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Disgraced designer John Galliano avoids jail over anti-Semitic slurs

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Reader comments

  1. authoritarian political correctness – i might not agree with alot of the dumb shit people say, but they do have a right to say it. If you can jail one person for his speach, you can jail anyone.

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 8 Sep 2011, 3:04pm

      I profoundly disagree. If someone who incidentally has his own entourage (a driver, minders, various friends and hanger ons) came up to you in bar and subjected you to a homophobic tirade I’m sure you wouldn’t put it down free speech.

      1. So what’s the solution, we start jailing everyone we don’t agree with? Id rather know where i stand with people than try and be nice to people who only pretend to be nice to me.

        Besides, i would never patronise a bar that attracts homophobes, thats why we have our own bars.

        1. “So what’s the solution, we start jailing everyone we don’t agree with? ”

          There is a fundamental difference between offering an opinion in public, no matter how disgusting, and aggressively abusing an individual in public. This is not free speech.

          1. Doesn’t change my fundamental view that people can say whatever they want. And you’re just as free to walk away.

            And just to be clear, i dont care about this guy. Im more worried about the criminalization of speach in general. Im worried about what would happen if our political fortunes changed, if we suddenly found ourselves on the wrong side of political correctness.

            Besides, all we achieve by jailing and gagging these people is creating loner radicals (norway). Better off letting them speak and knowing who our enemies are.

          2. “Doesn’t change my fundamental view that people can say whatever they want”

            They can. They just can abuse someone with that in public. If you were to say something in public that might be “an opinion” but is technically wrong, you can be sued for slander, can you not? Free speech has limitations when directed at an individuals good character.

          3. Then sue for slander. I dont see what the criminal justice system has to do with anything in this case.

          4. “I dont see what the criminal justice system has to do with anything in this case.”

            You might not, but the French justice system doesn’t agree with you.

        2. Yeah because they’ve got tons of ‘Jew Bars’ in Paris. Moron.

        3. billyWingart 21 Sep 2011, 6:02am

          Once we fix society like Iceland has fixed their society we’ll all have
          Gay marriage voted in with zero “no’s” and abstentions

          Pride becomes a national holiday for all intents Reykjavik pride – half the city shows up, mostly str8 with their kids etc.

          there is only one tiny gay bar in Reykjavik – they dont need them – gays go to str8 bars and are fully accepted.

          Fortunately the xtian conservatives dont have a hold, and the catholic bishop of Iceland was murdered way back in 1550 – it sent a message

          BTW these people long ago were the murderous vikings. Yes you can change societies. BTW re gays it only took from 1978, when the first gay man- apopular singer came out – to 2009 to get all these changes.

          I was there on vacation ealry August

      2. I had written a reply, but pinknews deleted it. $twitter.unfollow();

        1. No one cares you moron

        2. Free speech comes with an ethical responsibiity, it is simply not a licence to say what ever you want no matter how offensive.

    2. This has nothing to do with poltical correctness, but everything to do with promoting respect for religous and cultural identities.

    3. billyWingart 21 Sep 2011, 5:56am

      Note his name – says catholic – in upbringing if not in fact a churchgoer

      Hitler was catholic, born and baptised in very cath austria. He learned his hatreds, documented in Mein Kampf, in his very catholic country. We know where that one went.

      Go take a look at the following website and you;ll understand what the catholic church is all about…………………. (reverse the captialized letters to get around the auto censor.

      BTW the hierarchy also hates gays and gay marriage.

  2. The man needs psychiatric help, not a fine.

    1. he’s got plenty of money to get himself all the bloody help he needs.

    2. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 11:48am

      Probably more accurate there Will.

  3. Andrea B. 8 Sep 2011, 3:23pm

    Galliano is an idiot. He is Roma. Almost as many Roma as Jews ended up in the gas chambers.

    He needs his head looked at.

    1. I didnt know he was Gypsy.

      “Oppression fvcks people up – and the more layers of oppression someone has experienced/endured, the more multiply fvcked up theyre likely to be”

      “The biggest part of oppression is always collusion”

      (Can I just say Im loving that Pink News has FINALLY put something into place to help with the constant and ongoing moderation problem situation…)

  4. @Raoul re; ‘Besides, i would never patronise a bar that attracts homophobes, thats why we have our own bars’. I’m sure the people who filmed Galliano mouthing off didn’t patronise that particular bar because it was ‘Jew friendly’ or otherwise. In reality they should have just punched his over-indulged, cosmetically butchered, booze sodden face.

    1. He certainly has the face he deserves

  5. Nothing more hideous than a nasty little drunk. I appreciate he can’t help it but to me it looked worse because he came across as a flappy – femie.

  6. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 11:47am

    A vile man who got off lightly I think, all things considered.

    There is no need for such hatred, no matter who it’s aimed at.

  7. David Myers 10 Sep 2011, 6:14am

    Thank you Pink News for up and down arrows and hiding significant negative (down) scores.

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