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Coventry woman sets up gay funeral service

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Reader comments

  1. If her sister’s funeral didn’t reflect the person she was that’s surely the fault of her family and whoever organised the ceremony? I’m assuming they were asked for their opinion re music, readings etc? Funeral directors do actually expect input from the family of the deceased. As for completing a course in FOUR DAYS to enable a person to specialise in funerals regardless of the deceased’s sexual orientation, I’m kinda speechless.

  2. Ian Bower 1 Sep 2011, 3:50pm

    I think this is great.
    I am atheist, been out as gay since somewhere about the age of 14, campaigned tirelessly for equality and have been cheesed off (to say the least) about the seemingly never ending heterosexism we are bombarded with every day.
    When I die, I know that there will be just the physical left but I hope that my life as an ‘out and proud’ man will be at the forefront of any eulogies.
    Well done Angela.

  3. This is tremendous step in the right direction.

    Funeral ceremonies usually do and say everything to avoid mentioning the sexual orientation of a member of the LGBT Community.

    Rainbow’s End … a concept that encourages us to live the only life we have in a loving and cheerful way.

  4. Charles Cowling 1 Sep 2011, 8:04pm

    I’m not gay, but I think it’s important that people create their funeral ceremony with someone in tune with them. So: well done Angela, and good luck. Your people need you. I hope you will also do the odd straight funeral, too! CMYB, you are unfair, I think. If Angela has the essential skills required, then I’m sure a 4-day course is enough to focus her. I speak from experience. And it’s worth noting that funeral directors do not create funeral ceremonies.

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 8:52am


  5. God Bless her for doing what she is doing. It is time for all gays to take over all business and make them more gay friendly, when a person dies it should be a happy time, for the soul departs the old or sick or injured body can pass on to be born in a new baby body again as a LGBT boy or girl, or born that way or any way. Any God who loves his people would not want them to just die and be dead for ever, a God of Love would never do that. After all, life goes on when a person passes away.

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 8:52am

      Well said, Tom!

  6. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 8:51am

    My hat comes off to Ms Sanderson, she is great to be doing this and making a difference.

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