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Call for Commonwealth meeting to discuss gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 1 Sep 2011, 4:58pm

    Peter. You’re a star :)

    1. Seconded

      1. Thirded! Is that a word…:)

  2. Nawal Husnoo 1 Sep 2011, 5:34pm

    Thank you Mr. Tatchell! Mauritius is a member of the Commonwealth, and despite voting for the recent UN resolution, nothing has been done yet for decriminalising homosexuality. In fact, numerous hate groups have appeared on Facebook to ask for the ban to be retained.

  3. whymewhyme 1 Sep 2011, 5:37pm

    you can make a Queen proud of her queens ! great initiative Peter – i hope the Queen is supportive given her keeness on the Commonwealth.

  4. The shared values of the Commonwealth could go a long way to end the blatant injustices prevalent in these 40 countries.

    Great stuff, Peter.

  5. What do the colours on the map mean?

    1. Commanderthor 1 Sep 2011, 8:35pm

      Probably countries that recognise Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state :)

      1. No, not all countries in the Commonwealth do so (India, for example).

    2. It’s just the countries in the Commonwealth.

      1. I looked it up – the two countries in orange (Ireland and Zimbabwe) are former members of the Commonwealth. The ones in navy are current members.

  6. Thank God for Tatchell.

  7. Peter Tatchell is a interfearing tosser, he should get a propper job.

    1. Yeah? and what have you done for gay rights lately?

    2. To many people (like me), PT’s job is more than adequately proper (or even propper).
      What is your job?

    3. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 8:58am

      Jealous much John?

      A very sad comment, from someone who clearly isn’t that educated.

  8. Set all of the gay people free and stop the new A Queda which is the Right Wing Christians who want to kill all of the gays.

  9. Following Peter Tatchell’s article dated 17 May 2011, entitled “The Commonwealth is a bastion of homophobia” and published in the Guardian, the Commonwealth’s secretary-general, Mr. Kamalesh Sharma, did speak out against homophobia and said:

    “I have consistently made it clear publicly that we deplore hate crimes of any nature and the vilification and targeting of gay and lesbian people runs counter to the fundamental values of the Commonwealth, which include non-discrimination on any grounds.”

    (see PinkNews, 1 June 2011)

    Mr. Sharma is well aware that so many of the Commonwealth’s former colonies enforce outdated laws criminalizing homosexuality, and he ought to be receptive to Peter Tatchell’s democratic approach to promote positive action soon before more innocent people are persecuted or murdered.

  10. Kim Berlin 2 Sep 2011, 8:23am

    Please ask the Queen to sack the Australian Government while she is there.

  11. The Commonwealth will do nothing (as per usual – it is an organisation without any function).

    However it’s good that awareness is being raised about the moronic bigotry of 75% of the Commonwealth.

    I support the dissolution of the Commonwealth (or at the very least the explusion of those backward states where being gay is a crime.)

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 8:59am

      Sadly I think you may be right.

  12. Jock S. Trap 8 Sep 2011, 8:57am

    It is time to act on better rights and treatment for all LGBTQI people. No question.

    If they cannot agree then maybe it’s time to disband the Commonwealth.

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