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Daily Mail writer Melanie Phillips and MSP Bill Walker tipped for Bigot of the Year

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Reader comments

  1. Louise Billett 9 Sep 2011, 12:15pm

    Richard Carvath should also be nominated for bigot of the year.

  2. The cupboards must be overflowing with them by now.

  3. I’d vote Melanie Phillips, and then have a poll on how long it takes the sad old bat to play the “help, help I’m a victim” card. She’s a typical bully – likes to lash out, but when we lash back we are all being big meanies. Pathetic.

    1. My only concern regarding Melanie Phillips is when she will drop dead.

      1. Typical response from the homosexual community of haters that hate anyone who is opposed to anything they do.In truth, homosexuals as a group and heterosexual fornicators have spread so much death and disease that guilt alone should.
        Lest we forget, AIDS was initially spread by the filthy brigade of annly fixated buggerers that thought sodomizing a rectum was worth the spread of a deadly plague.
        Fithy disgusting perverted immoral swines all!

        1. Yes, we’ve killed SO many more than Christianity. *cough* Crusades *cough* Witch Hunts *cough* World War 2 *cough*

          HIV/AIDS is a HUMAN disease, spread through risky behaviour – ask yourself WHY gay men participated in said behaviour more than other groups. Could it be because they could not live openly – due to vile, evil people like you – and so the only way to be themselves was to go underground? People like YOU created the HIV problem. Congratulations, you are a murderer.

          1. I do not endorse religion. I hold to the bible which says not to take up arms.Did you not know this?
            Pleae do no act as an apologist for death spreading immorals who whilst knowing the harm they were causing, could not control their anal fixations!

          2. Well said!

          3. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:13am

            Excellently put, phoenix!!

          4. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:14am

            Irrelevent comment again from saddo Keith.

        2. That old myth that HIV (given that AIDS is a condition that develops from HIV and not spread as AIDS from person to person despite what you might like to suggest is your vile rhetoric) is spread by homosexuals only …
          The reality is that it is now much more of an issue for heterosexuals and the bias and inane and inaccurate vile rhetoric suggesting otherwise is banal and lacks any intelligence. Of course, there should be no complacency in the homosexual communities re HIV, however the reality is that heterosexuals are now seeing HIV diagnosis growing at an almost exponential level whilst the growth of new diagnoses in the LGBT communities is stagnant.
          I hope God judges you for the vile and judgemental manner in which you communicate and sees the hate in your heart. If he/she exists.

          1. If you actually do believe in God, check Jude 7 where he says he will judge fornicators(homosexuals are fornicators). Psalm 97:10 says to “hate what is bad” so I think I should be safe since the bible condemns “men who lie with men”.

          2. How long will this garbage last, I wonder?

          3. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:16am

            Lets hope it’s dealt with very soon Will.

            Keith comments as usual are completely irrelevent to the thread.

            LGBTQI people are NOT up for debate on this site, Keith. The stories are.

          4. @Keith

            Well, for the record, I don’t believe in God …

            However, if you choose to – its interesting that you seem to be selective in your theology and choose an old testament approach to Biblical interpretation. That is not the message of Christ that I understood from my reading of the New Testament (in conjunction with the Old). I suspect the veracity and mal intent of your heart will become apparent in your judgement, if your belief turns out to be appropriate (ie that there is a God).

        3. Hi there Keith

          I’m not just concerned with the content of your post, but with your grasp of English e.g. “annly fixated buggerers”. Quite a lot of verbiage here too, like “sodomizing a rectum”. The irony here is that appears to be you that is annly (sic) fixated.

          1. He’s an ex-gay schizophrenic, or something equally as wonderful. He seems to obsess about young boys and toilets a lot.

          2. Thanks for pointing out the typo. It is a shame that the ‘anally’ fixated do not apply the same high standards to their sexual morality as they do to their grammar.
            For moral lessons, see me.
            For English lessons, see an English teacher.

          3. “For moral lessons, see me”

            LOL! Do you seriously, even in your acutely delusional state, think any of us do anything other than laugh at your ridiculous comments?

