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Tory MP Crispin Blunt speaks for first time after coming out

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 2 Sep 2011, 2:42pm

    Was he unfaithful to his wife? Was she acuqiescent? If he had been unmarried I would say so what, but I am not keen on unfiathfulness.

    1. Who are you to judge another man? Some people are not keen on homo’s either

    2. That’s really none of our business.

  2. Paula Thomas 2 Sep 2011, 2:49pm

    I think it is the hypocrisy that sticks in my gullet. For those of us who were around when the fight was on and was dangerous he has a lot of making up to do.

    1. To be fair sometimes men and women don’t actually realise that they’re gay until later on in life. It could have very well been the case for him too.

      I know that many won’t buy it but it does me – I know. My partner went through the same process.

      At the end of the day he could have just attacked in this article, he didn’t. He openly admitted he was wrong.

      1. its called denial

        1. I’m so happy to hear that the world is so simplistic in your eyes.

  3. The fight for equality is not over Mr Blunt.

    Gay people are still denied access to the legal contract of civil marriage simply because they are gay.

    And members of Blunt’s own party are trying to dismantle equality laws.

    He better start addressing those issues to make amends for his past homophobia.

  4. In 2000, during a debate on the age of consent, he said that there is “a much greater strand of homosexuality than of heterosexuality which depends for its gratification on the exploitation of youth

    Just read that he’s a bit typical closet case projecting his desires on us. There must be so many tory puftas

  5. “penny started to drop” … he decided to come out after an impromptu conversation
    I’m sure there must be more to it, but the way he’s put it suggests there’s been a very improvisatory quality to his awareness of his sexuality. It seems rather strange in a man of his maturity.

  6. The fact that he is able to come out and speak about these things with an obvious degree of humility is encouraging as there will be other closeted politicians looking at what he’s doing and thinking that it might be possible for them to do the same.

  7. listen, dont tell me you are a gay man who has been in the closet and a politician and another bigot in secret in order to kiss ass of other senators who dont even like you because they are bigots against people like you, for no reason but jealous, you are a disgrace any time you dont stand up for other human rightsa and equal rights as person whether you are gay are not, you dont do it, its wrong you dont do it. senator craig was a poor example of a worthless gay senator to his gay families around the world he helped abuse them until it was found out , he was gay too, now all of these hetersexual republicans being found chasing underage boys outside of their senators office all while they are biggots in the daytime, these people should not be even allowed to speak to anyone, talk to the hand, you hippocreite, your draw and ass is out, what the hell can you say to the people we hate them in the daytime and try to hurt them , bu;t we run around in secret trying to moleste them

  8. primaballerina 2 Sep 2011, 4:24pm

    I don’t understand why we he has not resigned. His comments during the debate of the repeal of section 28 testify to a life lived ont only in personal denial but in public malice against a then much-maligned minority. As a politician his credibility should be shot, he has lived his life untruthfully and illustrated his willingness to hold a particular position because it is convenient rather than principalled – in how many other areas of policy will he be willing to do the same thing? I wish you all the best with your personal struggles Quentin, but you have forfeited your right to participate in public life – I’ll take my queers out and proud thanks.

  9. listen you simpley need honable gay men and women fighting for h;uman rights and equal rights in every area against biggots and hate religions, you have to have the aclu international and aclu of united states and aclu of texas on top of religions out of control with bigotry and trying to inact thier bigotry on billions of familieses who are not with them and do not stand for their hatred and ab;use of others, individual rights againsts religious bigotry and other harrassers aclu and atheirsts has to be on top of it, they help protect from the bigots, in religions, haters, ma;yor annise of houston should be seated again , but you cannot have gay people in offices that do nothing for human rights and equal rights they taking up space of others who can and will make a difference for families, any; time you go into a town you should see major differences made,and programs added against discrimination and ylgbt youth centers and added measures for women and gay and veterand and senior

  10. It gets tiring seeing officials innefecient , simply because many dont care ,because they have a silver spoon or fork in their mouth, and dont care about the rest of the world, people are sick of the mess, of non caring people these peope draw million dollar paychecks and do nothing for the people who elected them and they become monsters many like senator edwards said , they beccome headstrong, caloused ans wicked and for get about the people and what they are suppose to be doing to help the people and the families and ehte economy , instead they destroy ,your focus, should be national security everywhere in local areas as well , stopping bigotry and racism , terrroris, they are the same, aid in humanitrain efforts to all families in need, and needed areas, putting in place programs and institutions that help aid the;m as well, protecting the programs that help sustain their familieles and elderly people and children, medicaid , medicare, soccial security, pell grants other vouchers

