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Anti-gay Puerto Rican senator blames ‘political enemies’ for naked Grindr photos

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 31 Aug 2011, 11:02am

    Funny how these people always blame everybody else isn’t it?

    Another politican making an arse of himself!!

  2. So, his political enemies took a photo of his sphincter and then put it on a cruising site?! Deflection is a standard technique when you’ve been “caught” (a word I don’t like as it suggests wrong-doing. As I’ve never met his wife and don’t know the nature of their relationship I can’t say if it was cheating or not). But really? Does he think everyone is as delusional as he is!

  3. Ha! Another hypocrite caught!!!

  4. Weight loss diary? hm! it’s plausible…but I am pretty darn sure if if I took a picture of myself on all fours I would remember! on the flip side if I suffered from memory loss I would be more concerned about what I was doing on all fours with a camera taking butt shots in a mirror!

    1. Paul UK in Toronto 31 Aug 2011, 4:59pm

      More like a horror sphincter diary

  5. It wasn’t me, is someone else in the complex.

    1. Paddyswurds 31 Aug 2011, 11:46am

      Strange how it is always the most hate filled homophobic who get outed in this way. But then feigned homophobia and anti Gay rights has always been the modus operandi of this sort of closeted queen. bet he is also married to some delusional woman.

  6. “I affirm with the utmost certainty that the controversy which Puerto Rico’s Senate and the city capital is currently facing is the result of a sinister maneuver orchestrated by my political enemies.”

    No it’s not. You’re just a frightened and decietful closet case that got caught out and is now trying to blame others for your own cowardice.

    What a disgusting individual.

  7. His political enemies might make capitol out of his rank hypocrisy? What rotters.
    I mean, what’s the world coming to when you can’t post naked photos of you bearing your arse on Grindr whilst standing as a political candidate opposed to gay equality.
    I hope his political enemies have a long hard think about what they’ve done.

  8. He doesn’t even sound a particularly capable politician, if that’s the best excuse he can come up with!

  9. James Sample 31 Aug 2011, 1:25pm

    Isn’t the usual procedure when losing to keep some of a log recording one’s daily weight loss using a scale? Whoever suggested this method to him to record his weight must be a contortionist.

    Does this guy think we can seriously accept his explanation??

    This is a case of “it wasn’t me that did it, and if Idid do it, I don’t remember.”

  10. I’m losing weight, so I decided to take pictures of my ass and post them on a gay site, but I’m not gay, honestly I really am not. I don’t think of hot,sweaty naked muscles rubbing against me at all…LMFAO

    Losing weight, lol, best excuse this year!!!

  11. There seems to be a worrying trend in the US that when these hypocritical assholes get caught they simply deny it. First there’s the case of the guy who paid a rent boy to ‘carry his bags’. Then there’s the Hinkle from Indianapolis who denied anything took place between him and an 18 year old he booked to go to a hotel room with. Now this guy is blaming someone else.

    It may be fairly laughable in these cases where it is obvious that these people are lying. However, I have noticed it seems now to be the position of the Tea Party / Fox News et al to simply deny such stories are true, or actively ignore/mis-report them. They stick with the line that most suits them and many people simply believe their hype that it is some sort of conspiricy. People stand the chance of getting into power, not because they lied, which is bad enough, but because sections of the media positively allow it to happen.

  12. What a joke, Arango a progressive? NOT, There’s nothing progressive about voting against gay rights and equality. The republican party is the most regressive of all.

    We need to keep a close eye on our own Tories. September 23 heralds the first day of Autumn, the season in which the marriage equality consultation is purported to begin. Let’s see how progressive they will be.

  13. I feel sorry for the guy. You must have a serious mental problem to try blaming you being caught with your knickers down on anyone but yourself.

  14. Sounds like the “gay Jihad” has struck again.. eh, eh..

  15. Lying bastard

  16. no one to blame but himself !

  17. The north carolina republican racist officials are along this path and needs aclu and glaad , sldn , lamda legal and glbt to get down there with medial and journalism on some officials who keep trying to cause problems for the gay community, get in their personal lives and political lives and show the public who they really are you dont let racist and bigots run the nations, you cannot get out of wars and abusess and terrorism if you keep allowing these monsters to keep attacking good people and families , who are not our nations problems, our nations problems are racist and prejudice people bigots, that come from hetersexual genders of hate groups , and murders and rappesst and pedehilles who we know come from hetersexual men, and they see ite every day in the news and papers , glaad has to get these officials for defamation, every time these haters get up and open their mouths about gay people just show them the faces and lines of republican hippocrites who have been caught soliciti

    1. You really should follow the instuctions on the bottle of … whatever your taking, more carefully, …Dear.

      1. Diversity makes the world go round. Stop being so judgemental.

  18. Political enemas, more like!

  19. That is what Michele Bachmann said.

    The Universe always provides;-)

  21. The diet Was so Good he even lost his job lolol that’s class

  22. I hope it’s a nice round ass, not too hairy.
    But seriously, SNL should make some joke with that on Weekend Update. It’s pure gold ! The audience would be laughing even before the actual joke came in.

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