            Before they’re deleted, naturally :)

          4. Many, if not all, of Keith’s comments are found in Dick Hafer’s 1986 Comic Book Series about the ‘horrors’ of homosexuality:


          5. Paddyswurds 10 Sep 2011, 8:09am

            I think it is brill to be able to vote against this vile Keith being without having to read is predicatble hate filled ignorant bile.

          6. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:18am

            Well put Gavin.

            When I think of Keith I think the word ‘deluded’ springs to mind.

            I mean, could it be any more deluded? Probably!!

          7. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:19am

            “For moral lessons, see me”

            Is that before or after your appointment with the Rent Boy?

          8. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:20am

            Makes me laugh that Keith thinks his hatred makes him the moral one.

            Again, could it be any more deluded?

        4. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:12am

          Yet again a totally irrelevent comment from Keith.

    2. Bravo Valksy!!!
      Interestingly, this woman turns the lash back into a rather perverse, peevish, art form of sadomasochistic self-indulgent pique!!!

      1. Don’t you just love “muzzling these trolls!!!

        1. Yes, I like the new system. :)

          But I’d prefer it if people didn’t respond to them once they’ve shown their true colours. That’s what they seek – attention. Responding is doing exactly what they want.

          1. Hi Iris, I agree there is no sense in feeding the trolls, and we really should try and avoid the temptation.

          2. It isn’t always easy…

          3. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:22am

            Yes, I agree and I know I have relapses but sometimes it’s difficult not to respond to such hatred.

            I think it’s more pity for it than anything else though, coz it’s so sad that they hate life so..

  4. bearshaped 9 Sep 2011, 12:31pm

    Don’t give it to Stephen Green he’ll just think he’s become relevant.
    Bigot revealed at Cardiff Mardi Gras.

    1. Agreed.

    2. That picture is just brilliant :)

    3. Paddyswurds 10 Sep 2011, 8:11am

      Who is Stephen Green?

    4. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:23am

      Agreed. These bigots must be shown up for what they really are.

  5. Whilst Lady Gaga and Joan Armatrading are good, positive role models, they not only enjoy what they do, but get paid for it too. Roger Crouch is the real hero. He doesn’t get paid, and yet has tirelessly and selflessly been pushing the anti-gay bullying message all year to anyone who would listen, in order that other parents avoid the pain and agony that he and his wife suffered when they lost Dominic. It is only just over a year since Dom threw himself from a six-storey building, and Roger and Paola must still be grieving, but have channelled their grief into a challenging yet worthwhile cause, often without thanks and support. They deserve the recognition, and honouring Roger with the ‘hero’ title would help them realise that their hard work has no all been in vain.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts here

    2. Absolutely 100% agree that Roger Crouch thoroughly deserves the hero award for his dignified, honest and principled approach to dealing with homophobic bullying and his desire to engage in debate on forums such as these (and elsewhere) despite some disgraceful comments from some contributors. His work with Stonewall, Dept for Education and others should be honoured.

      As for who should be bigot of the year, I must admit I am torn between Brian Souter, Melanie Phillips and Bill Walker – can’t they share it?

    3. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:24am

      Totally agree Rob. Roger Crouch is an inspiration.

      1. well, I don’t want to take anything away from what Mr Crouch has done or from the desperately sad loss of his son – but why did he send his child to a school run by the most homophobic institution in the country, the Church of Rome, in the first place?

        1. @Mark

          I suspect that given Mr Crouch is far from homophobic (about as far as you can get from the evidence I have personally seen) and is a Catholic (if my memory is correct) demonstrates that just because an institution can be regarded as homophobic does not mean that all consituent parts are homophobic nor indeed all its members. I would also suggest that at the time of seeking a school place for his son that the standards of education etc were the principle thoughts in the family’s mind, given that they had no indication that his son may or may not be gay – and they still believe that he was not gay and that the homophobic bullying was misdirected.

          1. Jock S. Trap 11 Sep 2011, 11:22am

            Agreed, Stu!

    4. Roger Crouch has only just passed away – one or two days ago! Horrible!

  6. Glad to see Stonewall are doing something useful again :|

  7. Phillips for bigot.

    I hate her and they way she belittles people who are different.

