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Video: K-Y Jelly makes first lesbian ad

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Reader comments

  1. the menstruator 5 Sep 2011, 11:57am

    KY? Lube? For lesbians? People know that lesbians are two women fucking, right? Lesbians do not need KY. Such a breeder way of looking at lesbian sex. Don’t these people know that without the man women get even wetter?

    1. Are you really so dim as to assume all women’s body’s work in exactly the same way? Or that all women have sex in the same way?

      1. so you’re the expert, john?

        1. Are you really so dim as to presume what I do and do not know?

    2. Are you a daily mail troll?

  2. A very male point of view too -and rather patronising.

  3. RISKIBIZNUS 5 Sep 2011, 1:24pm

    Actually as a fully fledged les of 20yrs i find this product great, what a naive way of looking at things menstruator! (“a breeder way” OMG do people really think like this!!?) I love lube , its been a lesbians friend for years – your missing out menstruator- think outside the box! (yes literally!)

    1. Yayy!! Way to go Riskibiznus! Not all women’s bodies are the same…especially after menopause

    2. oh lube….fun times ;)

      (I’m lesbian btw…seriously hate when guys ask what we would possibly be doing with lube! Lube is for everybody :D)

  4. It’s kinda rubbish, but it made me laugh.

  5. Lube rocks, but KY Jelly? To quote Peppermint Patty’s best mate: Taste terrible, sir.

    It also kind of congeals into a nasty glob.

    My GF has cancer, she does not lube at all. Lube is relevant to lesbians, don’t be absurd. Kudos for KY Jelly for effort, a first step is always a first step.

  6. Ok can someone explain to me the psyche of a dyke(y)? What I find most puzzling is women who only want to be sexually satisfied by other women but use a dildo or vibrator in the shape of a c–k to get their rocks off. EIther they like c–k or they don’t. Why not a dildo in the shape of Clare Balding’s jaw or Sandi Toksvig’s fist?

    1. That’s sexist James. You always froth at the mouth at the mere perception of racism. Because it offends you. What you said will offend lesbians. It’s actually quite offensive. Pink News please ban this adolescent. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you contribute constructively in commenting, you must be a very angry individual. I’m starting to think you’re a troll, and in future would advise people to ignore your comments.

    2. There’s no point explaining it to someone so narrow-minded and dim-witted as yourself. Your braincells wouldn’t be able to handle it.

      1. Go girlfrieeeeeeeeend!

    3. tell me where i can buy a dildo that looks like clare balding?

  7. They want this but don’t want a dude on the end of it. You can’t beat the real thing.

    1. Our body is made that way for pleasure. Thank God we can choose who we sleep with!
      There are lots more ways that a women can satisfy another women.

  8. Do they make a strawberry jelly? I love strawberry.

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