Kern is an un-educated and ill-informed MORON. How the hell can gays be more dangerous than terrorists. Why don’t you grow up Sally and take time to be educated and informed, then maybe the MORON part will fall away. Bloody idiot.

  92. This article doesn’t deserve and shouldn’t have a commenting section. So much hate from one side (hers) will only produce more hate from another side (ours), and if there is something that really destroy societies is hate. Only love can stop hate.

  93. Narrow Minded big “C”…

    I’m sure she likes to thump her bible too.. written by man… revised by man… changed by man to accommodate prejudice.

    Haters of the unknown disgust me!!

    All I have to say

  94. How bigoted and narrow minded you are Sally Kern, a person in your position of authority poisoning the minds of the people.
    I guess if you had your way and exterminated all homosexuals, you then perhaps feel you are left in a perfect world and all the problems of the world will be obliterated along with the gays.
    There will no longer be illnesses, natural disasters, killings, riots, rapes, hatred, wars, poverty, homelessness, racism etc etc…
    Take a good look around you and tell me just how many of these problems are connected to homosexuality.
    I thank god that did not join forces with with Hitler, there may not be anybody left in this world if it was up to you.

  95. This woman is dangerous. Freedom of speech is fine provided it does not spread hate and lies.

  96. Going into schools and recruiting ‘two year olds’……

    Are we now……. Hmmmm, okay….

    So, Mrs Kern, do you have proof of this claim, or is it just some claim you plucked out the sky, or was told that by Sky Lurker?

    Honestly, you are completely mad, and in dire need of help.

    Do you honestly think we want or even need to go into schools and recruit ‘two year olds’… As if they would understand sexuality or indeed all necessities of human life at that tender age….

  97. Get your facts right keith.
    The evidence suggests that AIDS has been a longstanding problem and that it started in the Congo in the 19th Century, initially cross-species infection to humans by preparing and eating bush meat of infected monkeys and gorillas, infections were subsequently spread by various mass vaccination programmes in the 20th Century reusing the same needles again and again. Infected migrant workers displaced to cities away from their homes helped the rapid spread of the disease.

  98. Jock S. Trap 12 Sep 2011, 2:50pm

    “starting with marital monogamy”

    Well we look forward to your support on marriage Equality them.

  99. Oh Keith…do fook off!

  100. Jock S. Trap 12 Sep 2011, 2:51pm

    Exactly!! The bigots an idiot! Who knew?… whats that?…we all did? Thats right!! :)

  101. keith, it must have been you who put the nit in genitals. The apparently autonomous penis you refer to, in it’s natural habitat, for you, would have to be be a well greased palm.
    You are a total rectum-head keith.

  102. JST, Yes but that would require joined-up thinking and keith has already shown it’s something he’s incapable of.

  103. Rashid Karapiet 13 Sep 2011, 11:49am

    He’s back, our pet poster with the bad-joke pseudonym. What can be done to help him revert to adulthood?

  104. Rashid Karapiet 13 Sep 2011, 11:50am

    I refer, of course, to ‘Jock S. Trap’.

  105. Perhaps by addressing the points he makes rather than the pedantic obsession his pseudonym.
    See “ad-hominem argument”

  106. Grow up

    He has many decent points to make and his name or pseudonym is irrelevant to that

    If that was genuinely your issue then there are plenty of other people to pick on … so grow up and start debating properly your resenting and cynical insinuation are deplorable

  107. Why don’t you leave the guy alone instead of stalking him? What his name is is none of your concern. Basically, this obsession you’ve got – it’s unhealthy. Get a more serene hobby.

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