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01 September 2011

  • 1st September 2011

    US gay group wants further action on military gay ban 21

    The lawsuit says the ban could be reinstated in future

    5:31 PM — A Republican gay rights group is asking a court to declare the ban on openly gay troops unconstitutional. Log Cabin Republicans says it is taking the action because although the ban is due to be repealed this month, it can still be re-enacted in future.

  • Call for Commonwealth meeting to discuss gay rights 22

    Many Commonwealth countries ban homosexuality

    4:54 PM — Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has called for next month's Commonwealth heads of government meeting to discuss gay rights. Forty of the 54 Commonwealth member states retain a ban on homosexuality.

  • North Carolina lawmakers consider gay marriage bill 7

    North Carolina lawmakers are seeking a ban on gay marriage (Photo: Ludovic Berton)

    4:27 PM — Republican lawmakers in North Carolina, US, announced this week that they hope to win a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Speaking at a press conference in Raleigh on Tuesday, they said they will push for a voter referendum on the issue in 2012.

  • Coventry woman sets up gay funeral service 8

    The service aims to celebrate the life and beliefs of the deceased

    3:14 PM — A lesbian from Coventry has set up a funeral service specialising in ceremonies for gays and lesbians. Angela Sanderson, 47, said she decided to set up the service after her sister's funeral did not reflect the person she was.

  • Cher says Dancing With the Stars viewers will ‘love’ transgender son Chaz 5

    Cher says viewers will love her son

    1:54 PM — Cher says that viewers of Dancing With the Stars will love her transgender son Chaz Bono. Bono will be the first transgender celebrity to appear on the primetime US show and has said he hopes to educate viewers about transgender people.

  • Stonewall to lobby for gay rights abroad 53

    Chief executive Ben Summerskill said Stonewall would continue its UK work

    12:33 PM — Gay rights charity Stonewall has announced it will begin lobbying for gay equality abroad. The charity says that until now, it has been barred from commenting on the situation for lesbian, gay and bisexual people around the world because this would breach its charitable objectives as an organisation focused on Britain.

  • Canadian broadcast watchdog amends ruling on ‘anti-gay’ Dire Straits song 31

    The Dire Straits song includes the word three times (Photo: Helge Øverås)

    11:46 AM — Canada's broadcast standards council has amended an earlier ruling which said that radio stations must censor a Dire Straits song which includes the homophobic slur 'faggot'. The body now says the word must be taken in context.

  • Trial of gay US soldier Dan Choi put on hold 11

    Dan Choi may have the charge against him dismissed

    10:43 AM — The federal trial of a gay soldier who chained himself to the White House fence to protest over the gay military ban has been put on hold. Reports say that former Army lieutenant Dan Choi may be closer to having the charges against him dismissed.

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