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GLAAD calls VMA winner Tyler, The Creator ‘violently anti-gay’

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Reader comments

  1. This is typical behaviour for rap artists. So, that’s not the issue. They issue is: why did MTV give this hideous creature a prize? I am tired of straight boys finding black homophobia ‘street’ and ‘cool’ and a bit of a giggle. And I’d suggest the jury who awards the prizes at MTV fall into the category of people who find street homophobia ‘cool’. We ought to campaign heavily against MTV on this

  2. I’m sorry but it’s MTV. They don’t give things out for talent anymore they do it for the ratings. That channel stopped being about the music a long time ago.

    Note i am not defending this person nor have i heard his music before. I’m just being honest.

  3. This is MTV’s contact address.
    We should bombard them with complaints. I’ve just sent mine.

  4. I don’t know why anyone shoul be surprised by this.

    Have you seen MTV in the last 10 years ? It’s a home of horrid little shows by people who find homophobia and racism funny.

    I hate this guys attitude that if it don’t bother him then screw everyone else. >.>

  5. Christ

    Fox news & Bauchmann should be the focus not this uneducated idiot.
    GLAAD go for publicity and funding rather than the real issues

  6. Groups such as that should stfu. I’m all for equality and tolerance, but I’m also for freedom of speech and expression. Faggot is used more as a word of weakness than a word for gay people specifically. I use it. It’s too good a word to lose I’m afraid. And if you’re offended by him, then like he says, don’t listen. Don’t know what these self-righteous arses are doing watching MTV anyway.

    1. Hodge Podge 31 Aug 2011, 3:39pm

      But it wouldn’t be a very good insult if it didn’t boil down to calling them gay would it?

    2. “Faggot is used more as a word of weakness than a word for gay people specifically”

      No James faggot refers to gay people because being gay is seen as weak because real men like women, real men like sports, (which gay people can’t play because they’re weak), and real men like cars and engines but gay men don’t. Gay men like make up, fashion, bumming and painting their nails like women who are weak also.

      You see this is what faggot means. completely and utterly offensive and asinine.

    3. And so using ‘faggot’ to mean ‘weak’ is alright HOW exactly…?

      The word ‘faggot’ means very little to most people in the UK (where it actually means a sweatmeat type thingy – or historically a bundle of wood for lighting fires) but clearly it means something to you or else you wouldnt use it…

      ‘Its too good a word to lose’ my arse! what a load of bollocks!

      1. historically “faggot” was a man caught having sex with another man, tied up with rope, and tied up with sticks. This man-stick-rope bundle was called a faggot, and was used to start fires. By burning people alive. Most gay people know the history of the words that you’re using.

    4. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to correct your sorry homophobic dumb ass. How the hell is Faggot a word of weakness? Gay men have a bravery you’ll never know. Real men do what they want with their own lives, including having sex with other men. Deal with it.

  7. This guy is scum
    I bet he’d soon have a problem with anti-black music

    1. This is not about him being black this is about his anti gay attitude. It has nothing to do with colour

      1. I didnt say it was about him being black, i said i bet he’d have a problem with anti-black music.

        1. Agreed, James

          You did say exactly that, Tigra…

          Its not about him being black its about him being homophobic (and probably in all likelihood gay himself…)

          Why is it that people on these threads can’t differentiate between ‘black’ and ‘homophobic’ when the person being homophobic is black?

          Its like you all use is as a stupid excuse to bring out every racist load of bollocks you’ve been building up for years, somehow believing that his homophobia justifies your racism…

          It don’t – they’re both as bad as each other: oppression is oppression – and its time it all stopped eh?

          1. Absoutley spot on. Black does not = anti gay

          2. Learn to read you two.
            I never wrote he was homophobic because he was black.
            I wrote “I bet he’d soon have a problem with anti-black music”

            I’m saying it’s wrong to attack someone for who they are and something they can’t change.
            I’ll even spell it out since you two can’t read.

    2. Spoken like a true white person. Let’s not focus on the fact that “OOOOOH SOMEONE IN THE STORY IS BLACK!!!!!!!” Okay?! That doesn’t help anyone!

