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Grindr founder creates mainstream meet-up service ‘Blendr’

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Reader comments

  1. Does anyone actually use Grindr anymore? It really is an appalling app. I doubt the straight version is any better.

    1. I use it it’s great when your bored.

      1. How depressing. The greatest human expression is used when you’re bored

        1. What you on about. I use it to chat to guys that are near me when I’m bored.

    2. Are you REALLY that naive?? TONS of guys use Grindr (and similar apps like Scruff, Growlr, Jack’d, etc.) and more are using them with every smartphone purchase. Personally, I don’t find them to be any more “appalling” than going into a smokey bar or any other cruising/hangout spot.

      That said, I don’t really think a “straight version” of Grindr is going to take off. The whole concept of such apps (contrary to what the creators have to say to get them through Apple’s censors and into the App Store) is a quick and easy hookup…and the female half of a straight couple usually isn’t into that sort of thing.

      1. Yeah, you’d know all about what women are into in your experience life as a gay man. Where do gay guys get off speaking for women? Gay men generalise about us just as much as straight guys do with very little to go on apart from your ‘opinion’ – just because you’re gay doesn’t give you any more insight into the female psyche.

  2. I bet this fails miserably for straight people its not really a straight app because everyone around you is straight.

  3. I’m not naive. I’m aware of all the other apps and use them. I was referring specifically to Grindr. I stopped using it ages ago, basically because it sucks.

    1. Well 1.65 million users would probably disagree with you.

  4. ”Although Mr Simkhai has said he believes gay men tend to use the app to make friends”….yeah right, I’m sure he trots out that excuse whenever he comes up against criticism. Don’t know why he needs to justify it but justify it he tries.

  5. When is he gonna inject his family’s cash into apps called Fockr and Suckr?

  6. When you see some negative response on here or any where it is most likely some Christian religious fanatic who is saying it and pretending to be gay to disrupt gays and what they do. Really the Catholics have organized groups of Christians to pretend to be gay and to infiltrate the gay community and disrupt them by saying and doing thing to make trouble for them. If you have not heard these religious fanatics have stated that the gays are their enemies and they are out to destroy them, no joke they are using psychological warfare to disrupt and make trouble for gays and this is over and above the millions of dollars they are giving to Right Wing Terrorist Christians groups to stop gay marriage and destroy gays. Google psychological warfare and see if this stuff is not going on in gay places. This way no blood and no bodies to make a mess and draw the attention of the new media and they, these religious fanatics are getting away with it. It is time to stop them.

    1. How to do something and stop these fake gay Christians? I have run into a few and they do not like for gays to touch them, so if you put you hand on one of them, lets say somewhere down there, back and front and they don’t like it they might be a fake Christian gay because most real gays like a hand down there. Second way is to go in for a kiss and if they refuse they are most likely a Christian spy there to make trouble, and to be sure go for a french kiss, and again most gays will kiss some and yes I know some real gays might not but this is a way to test who is real and fake. Remember the Christians have gone to way on the gays and this is only a little of what they are doing. I know I have seen it for years now and if you read what the Christians are up to you will know what I mean. The fake gay Christians are also all over the hook up sites and dating sites to disrupt these as well and I am sure some of you out there know this. They show up for a date and take your picture and go

    2. “Really the Catholics have organized groups of Christians to pretend to be gay and to infiltrate the gay community and disrupt them by saying and doing thing to make trouble for them”

      They they must have tons of time on their hands…. or be unemployed. Either way, it would be the act of desperation.

  7. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 11:43am

    Nice idea. Always good to meet new friends.

  8. Interesting that they are offering this service/application. I just had a conversation recently with some straight single friends, and I was amazed that they too are looking for sex, not just love online. I guess I assumed it was more of a gay thing, just because I have been exposed to it so often.

    If it makes them money, and they don’t promote it as a “sex site”, then I am ok with it I guess.

  9. I met my ex bf on grindr it a great way for me since coming out to make friends that I then go for drinks with.

  10. Spanner1960 10 Sep 2011, 10:10am

    Technology, like water, will always sink to the lowest possible level.

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 10:33am

      Depends how you look at it and how you use technology. Meeting new friends is usually a very positive thing.

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