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Ugandan ‘family’ campaign calls for progress on anti-gay bill

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  1. Americans are funding this rubbish

    1. Not just funding it.

      The Family Life Network mentioned in this article has played a key role in pushing this bill forward. Indeed the FLN was also the organiser of the notorious 6-9 March 2009 conference which contributed to the formulation of this bill.

      That 2009 FLN conference included numerous American speakers on themes related to “Exposing the Truth behind Homosexuality and the Homosexual Agenda.” Since then, several of the American invitees have tried to distance themselves from the “Kill the Gays” bill. But the fact remains that these US speakers and groups have clear connections to the FLN, including speaking at the 2009 FLN conference. The individuals include anti-gay preacher Scott Lively and Don Schmierer of Exodus International.

      In other words, American-backed anti-gay groups have not just funded but also provided ideological inspiration for the FLN in its attempted genocide of sexual minorities in Uganda.

      1. Exactly, atalanta – and what vile people they must be to encourage and propagate such hate. Uganda has enough problems without letting itself be taken in by US fundies who, in my opinion, are merely using these Ugandans to advance their own cause.

      2. And now that the new Minister of Justice is herself a member of the FLN, Museveni is being told to ignore the threat of being cut off international financial aid in favour of doing the “right” thing.

        The “right” thing from the FLN point of view is their interpretation of supernatural morality, and it would take Uganda one step nearer to a theocracy. Homosexuality is being used to destroy democracy in Uganda.

        If democracy is to survive in Uganda, parliament would do well to follow natural secular morality and treat others as they themselves would like to be treated.

        1. Americans are posioning earth

        2. Have a read through the notorious anti-homosexuality bill.
          Chilling is not the word!!!

  2. Gay Daily Mail Reader 7 Sep 2011, 4:01pm

    Ever since the days of Idi Amin Unganda is determined to show the world what a disgusting hole of a country it is. It is time for the international community to treat Uganda in the same way it treated South Africa in the 1980’s. It worked with South Africa! As for foreign aid to Uganda, spend it instead on giving asylum to gay peope fleeing that cesspit. With the UK being full and the population here still growing I am not anxious to keep letting immigrants in but our door must remain open for the genuinely persecuted. After all a gay asylum seeker is not going to have a dozen children on the social security!

    1. oh change the faking record

  3. Oh right – we have an agenda now do we. To invade your homes and make life hell for you heteros. Or wait no – that’s actually your agenda.

  4. Ooer missus 7 Sep 2011, 4:38pm

    People who fund genocidal KKKristian organisations should be prosecuted by the Federal government in the US.

  5. ScottishPaul 7 Sep 2011, 4:45pm

    I certainly think that the “First World” nations should withdraw all financial aid from these morally bankrupt African states. Most African countries have enshrined anti-gay policies or legislation. They need to be dragged into this millenium. Cutting off financial aid would be very effective. International sporting bodies should also consider taking action similar to that taken against the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

    1. you can fak off too. Uneducated people are being brainwashed by bloody missonaries….again.

      Start with the bible bashers first

      1. David Myers 8 Sep 2011, 1:29pm

        Fk Off TRoll. We know trolls when we see them and eventually people will be fed up enough with your crap to demand your banning. Don’t see Keith around no more or Pepa. You’re next.

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    That is all

    1. LOL. Poor keith.

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      1. DJ Sheepiesheep 7 Sep 2011, 6:47pm

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    3. You have been reported to the police mateyboy under Section 74 and Schedule 16 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.

      ‘Any non-crime incident which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a person’s sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation’

      Incidences of which are plastered all over these forums with your IP address written all over it.

      Expect someone to contact you soon.

      1. Still waiting mateypoop

        1. Yeah, he’s to hurry, his comments are being deleted as quick as his meds can keep up with them…. LOL!

    4. “Administrative discipline is a general disciplinary flooding of information.”
      Yes Keith, that’s exactly what you have been doing.
      I can see you are still in denial
      That is your problem not ours!!!

      1. megalomania, or what, eh JohnK??

    5. LOL @ Keith.

      Another tantrum? Can quite behave like a normal adult, can we?

      You’re being banned because you’re an offensive fool. Get over it.

    6. Told you you’d be off here soon enough.

      I don’t remember signing any terms and conditions when I started commenting on Pink News …… Oh thats because there wasn’t any I told you they can kick you off for no reason.

      Oh and didn’t you say we where immoral for threatening someone’s website but yet your doing the same thing, hypocrite much.

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      1. spot on!!!

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  7. Bigoted christians. What more can be said.