    That woman was made with bile :(

    1. But that’s the Daily Mail mindset, sadly. I remember every morning on my commute to work a woman and her ghastly husband boarded the train at Luton Airport Parkway for the journey to London, with Daily Mail in hand. He had a sort of odd, deranged look about her as she looked around at the other passengers on the train to see who she could look down on.

      One morning, she sat opposite me as I had my headphones on: I was listening to a piece of choral music and was following an accompanying musical score, becoming familiar with a piece of music I was about to sing as part of a choir. Her face was a picture! It was a look of disbelief that someone was (possibly) more cultured and intelligent than her.

      But that’s what these people are like: lower-middle class uber-chavs, bitter and resentful of people may just be happier and more content than they are.

      Melanie Philips embodies all these twisted values. Vile! Truly vile!

  8. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 1:06pm

    Such a choice. I guess my vote goes to Melanie Phillips as it seems to take little for her to pipe up here bigotry and sadly, share it.

    It is a shame though but I would imagine Melanie Phillips and her ‘clan’ would see such an awards as a status symbol just like the juveniles and their ASBOs.

    With that in mind I wonder if there are really an differences between Ms Phillips and the thugs in the street we sadly here too much about.

    1. Alf N. Spit 9 Sep 2011, 2:46pm

      An ASBO for Melanie would be preferable to an award any day.

      1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:25am

        Totally agree Alf N. Spit.

    2. Rashid Karapiet 9 Sep 2011, 5:28pm

      Won’t someone please join my camaign to stop ‘Jock S. Trap’ diminishing and demeaning anything he writes about? It’s nearly impossible to believe someone who uses such a childish pseudonym can have anything intelligent to say about anything. Unless, of course, that is his real name in which case he deserves our sympathy.

      1. Judging someone by their name/pseudonym is such an intelligent way to make a judgement on their opinions … grow up and grow some balls

        1. It is a good starting point Mr Pid!

        2. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:27am

          Thank you Stu. :)

      2. @Rashid – Grow up for goodness sake and take you petty vendettas else where!!!

        1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:28am

          Thank you JohnK. :)

      3. I see Rashid Karapiet is on another boo-hoo tirade. Why not run along and tell a teacher, there’s a good chap.

  9. This woman is wrong about everything she writes. How has she got a platform? Oh that is right…she has Dogma compliance syndrome

  10. Great endorsement, deservedly so. While they’re at it, StonewallUK should include the Daily Mail as the worst daily homophobic rag and some at the BBC too. Is it too late to include Cardinal Keith O’Brien and Archbishop Conti of Scotland?

    Valsky, exactly!

  11. They forgot to include Ben Summerskill for his “study” about how much marriage/CP equality would cost the government. (And, I don’t mean for the Hero award.)

  12. Whilst I agree with the awards, some of the nominees, and I am thinking of Ms Phillips in particular, will use this as the basis for yet another article. People like this thrive on such publicity.

    1. Alf N. Spit 9 Sep 2011, 2:48pm

      Such is their desperation for attention.

  13. Melanie Philips definitely that bitch is truly vile!!

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 9:28am

      Couldn’t have put it better, actually!

  14. Don’t forget big Jessie O’Brien.

  15. Melanie Philips is the reason I managed to convince my mother that the Daily Mail was bad news. After being able to see the outrageous anti-gay stuff by realising it wasn’t true of me, she realised the anti-everyone else stuff was probably not true either. Well done Mel, you’re a hateful, awful woman but you show the Mail for what it is. Definitely my favourite bigot.

  16. First came across Melanie Philips when researching tabloids for a Media Studies project and even at 15 I realised what a foul loathsome creature she is and I’ve kept a few tabs on here since and my opinion of her has only got lower over the years. Her and all those who agree with her are welcome to each other. Her lack of respect for anyone who doesn’t fit her view of a ‘proper’ British person (white, hetero, protestant of course) makes me feel absolutely sick.

