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Chaz Bono to appear on Dancing With the Stars

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Reader comments

  1. Chaz Bono is not a star.

    He is the son of Cher.

    This show should be renamed ‘Dancing with the relatives of the Stars’.

    1. OK. But Bristol Palin was the daughter of Sarah Palin. So it isn’t new and unusual for Chaz to be on. I hate myself for knowing this – but I’ve actually heard of a lot more of this season’s competition. And being out and public IS brave, especially in the current climate in the US – yes the GLBTQ people there are making inroads in marriage equality, but there is still a lot of hostility and something of a backlash. If Chaz can just change a handful of minds, I’m happy enough.

  2. Chaz has an important message to give and the means to do it fabulously.

    Go Chaz !!

  3. Paddyswurds 31 Aug 2011, 5:01pm

    This has got to be a joke about a joke!!

    1. Oddly enough, I feel the same way – whenever I see a comment by you, that is

      1. Paddyswurds 1 Sep 2011, 9:55am


  4. Wow, Chaz Bono AND Carson Kressley? Maybe one day the show really WILL be worthy of the title “Dancing with the Stars”. Right now, however, it’s sort of “The B-List: Dancefloor”.

    1. Well at least Carson Kressley has actually presented a TV show.

      Chaz Bono’s claim to fame is being born to Cher.

      I have nothing aganst him, but that show must really be desperate for contestants.

  5. Go for it Chaz. I hope and pray that your message gets the message across.

  6. God Bless Chaz Bono for coming out like this, we hope he wins.

  7. Classy

  8. You are incorrect PinkNews. Lance Bass was the first openly gay contestant on Dancing with the Stars a couple of years ago.

  9. A proud Canadian 7 Sep 2011, 10:14pm

    I must agree with some of the above comments ; Dancing with the Stars must be desperate for contestants !!!

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