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Poll: North Carolina residents oppose gay marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. The majority of opposition to gay marriage is largely based on religious grounds, seems to violate the spirit of the first amendment to me. Hardly constitutional.

    1. Agree. I have never once heard a reasonable or cogent secular argument against marriage equality. The closest they seem to come is an appeal to antiquity – as if that is a good reason for doing anything (and overlooking that marriage has evolved many times before, married women are no longer property and can no longer be beaten or raped at will for a start).

  2. If you will look closely , you will find that every city in the state and the US , all of the people in the towns will always ninety percent be for equal rights and against bigotry, and racism, the racism and prejudice comes from a handful of hate religion accults, usuallly linked to the same denominations, that have already been in the media for sex assaults on children ;and pedephiliea, the other hate groups are klans, and gangersters of witchcraft, their are many people in the republican party who are linked directly to these religions of hate, like they found in the christian network, by big firms, tied also into the abuses done in other countries filled with bigoty and hate, those countries are militant countries who rape and kill their own children and wives as a daily sport and because of a sick myth of withcraft and false lie that they think they can get rid of hiv from rapping children , how insane and idiots, ignorance these uncivilized people are, they destroy others lives

  3. This is why the nations task force and aclu and lgbt human rights agency national and international must alway take action against these officials and others for provoking others to riots and murders and harrassment, the cities and towns cannot rest in peace and families all over who would get along in every color and gender, is harrassed by a hand full of bad republican bigots, tied into hate religion occults , these are not real churches of real goodwill christioans of love, they just use the name to hide the evil behind , you cannot be a real christian and be a hate bigot causeing harrassment and abuses of others and unfairness, thats not love nor charirty nor kindness nor good will nor humainity which is real christianity,.

  4. All of your human rights and equal rights officials and families are going to have to network with other cities and states and fight to get rid of racist officials mayor s and governors, your children and your grandchildren , somebodies grandmother and grandfather , sister and brother, uncle and aunt and cousins and friends lives of peace and harmony depends on it, it alway effects and harms some one and that someone is dear to someone, racism and bigotry must be taken down and out , it must be one of the most important tools in national security, becasue it is the cause of horrific abuses and mistreatment and discriminstion, the WOMAN WHO WAS DISCRIMATED AGAINST AT THE BUSINESS AND CHURCH MUST SUE THEM BOTH AND ACLU MUST TAKE ACTIONS ON HER BEHALF AND THAT STUDENTS BEHALF OF ABUSE FROM THAT FALSE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, THEY MUST BE SUED FOR THE STIGMA AND TRAUMA THEY CAUSE THOSE CHILDREN, THEY SEND A MESSAGE OF WE DONT LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE NOT LOVED EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE NOT HARMED OTHERS,

  5. New york is really working on more strides of fairness and humanity, their are going to be the history model city, but other cities must make history also and change wrongs into rights for human rights and equal rights, for women, lgbt, and minorities, hurry, and stay focused, get others involved with abraham liincolns civil rights and others, the other countries are going to have to take all militiant s and dictators and tyrannts out by military force, to stop their abuses like in libia, and south africa , uganda , ghana , zimbaway, and others some parts of iran, also, those children and faimilies must have peace and love in thier lives, bigotry and racism brings niether peace nor saftey, nor stability, that crimes against h;umanity, actions must be taken on their behalf serious actions, and sanctions on governments not the people- arrests must be made also

  6. The nations must take serious actions against all racist and bigots, in order to have a more safer , fairer , and more humane sosciety, you notice that the racist a;nd bigots are terrorist and start trouble every where, notice that the gay families are the familiy people who dont go around bother people at all , what does this tell you about a; racist and a biggoted, is it not hard to see which is the abuser and problem , you dont want a society of bigots and racists, you want a; society of good familiy people who are peaceful and not dangerous like the gay families. people you dont have to worry about try ing to hurt ;your families are rape your children, or terrorize your nieghborhoods like the hettersexual bigots , people who alway have a history and a background for not discriminationg against or bothering hetersexuals , unlike the demons are doing and bothering the gay people who are peacful, wake ;up nations,Take actions and get the hand fulls of the bad bigots out and keep peace

    1. Racism and bigotry mental dispositions. Do you want to introduce thought police or make it an criminal offence merely to believe that one race is superior to another (as is the definition of racism)?

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