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Trial of gay US soldier Dan Choi put on hold

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  1. Robert (Kettering) 1 Sep 2011, 12:44pm

    Obama you are a disgrace! Funny how the USA now treats as sainta all those “coloured folk” who (rightly imo), took part in years of civil disobedience during the 1950s and 1960s. Take Martin Luther King who even has a bank holiday to honour him! Why then is this Obama government allowing Choi to be treated as a potential criminal for merely asking that Gay men and women be treated equally and fairly, just like we expect people of colour and different religions to be? Wake up Obama, put a stop to this charade because every time stuff like this hits the headlines it shows just how homophobic you really are!

    1. David Myers 2 Sep 2011, 9:04am

      You are completely off the wall on this. Obama has done more for gay and lesbian rights than all other presidents combined. You cannot hold him accountable for every minion in the Justice department. The fact that the judge has put the trial on hold and that charges are likely to be dismissed speaks well for the judge and forces behind the scenes. Does anyone know of a petition calling on the administration and the justice department to drop the charges that we could all sign?

    2. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 8:42am

      Obama’s ratings are at an all time low but I would much rather he had another term than the likes of Michele Bachmann!

  2. Robert as much as I agree with your sentiments, and I am not defending Obama but I think that the charges brought against Dan were civil charges because he broke one of their laws and it had little relavence to his being gay at the time although this was used later on. I may of course be wrong. However what is positive is that the charges, as spurious as they maybe, could be dropped, as the situation with the defence system in the US of A has or will change. A time and a place for all things.

  3. Choi is on trial for a criminal act – chaining himself to the white house fence and refusing to obey a police officer’s instruction. It has nothing to do with civil law. Trying to take the case to federal court rather than local level has a funny smell. They know he would never take a plea bargain – this is to tap him financially, scare him and try to shut him up. None of which will be successful.

  4. Land of the free my arse!!!!

  5. Obama is black – what do you expect he is a bigoted, homophobic, old homophobe!!!!

    1. David Myers 2 Sep 2011, 9:08am

      Absolute bull! You know nothing about Obama, his history of working for achievable rights for gays and lesbians, nor his political ability to look at what is achievable and the timing it takes to make it happen. For instance, had Obama used a presidential decree to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, it could easily have led to it being reversed in future congresses or by future presidents as well as making it an election issue. Taking the slow steady consultive method he did, will ensure that it is a permanent and meaninful change.

    2. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 8:43am


  6. The people who are responsible for choi arrest for try;ing to protect other people and alert others of the bad people and what they where doing , should be arrested immediatlelsy for trying to hide and supress evidence of the abuses and terrourism in the govenrment military, they did not w ant they young man to reveil what many of them already knew was wrongfully happeining–they arrested a hero like rosa parks and obama and the democratic party should be giving him a medal and certificate for bravery and honor

  7. The ninth circut jugdes are going to have to get involved with with this choi trial and demand that the white house release this innocent soldier and pay restitution for thier disgraceful abuses and attacks on susch a; brave and honorable soldieir, the white house itself should be reprimanded for even allowing such a horrindous action against and innocent man take place, feiensten and pelosie and reid , and panettas should have been out raged when it first happen enough to take actions themselves, the aclu and human right had better get involved and lgbt, lamda lega and internaltional human rights, choi is international and there is more than one type of discrimination going on here, so the international amnest;y human rights need to step in for the abuses of and by the u;nited states onto one their honorable innocent soldiers also, that should have made his family proud for his stand , the evil white house group republicans should be sued for their constant harrasssment of lgbt mil

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