  11. right now anywhere you go there number one building project or renovations projects in any place should be to have adequate homless shelterrs and teen shelter effieciently ran and safe from predators, like the al forney center in new york there office high rises in every city and place that can easily be renovated and utilized for shelters , domestic violence , and natiural deisators hurricanes , floods and other desators and calamity, these places should have rooms availabel at all times along wisth old abandonded hotels and motels , used for shelters, and other up an running helping aid as shelters funded by charitiesa and goventment safe shelter programs, this is what real stimulus packages are supposse to do, you dont go into offices tallking about bu;inding a billiion dollar train and have people hungrey and without shelter, idiots, you no good, you must have a heart to have the right focus and that people focus, and saftey measu;res, there is no safte;y in bigotry, idioits,

    1. huh?!

  12. Why doesn’t Crispin Blunt, minister of prisons, “come out” and tell the people that they are detaining an 85 year old war hero, Norman Scarth in Leeds Prison for serious offenders, simply for attempting to record a court hearing on his phone, because he is deaf? why doesn’t Crispin Blunt “come out” about the fact that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY IN the prison hierarchy, including Minister of Prisons, Nick Hardwick and Independent Monitoring Board Chairman, Dr. Peter Selby, will step into to stop the physical, mental and emotional torture of 85 year old Norman Scarth who is BEING DENIED HIS PRESCRIPTION PAIN MEDICATIONS for serious muscle cramping, and who has been tortured since July 26? Why is Cripsin Blunt spending his time “coming out” to talk to the press about his sex life instead of getting on with his job?

  13. Like I always say, I feel sorry for gay tories. They’re so screwed up. And this guy is just further proof of that.

  14. As well as great debt of gratitude, I would have thought a sincere apology might be in order too.

    Did I miss it?

  15. He can start to make amends by supporting civil marriage equality, until then, he won’t earn my respect. Not one Tory MP has declared support, not one. Where is the change I’d like to know?

  16. So he was married and did not ‘come out’ he is not the first and he won’t be the last to do that but I can’t remember seeing that as a crime. I didn’t make it out of the closet until I was 28yo and had a 3month old son. What I needed then was some understanding and time to find my feet on ‘the scene’ After reading some of the comments here I reckon there are some people who need to do just a little bit less judging.
    He made mistakes …..anybody out not made a few themselves???

    1. Well Ive never tricked someone into having a baby with me mate

      1. That’s a but harsh Reb.

        @Shane I think people would have a lot less vitriol for Blunt if he hadn’t been such a tw4tbag Tory politician and voted horribly against the gay community.

        Hopefully he can make amends and make some positive changes from within, however he’s a politician so who knows if he’ll just do what’s best for his career…

  17. It is good to see our leaders coming out of the closet. God know how many more are in there hiding.

  18. An absolute hypocryting disgrace proping that old Tory witch and her policies

  19. whymewhyme 3 Sep 2011, 8:42am

    i’ve seen closest queens in big corporates – who inspite of an E&D policy don’t stick their necks out and only manouver for their own financial gain. i guess true equality means that sexuality is not relevant so that doesn’t stop some being runts. its when they target their ideas and policy against gay rights that one needs to take a stand – personally i think anyone can change orientation in their lives – its dynamic – thats not the issue – its whether he was anti-gay before.

    if we only get gay politicians supporting gay rights then we’re stuffed – give me a straight supporter any day rather than a self interest frustrated queen

    true equality is sexuality neutral

  20. Quote: “‘You bastard, where were you when the fight was on?’ And that’s entirely legitimate.” End of quote. So, he goes from closeted, self-loathing to just self-loathing. I don’t feel sorry for the hypocritical ‘bastard’ and YES, you ARE riding on the backs of people who had the courage to stick their heads up and be counted at times when your Party treated us like sewer rats and YOU supported that! And I am saddened that some comments here seem to try to ‘understand’ his position (perhaps in reference to your own experiences). Well OK, but this guy is ‘low’, pure and simple.

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