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Russian cannibal confesses to eating man he met on gay dating website

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Reader comments

  1. Leon Saunders 31 Aug 2011, 1:21am

    I hope he is OK. He needs to be careful about AIDS if he’s planning to eat any more of them. Cooking them through thoroughly is normally the best way to ensure there is no risk.

    1. Lyuba Tereshchenko 31 Aug 2011, 6:44am

      * facepalm *

      Because ALL gay people have AIDS, eh? * bares her teeth and growls *

      I think AIDS is the least of this mudak’s problems

    2. @ Leon

      “You hope he is OK” Your comment is one of a sick person who clearly is of a diminished mental capacity if on the first hand you can accept that the taking of a human life is in any way acceptable! but to remark about the indignity show to the victim indicates that your own evolution is questionable. Hopefully you haven’t or can’t reproduce because your mentality total lack of conscience or compassion indicate that your hardly role model material or a child of parents who could be proud!.

      1. Don’t feed the troll people..

  2. Shades of Erwin Meiss, several years ago…

    1. Lyuba Tereshchenko 31 Aug 2011, 6:42am

      Mein Teil – Rammstein Lyrics and English Translation

      Sorry, but it’s the first thing which came to mind upon reading this.

    2. I thought that too, but I think the main difference with Meiss is he was up front about his cannibalism and managed to find someone whos kick was being eaten. Weirder still, his intended meal was the dominant partner in their bizarre sadomasochistic relationship.
      Chiantis all round that day.

  3. Gay Daily Mail Reader 31 Aug 2011, 6:59am

    Also echos of Dennis Neilson who murdered and eat at least 15 gay men during the late 70’s early 80’s. Something like that is a public relations disaster for gays trying to find acceptance in Russia. During the Neilson trial a gay man who survived and give evidence was abused and shouted at outside the court by people who think that Neilson should have killed him as well – something which doesn’t happen nowadays in this country.

    1. Taxed till I squeak 31 Aug 2011, 8:18am

      Nielson never ate his victims, he had sex with them …..

    2. Paddyswurds 31 Aug 2011, 10:28am

      @Gay Daily Mail Reader….
      ….trust you to twist the story. This has nothing to do with being gay other than the fact the victim this madman ate was gay. if you read the story it didn’t say the cannibal was gay. It said he targeted gay men because he was less likely to get caught as a gay man would find it necessary to keep the meeting secret, another consequence of the inherent homophobia of society that a gay man finds it so necessary to keep dates secret. Quite the opposite to your assertion, this in a fair society should spur people on to make being gay as acceptable as having blue eyes and hence the need for such dangerous secrecy..

  4. I guess that’s always a possibility when you go on a dinner date with a stranger.

  5. Now we know Keith’s identity ;->

  6. A death in the family is always painful, a loved one murdered is harder to accept and move past. To have to come to terms with the actions of cannibalism is inconceivable. The only good thing about this case is the perpetrator being caught before he became a serial killer with the multiple victims (17) like Jeffrey Dahmer.

  7. Michael Moore, CairnsBlog 31 Aug 2011, 1:31pm

    Now that’s a headline you would even find on News of the World !!

  8. I feel sick. How could you do this to someone.

    Humans some days you just want to give up on the whole damn species.

  9. The gay men are going to have to start being extra careful , there are a lot of hetesexual men who are married with kids who secretly browse the gay mens section in orders to try to have secrect connections to the young gay men, its and epidemic everywhere look at all these married republican bigots caught with thier pants down with young underage boys, and some men and boys stashed in others towns they fly to when they say they are on business, hetersexual men like to have violent sex with women and who ever they mess with , so these gay men had better ask for these mens id a nd have another friend help them ru;n checsks on who these men are that are trying to date them, usually its ans violent ass call for hetersexual men to get out their most hidden desires for men and little boys, and they try to hide it from the public because many are bigots in the daytime, the hippocrites of evil look at philip hinkle and this purto rico republican senator all soliciting for young men for sex

  10. hetersexual men right now as in past are the most dangerous entiy that our nation is dealing with in everyway, murders the rapes , child pediholia, wife beaters, its horrific to even think what these monsters many has done to other human beings and even their own families, gay men must also start taking protection, in their pockets are jackets socks shoes, they had better, start self defending themselves this is not the time to play nice when these hetersesxuals try to harm you. thats a no no,, the other hetersexual man tried to trick the gay man into thinking he wanted to date him and was trying to get him arrested by lying on him , he came on to the gay man and ask the gay man could they get together, he kept following the gay man around trying to hook up with him , then lied on him, he was an undercover bigot, trying to harm a gay man, the cop was in the wrong you dont pretend you want to date someone and go out and have a nice evening with them, like you want to start seeing them,

  11. date only gay men, the hetersexual men are too dangerous for you , the gay men understand you, they are more house maker and family men they too have been victimized and no what it is like to deal with your issues, i have gay men freinds the hetersexual are more dominating and abusive in everyway, they too about twenty gay men they had invited to a party , pretending to be their friends, and when they came, all of those hetersexual men in that group rapped and killed all twenty of those men it was in your news gay men you are too trusting, hetersexual men pretend to be your freinds like they lie to the women, its all about ass and brutality for them, they have evil tendancyss. they also probe the gay womens internet line, i know i found out , never meet anyone in private , stay int the daylight around lots of people and gay people, dont go to secluded areas where they have others waiting always have secret freinds follow you and be around, at all times on dates, i would even tell them

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