  8. Jerk Chicken 31 Aug 2011, 3:00pm


    1. you’re just as bad same ass different cheek

    2. You are on the wrong site, mate. Please go to the rascist sites if you want to post stuff like this,

      1. jellyhunter 31 Aug 2011, 7:35pm

        Your just aas bad as Tyler

    3. Reported….

      Why the fvck are you trying to take away the very real and needed conversation about homophobia and diverting it into everyone having to take your racism to task?

  9. Christ

    Fox news & Bauchmann should be the main and only focus in this war not this uneducated idiot.
    GLAAD go for publicity and funding rather than the real issues

  10. TheGreatSpaces 31 Aug 2011, 3:04pm

    I actually just went and looked at some lyrics. It is worse than I’ve ever seen ever. Is this what is popular these days? What happened to men searching their souls and being sensitive? I thought we were really on to something in the 90s…

    1. Reganomics and thatcherism happened. Do whats best for you and fcuk everyone else whatever the cost.

    2. I clicked on your link and what was MTV thinking!! Those lyrics were terrible! I am not going to complain to MTV, I am going to complain to their sponsors. Do their sponsors what to be seen as supporting such behavior.

    3. Totally Agree, when I went and looked at the lyrics I was really shocked. Violence, forced sex, homophobia and degradation of women as nothing more than punch bags and sex objects…would you be happy letting your kids listen to this??
      Is this really the best talent out there or are MTV really stuck for some controversy and viewing figures??

    4. People get prizes for this appalling rubbish? My God, even someone in the throes of Tourette’s would be more articulate than this puerile nonsense.

      1. Your disability-phobia was cruel, hurtful, and unnecessary. That’s not how tourette’s works, btw. Tics can be as small as blinking or clearing your throat.

  11. what plsses me off is that I’m into the music. Then they start being homophobic. Then I can’t listen to it anymore.

    1. ‘they’….?

      Who’s ‘they’….?

      Personally I don’t listen to ANY artist who is talking negative sh!t regardless of how seductive the beats and backing tracks may be

      THINK people PLEASE!

      1. they are rappers. I like rap. Tu Pac is full of neg and hes a genius. go and listen to some nursery rhymes.

    2. There are sooooo many different hip hop artists. If your choices are Tyler the creator, Tupac, or switch to country…… really need to open your eyes. Angel Haze is a wildly good out proud queer hip hop artist. She’s also violent, hardcore. You’d like her.

  12. Tyler is an attention whore and he has been for his entire career. Personally, I just ignore anything controversial that he says on the assumption that he only said it to get headline space in NME. I’m much happier that way.

  13. Oh please, I am gay and it doesn’t offend me. C’mon guys it is rap music. Lyrics in rap music offends everybody. I am the first to get offended with anti gay talk, but not this time. As a family we cannot get too sensitive and have to pick and choose our battles. This is not one of them.

    1. There’s lots of awesome rap music that doesn’t offend anyone. This is offensive to women, to gay people and to well written articulate rap.

      If he wasn’t rapping if he was just saying the stuff that was in his lyrics in an interview for example people would be outraged so what’s the difference?

      1. Agreed

    2. Chris, Chris, Chris…
      I’m not protesting all rap music. I like a lot of rap artists. I’m not protesting all of OMGKWTFKTA or whatever they’re called. They have some cool songs.

      It’s just that Tyler is an extremely intelligent artist, and I know if he wanted to he could craft new lyrics, or new songs, that don’t rely on tired old misogynistic stereotypes and frequent usage of the word ‘bitch’ or ‘faggot’. He could choose not to glamourize certain subject matters like rape, that should not be glamourized in a world where 1 in 3 women get raped some time in their life.

      And Chris, stop being a self-hating gay. What kind of a wimp only fights a few battles, so as not to anger daddy?

  14. This person is a nothing, a no-one. He has no influence on people who are not already homophobic and misogynistic. His lyrics, particularly in the link above, are absurdly embarrassing, and since Eminem made all of this swearing and hatred mainstream most people are a bit bored when a youngster with a stupid name like his comes along and tries to do it too. It’s not offensive anymore, it’s just boring. He’s being manipulated into fame by greedy execs who will bleed him of all the money he’ll be worth for 15 minutes, then when everyone realises he’s talentless and unable to say anything than the same old tripe they’ll dump him, and in 10 years he’ll be flipping burgers or drug dealing.