  8. I wonder how Uganda will cope without international financial aid?

  9. “Charismatic Christianity (Born Again, Pentecostal, etc) is very popular in Uganda and they specialise in the business of healing miracles. On their various programmes on television, or during their crusades or services, the pastors who lead these churches engage in elaborate rituals of `casting out demons’ from their flock. These `demons’, according to their doctrine, are responsible for everything from poverty, misfortune, unemployment, dysfunctional families, marital problems, and sickness. This kind of Christianity has come packaged in modern Americanized flash, dazzle and music that has made it hugely popular among upper middle class Ugandans, especially those in urban areas.”

    —- Dr. James Onen
    —- Freethought Uganda, Aug. 16, 2011

    (see website: freethought uganda)

  10. the so called Transformation of Uganda:

    1. Uganda is a sovereign State. Who are you to interfere with the lawful processes of other countries?

      1. Suddenly you’re all about sovereign law? You’ve changed your tune. I thought the Bible trumped all those man made laws you don’t like.

        1. Jock S. Trap 10 Sep 2011, 10:34am

          Doubt it actually knows what it’s talking about being that it comes out with mostly irrelevent poo.

          (oh my I am polite today!)

      2. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 12:25pm

        We humans, who are you?

      3. America’s interfering with Uganda anyway.

        1. Scary comment at 9:53 when it is said that Uganda would mandate execution of HIV positive Ugandans. an unbelievable lack of insight into HIV who it affects and long term prognosis and survival rates. The whole video was a scary prospect human rights abuses in Uganda.

  11. The uganda family is party of a racist religions just like the other racist and bigots, bad up bringinng that teaches them to hate others and see them selves better than they , dont they dare talk about morals in ugandan, this family must be crazy, we no that their african men rape and murder their own children and women and ab;use their wives and ab;use their countriies they also genocide their countries , so you be check your self again when you want to talk about morals, the demon they are, the gay families in their country like in all countreis are loving peaceful people they dont go around harrassing anyone nor the heteros, but the heteros do they or vicous spiteful wiked people who are trouble makers, the uganda government had better abide by the international and national laws against hatred that told them to leave those gay families alone, and stop the discsrimations and racism , if they dont , we are going to have to send the military down their anyway on the ugandas bigots

    1. I do believe you’re right about the possible intervention of international agreements to prevent this insanity from spreading and ruining the Ugandan economy, not to mention bi-lateral damage, and that includes the execution of innocent gay people.

      1. They are not innocent if they have brioken criminal law.

        1. Got over your little tantrum, have we? Feel sleepy now?

  12. These Christian Terrorist are having a jihad
    to kill all gays, Muslims and anyone who is not a Christian.

    1. I suppose it could boil down to a confrontation between Fundamentalist Christianity and Islam in Uganda; in Africa, for that matter.

  13. And after they rounded up the Jews they got the gays and then they went looking for the next group to persecute who could you.

  14. More Hysteria from Uganda
    “In Uganda, billboards that used to promote abstinence, fidelity and the use of condoms have disappeared. Eighty million condoms are locked in government warehouses. We see marches of virgins, and proposals for university scholarships for those who remain ‘untainted’. A wave of stigma has overtaken the country: people with HIV are defined as ‘loose’. Civil society, the backbone of any approach to defeat Aids, has become divided in the scramble for US grants.
    The inevitable outcome is a rise in infection rates. Uganda had reduced its prevalence rates from one in five in the early 1990s to one in 20 in 2005. But a recent survey shows a reversal in that trend, with the highest increases among the most vulnerable, including people in conflict-torn northern Uganda and poor urban women. The only way to fight Aids successfully is to put our reliance in evidence-based strategies, not faith-based, ideologically driven approaches.”

  15. bible bashers isane peopleSTOP AID TO UGANDA

        1. Dave North 8 Sep 2011, 10:56am


      1. if you are not there, please go and if you do happen to be there now please stay;-)

        1. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 10:58am

          It’s clearly his ideal place to be but I think the LGBTQI community are suffering enough due to his kind.

  16. Reading the bill is a clear indication of the oppression in Uganda. To suppress it’s people with legislated hate and penalties shows it would prefer to regress rather than progress with the times.

    The comment “We ask you not to betray and abandon parents that voted you into public office” They would prefer instead persecute abandon and prosecute abandon parents who love and nurture their children and appreciate them for their individual expression hopes and dreams

    Passports instead of prison look like some Ugandan’s only hope of life and freedom.

  17. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 12:24pm

    What a disgusting thing for people to have such hatred in there hearts then pass themselves off as religious.

    If they don’t want to listen to the people who donate then those donations should stop immediately. I don’t see why we should fund a hateful society.

    It’s just ashame that innocent people in Uganda whgo don’t share this view or are LGBTQI themselves will suffer.

    There has to be a way of making sure those people don’t suffer because society have Chosen to treat them in inhumane ways.

    1. What sort of idiots would be willing to risk capital punishment for their rectal lusts?
      Self control is the key to survival and also the key to prevention of diseases that kill even innocent babies.

