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California governor signs equal benefits law

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Reader comments

  1. Pink$, pink£, pink POWER!

  2. Kudos that really helps same sex spouses, especially when there is currently a gay marriage ban in California! way to go!

    That’s better than a budget cut… give a benefit to people who can’t access it!

    1. There are legally married GLBT couples in California whom were married before the ban, and they will have access to the benefits. Also, those married out of state and, as it was in Canada, who report to their employers they are in a committed and cohabitating relationship may also be albe to access the benefits.

      So, it is a good thing. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

    2. Even though there is currently a ban on same-sex marriage in California, gay couples can still become domestic partners. To be eligible for these contracts, the companies have to give benefits to domestic partners of gay employees that are equal to the benefits they give spouses of either straight employees or gay employees. So for a gay person working at a company that wants to comply with these rules, he or she will be able to access all the same benefits as a married couple by registering as a domestic partner. Not the same as full marriage rights, of course, but it’s not like this law provides benefits to people who can’t access it, as you say.

    3. Respectfully… my comment was made cynically because of the injustice to born Californians who fought tirelessly for equal rights and employer benefits, only available to legally recognized spouses or selective partners. The fight to have legal marriage was to have legitimate benefit entitlement rights and recognition.

      Never the less it does anger friends born in California who despite fighting for equality through marriage still don’t feel equal to from out of state co worker and residents who are married or Californians married before the ban. They feel slighted because allegedly they can now have equality without but not by marriage! hence they were cynical like myself because they will only feel equal and benefit only when the ban is lifted.

  3. I’m glad Arnie is no longer governor

  4. Arnie – the benefit Terminator !

  5. Miguel Sanchez 7 Sep 2011, 2:22pm

    Fantastic news. Now if it could happen on a Federal level that would be even better.

  6. Go, California. Now give marriage back to your LGBT citizens.

  7. God Bless Jerry Brown a real leader who knows how to govern fairly with out letting religion cross the line of church and state.

    1. Yes, Jerry Brown is one of the good ones. We here in California are lucky to have him as our Governor.

      Brown Speaks About Prop. 8, Catholic Faith:

  8. Just Another Gay Activist 10 Sep 2011, 7:32am

    Jerry Brown also signed the recognition of children through parentage, equal benefits for spouses,

    Passed the California Legislature just passed the gender idenity/expression laws, passed the domestic partnership equality bill and the passing of the satisctics and judicial inclusion bills as well.

  9. Just Another Gay Activist 10 Sep 2011, 7:35am

    Jerry also signed the FAIR Education – and now it heads to a ballot box which will not pass now. People will vote AGAINST it – just like they did in 2009 on Prop 8. 52 supported prop 8 – so I am assuming 55 percent of people will support the repeal of the fair education act.

    Campaign starts on DON’T REPEAL FAIR Education Act!!!!!!

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