    No, MTV shouldn’t give an award out to him, but MTV is nothing like it used to be it’s just the MySpace of the music world.

    1. yeah right, tell that to a new generation of kids that are being influenced by his music to be homophobic. I can tell you don’t ever come into contact with homophobic kids. I don’t think he’s a nothing. He makes good music. Just a shame he has to hate on gays so much.

    2. >”He has no influence on people who are not already homophobic and misogynistic.”

      Children listen to his music. I believe that children aren’t inherently homophobic or misogynist. I believe that people like Tyler are actively teaching children to be homophobes. I believe that I can teach those children not to be homophobic, and I also believe we can teach Tyler to stop using homophobic lyrics.

      But if you want to give up, then give up.

  15. Johnny33308 31 Aug 2011, 7:25pm

    Disgusting! Violence should never be rewarded or promoted in any way, ever!

  16. Typical wog

    1. Reported

    2. Yes another one on those punks I bitchslapped

  17. This is just another sign of Christian propaganda as they try to take over, on the internet they use ANONYMOUS, who are really Christians hiding behind mask like the KKK. Too bad the black people still fall victim to the same hate propaganda used against them around the world as well. The Christians know how to turn one group against another so they fight each other, even if they are both oppressed. This way the Christians make them waste their time and money killing each other. Their goal is to have a white Christian world and nobody else.

    1. “I’m openin’ a church to sell coke and Led Zeppelin
      And fcuk Mary in her a$$.. ha-ha”

      Yes, he’s deeply religious.

    2. Yeah we get it. People on here don’t like Christians. I don’t particularly like rancid old queens but I don’t spend all my time going on and on and on about it!

      1. Poor dear, have you wandered in dazed and confused from the street then?

        I’ll speak loudly and slowly for you: This is a gay website.

        And trust me we don’t go on and on about bigots and christians except when they won’t shut up. Unlike christians we don’t spend hours glued to the TV, notepads at the ready, to note down any reference to christianity so we can complain about it.

        We have lives.

        1. Woah. That’s just as bad. Do you hear yourselves? Fighting intolerance, not feeding it. I grew up Christian. I am straight. I guess I’m a “bad Christian” because I fit love and tolerance into my beliefs. I feel comfortable believing in god and believing Love is Love. Don’t attack me when I support you. You will push weaker people away like that.

  18. ‘well i have gay fans and they dont seem to be offended’ none of his fans are musicians though..

    1. ‘well i have gay fans and they dont seem to be offended’

      Then who writes the angry comments? O_o

  19. The guy’s a joke. His lyrics are laughable. But if women don’t get offended by him talking about punching them and forcing them into various improbable sex acts then I don’t see why I should be offended by his dislike of me. I’m surprised he got an award though, that’s got to be a bad message to send to the MTV obsessed kids and whoever else takes notice of these things.

    1. Whio is this cnut? I’m not back for 5 mins and the bitches won’t leave me alone

  20. Folks, do some research first. His use of that word is part of a whole back-and-forth between “himself” and the macho, hip-hop character he’s supposed to be. Read the lyrics to the first track on Goblin if you’re goin to throw lyrics about out of context (the context being the album, which is a back and forth between himself and his psychiatrist.) Sheesh. There are plenty of places in popular culture where blatant naked homophobia is on display – this is not one of them.

  21. It’s just a word, chill out… Faggots!

  22. Seriously, where do you get off playing the self-righteous victim? Music is music, if isn’t to your taste, listen to something else. Stop superficially reading the lyrics without understanding their meaning, rapped by a boy who was abandoned by his father who uses music as an outlet for pent up anger. Look at what is meant, not what is said, and criticize that if any of you have that ability in your one track, woe is me minds

  23. This guy is typical of the apathetic youf in the western world. He and his kind are more dangerous than the rabid christian homophobes.

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