      1. “Self control is the key to survival”

        Ex-gay like you, freak?

      2. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 10:55am

        “Self control is the key”

        Yep, shame you seem to have none.

        hypocrite much?

  18. Since her appointment as Health Ministry head, Dr. Christine Ondoa has promoted the claim, an established tenet of Peter Wagner’s apostolic movement, also advanced by Oyet’s Life Line Ministries, that HIV/AIDS can be cured through prayer.

    According to a story published September 2008 in the Uganda Daily Monitor:

    “Unverified faith healing is posing a threat to adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) by persons living with HIV/Aids.”

    With hundreds of thousands of condoms locked away in warehouses in Uganda at the moment, perhaps Dr. Ondoa has compromised her Hippocratic oath in favour of personal status in the ‘New World Order’, or Dominionism as it is called now.

  19. In his 2008 book “Dominion! How Kingdom Action Can Change The World”, C. Peter Wagner states that the Dominion (or “Kingdom now”) theology of his movement traces through Christian Reconstructionist theologian R.J. Rushdoony, who advocates Biblical capital punishments such as stoning or burning at the stake for a wide range of alleged crimes including homosexuality, female unchastity before marriage, blasphemy, idolatry, and witchcraft.

    As Wagner wrote on page 59:

    “The practical theology that best builds a foundation for social transformation is dominion theology, sometimes called “Kingdom now.

    Its history can be traced back through R.J. Rushdoony and Abraham Kuyper to John Calvin.”

    (C. Peter Wagner, Dominion! – How kingdom Action Can Change the World, Chosen Books, 2008)

  20. Ugandan born again Christians have represented a crucial block of support for president Yoweri Museveni and in 2006, while Oyet was General Secretary of National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches, the Fellowship supported Museveni’s legal bid to change the Ugandan constitution so he could run again for a third presidential term.

    In 1999 [President Yoweri Museveni] stated that homosexuals should be rounded up and imprisoned.

    At the August 2010 National Youth Convention at Uganda’s leading Makerere University, Janet Museveni told assembled students:

    “In God’s word, homosexuality attracts a curse, but now people are engaging in it and saying they are created that way.

    It is for money.

    The devil is stoking fires to destroy our nation and those taking advantage are doing so because our people are poor.”

    Janet Museveni was referencing a conspiracy theory, now endemic to Uganda, which holds that homosexuality is a Western and American colonial import.

  21. “All persons are equal before and under the law in all spheres of political, economic, social and cultural life and in every other respect and shall enjoy equal protection of the law . . . . [A] person shall not be discriminated against on the ground of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion, social or economic standing, political opinion or disability.”

    _____Uganda Constitution, sec. 21.

    “The following persons shall be subjected to routine HIV test for purposes of prevention of HIV transmission (a) the victim of a sexual offence; (b) a pregnant woman; (c) a partner of a pregnant woman.”

    _____HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill, 2009, sec. 14. On file with Human Rights Watch.

  22. “Everyone has the right to liberty and security of the person.”

    ___International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), adopted December 16, 1966, G.A. Res. 2200A (XXI), 21 U.N. GAOR Supp. (No. 16) at 52, U.N. Doc. A/6316 (1966), 999 U.N.T.S. 171, entered into force March 23, 1976, acceded to by Uganda on June 21, 2005, art. 9.

  23. Culturally induced fears have given many people phobias about their as*holes, unfounded worries likely covering up feelings of guilt.

    Men have found pleasure in their as*holes since the time of the cavemen, as we’ve learned from pictographs.

  24. Uganda Parliament’s Debate on Anti-Gay Bill POSTPONED INDEFINITELY !!!

    Yeah !!!!

  25. Wikilleaks – Uganda

    President Museveni’s wife, Janet, stands firmly behind Family Life Network:

  26. “Remember that your first obligation and loyalty should be to the citizens of Uganda and our children who are our future.”

    Yeah. Think of your children. Some of whom will be gay.

  27. A rare gem on this site:- a comment of idiocy from Keith that still survives.

    They’re rare because all the other ones were wiped off for being stupid.

    Boo hoo. How sad.


  28. Here’s one for you Keith, now that all your comments are gone. Sniff sniff. Sad.

  29. Yawn…. cut and paste tripe. How dull.

    It’ll be deleted soon.

  30. “so it is important to educate yourselves”

    I did. You didn’t.

    And stupud people get their comments removed. Ahhhhh. How sad. Sniff Sniff.


  31. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 10:56am

    Again, irrelevent.

  32. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 10:57am

    Stop hijacking for your hateful agenda. Your comments are irrelvent.

  33. Jock S. Trap 9 Sep 2011, 10:56am


  34. There it was… Gone!

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