  17. GayTaff, Phillips is Jewish!

    1. I see you’re right there. Sorry for my ignorance but upon reading an article of hears about the royal wedding she made particular mention of how great a show of Christian Britain it was so I made a silly assumption. That aside I believe what I said is accurate.

  18. Gay Taff, no problem. What an odd comment she made though, Christian Britain. What has that to do exactly with pageantry? I wonder why she needed to say it? Makes no sense.. There’s something wrong with her. Even odder is that she’s Jewish and makes an absurd statement like that. I’m surprised she didn’t get any flack for that. Christians aren’ the only ones in the UK and the majority of the population doesn’t worship, but then she’s not that smart to realise it. How would she like it I wonder if we said some disparaging things about Jews, just to give her a dose of her own medicine? We’re too decent to stoop so low as she is prone to do when it comes to us. She’s a vile, disgusting piece of human detritus.

    1. Well here’s the article, it’s kinda in the last 1/3 of it where she starts talking about Christianity:

      Well I agree we must not stoop to her level at all least of all for me because my best friend is Jewish and I’d loathe to lump him in the same boat as her. But most of all because the world won’t be made a better place if everyone is tearing lumps out of each other. She can have her views if she wants, maybe it’ll be of some comfort to her when the world leaves her behind and she is left even more redundant than she already is.

  19. melanie philips gay charities are showing children acceptence not brainwashing i suppose she is one of them jesus freaks know as christians look not further than that lady for brainwashing

  20. What the lovely Melanie fails to understand is, if this were a generation ago, she, as a Jewess, might have found herself sharing an oven with gay people.

  21. roger crouch 10 Sep 2011, 1:10pm

    Thanks for the kind coments about my unexpected nomination. Mel P is my favourite for bigot of the year. Pink News is getting very cautious “after apparently suffering homophobic bullying” – Dom left 3 notes all said he’d been bullied, one was addressed to all at St Edwards school, all said people were making up stuff about him and one of his school mates later said I think he misinterpreted the “gay stuff”.

  22. A great pity that Ben Cohen (the former England rugby player) isn’t also amongst the nominees for Hero of the Year.

  23. The Lady Keith protesteth too much. He/she is either mentally ill or is obsessed with the notion of annal intercourse in that he/she would probably enjoy a large lingum in his yoni!

  24. While Ms Phillips comes across as strongly opinionated and not gay friendly, I find that often I agree with her opinions and value her insights and courage. I do not see her as being any more bigoted than the type of journalist that no doubt Stonewall approves of. This story says more about Stonewall than Ms Phillips, who sadly have gone down in my opinion.

  25. Dr Robin Guthrie 10 Sep 2011, 10:31pm

    oes anyone think that the new Javascript PN have loaded up with the rating systems is pointless.


    It provides for a “Keith Away”, but you can’t see what the latest post is as it all re-adjusts via this script.

    In other words, there is no longer a coherent human conversation as the rated comments float to the top it destroys the flow of conversation.

    Just a thought having 28 years experience in all things IT and

    1. I have to agree it’s also really annoying that it doesn’t show replies unless you click on them :(

      1. anything that provides a ‘keith away’ gets my full support.

  26. Love Melanie Phillips.

    1. Why? Are you Rich in disguise?

  27. I am saddened & shocked by this discovery about Melanie Phillips, who I have admired for quite other reasons. I will be very careful to temper my remarks about her in the future – thank you for this lesson.

  28. Oh Dear! So Mossad trained Ms Phillips is at it again. She has been doing this sort of thing for decades and still she stands alone shouting in the dark with no one apart from those who pull her strings to take any notice. I wouldn’t nominate her for anything on the planet it would boost her sagging ego. Please don’t give her the oxygen of even the merest slip of publicity. She thrives on stale lies and poisonous crumbs of delusion.

  29. OH! Mossad trained Melanie Phillips. Is she still alive?

  30. Methinks the Lady Keith protesteth too much! Failing that, he/she appears to be mentally ill, in that he/she seems obsessed with annal intercourse. Perhaps all he/she really wants is a large lingum in his yoni!

  31. Obsessed with your anus, aren’t you Keith. Part of the “ex-gay training” was it?

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