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Video: ‘Rory’s story’ shows inequalities of civil partnerships in Ireland

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Reader comments

  1. This is a vital campaign. Irish civil partnerships do not provide enough rights for same-sex couples.

    Unless the law is changed, my wife and I (immigrants to Ireland) are intending to move back to the UK in a few years to start a family.

    It is particularly egregious that the Irish government copied the UK terminology of ‘civil partnerships’, giving the impression that Irish CPs are the same as UK CPs. In fact the two are very different, particularly in relation to parenting.

    Equal marriage is important in principle, for the message it sends to society. But in Ireland it’s not just about the name – it’s also about the real benefits which we don’t have and badly need.

    1. Miguel Sanchez 7 Sep 2011, 2:29pm

      I couldn’t have said it better. I’m wondering if the same holds true to gay and lesbian couples who adopt.

      1. Gay couples cannot adopt in Ireland either, as couples at least. Only as individuals. The current legislation (ground breaking as it is for Ireland) is the flawed product of a catholic church arse-licking political party with a belief that “gays do not want kids” and too much focus on lining their own pockets.

        1. Right on – we know about the legendary concern the catholic church has for children in Ireland…

          this is disturbing and it must change.

    2. I couldn’t agree more or have said it any better! That was such a sad short film and I can’t imagine what that would feel like! I would imagine her partner would have the same problem as the child because they’re not married. A very horrible situation and something that must be changed!

      1. Well her partner would be regarded as her next of kin if they had been in a CP.

        This video shows how the children raised by same sex couples are discriminated against.

  2. Even more reason to legalise same-sex marriage in both Ireland and the UK. That’s the problem with CPs or other same-sex unions throughout the EU. There is no single standard for any of them and only marriage will resolve it. Some gay couples in the UK are happy with the situation but are deluding themselves that a) we don’t need marriage and b) they are equal to marriage. They’re NOT and never will be , nor will they be the standard for gay couples throughout the EU now that 6 countries there have legalised it. By all means retain them for those who enjoy being separate and apart from the rest of society, but they should not oppose those of us who want something better and equal. It’s not as if same-sex marriage proponents are calling for a ban on CPs, nor should we, but there has to be reciprocity from those who don’t want marriage. Just because they don’t want it, doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t.

  3. A very powerful succinct message proving why we NEED equal marriage for all.

  4. Gay Daily Mail Reader 7 Sep 2011, 4:06pm

    Although civil partnerships are not ideal to many people, Ireland is making tremendous progress on gay rights. Twenty years ago homosexuality was still a criminal offence there. France legalised homosexuality in 1791 but they haven’t got round to gay marriages yet!

  5. Irish civil partners are very brave! I wouldn’t be so brave to be a civil partner in Ireland!!!

    1. Eh, why? I am civil partnered. So are a few of my friends. This isn’t 1845 Ireland, the legislation might not be advanced,but Irish people are in general for from bigoted. You only have to look at out political system, we have no extreme left or right parties in the parliament.

      1. I still don’t have the courage!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is a brilliant advert for getting across the problems faced by inequality in civil partnerships.
    I hope that one day LGBT partnerships are given all of the same rights as heterosexual marriage. To be honest though, I’m not interested in it being called ‘marriage, as long as we have the same rights.

  7. i just showed this video to my parents and some of my straight friends. The reaction from all was exactly the same..

    “But the doctor cant do that!!! …..can he?”

    Awareness… its such an important thing. I imagine a very large number of people (if not most people) would be disgusted by this situation, if they were made aware of it.

  8. Its the same here in Spain.. when buying a home here we were unable to classify our relationship on the documentation and as a result are listed as single… another catholic country which though it says is non discriminatory now is not pulling its weight for the the rights of its gay population.

  9. Dawna & Cynthia Davis-Valdez 11 Sep 2011, 7:37pm

    My wife and I have been together for 14 years, married since 2006. We watched anxiously as the US Supreme Court ruled on California’s marriage laws which were upheld for those of is who were already married…but don’t be fooled. My employer allows me to list her as domestic partner, but not spouse. California allows us to file joint tax returns, but not the Feds. And my Catholic parents finally came around to the fact that I am a lesbian and am not going to change no matter how hard they pray. And yet, I remember my mother…”just don’t call it marriage…that should be reserved for people like me”. As if I am not a person like her…?

    As gay couples we want our unions recognized legally, socially, and culturally. And until we demand that we be allowed to “marry” and society recognizes it as marriage it will never be equal…don’t fool yourself! We remember that the struggle is global, and are proud of your work, now let’s get it on international TV.

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