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DADT campaigner Dan Choi on trial for White House protest

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 30 Aug 2011, 3:00pm

    What a disgrace. Dan Choi is clearly being treated differently just because he happens to be Gay and protesting for the Equal right to be treated as a human being.

    So is this your idea of Land of the Free America?


    1. RumpleStiltSkin 30 Aug 2011, 9:05pm

      It never was the land of the free.

      It was all an illusion to keep the sheeple in check whilst corporates bled them dry.

      Unfortunately now the corporates are in China\India\Middle East etc led by the corporates
      in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

      In the mean time the sheeple were further soaked by the Jesus Corporation leaving us with
      the 3rd and 4th generation toon loons that we have now.

  2. the aclu and human right lgbt along with panetta and feinstein and obama had better go to the aid of choi, what choi done was one of the heroic acts to stand against bigotry and preju;dice , his statement is one of them that is the reason the other herroic actions like new york has been lau;nched, and others he is a civil rights man, and he is also a minority in more than one way; and the civil rights activists had better not let those people railroad him becau;se he is from another country and gay as well , like they have beeen dong in order to violate him in two ways he did what rosa parks and a few others did , when they needed to be heard about the abuses of what had been taking place in the shameful governmente actions against an innocent man which he is beca;use he is indeed a hero that prompted juge virginia into action against the govenrmeent herself for the high crimes against these soldiers, and then another jusdge later who ordered them to stop the abu;se and harrasment

  3. Jack Holroyde 30 Aug 2011, 3:03pm

    hello? This is a country in which 30% of people believe the Devil exists, horns and all.
    Recently a trans kid was referred to Child Protection for asking to use the toilet in peace, without being harassed by teachers.
    Since when was the US anything but a quagmire of bigotry and extremism?

  4. this man protested and stood out side for someone in the white house to take actions and notice that they people where being abu;sed in the militaary, and horrific finding that they already new and allowed to happen, and still actions need to be taken for the pain and suffering of choi and others like him for abusing their human rights and the military who arrested him should be sued for abusing him again trying to protect his human rights and standing for others like rosa parks, feinstein must act immediatlely and panetta on his behalf and reinstate and recompense hims for the pain and sufferiing and wrongs done to him and others, choi is a hero, not the other way around the peopel who attacked him should be in jail

  5. This is why we need a gay person in the white house.

  6. How could Dan Choi have obeyed officers telling you to move away from the fence when he are handcuffed to it?

    These charges against an American hero who brought about the repeal of DADT are outrageous and ridiculous.

    They should be giving him a medal instead of persecuting him.

    Free Lt. Choi now.

  7. American justice … NO THANKS!!!! This is a show trial!!

  8. When homophobes commit crimes they get let-off! But when us Gay’s commit crimes we don’t get let-off!

    He’ll be going to Prison!

  9. How is it even a crime to have a peaceful protest outside the White House?

    It’s not like the fence is right next to the actual building. He wasn’t posing a threat to national security ffs.

  10. Paul UK in Toronto 30 Aug 2011, 7:57pm

    Well hurry up and repeal that stupid law sooner! Prosecuted for protesting, it defies all sensibility

  11. Dan Filson 30 Aug 2011, 9:47pm

    Americans have strange laws, for example whereas here you practically have to have permission to march with a placard, there you have to keep moving, if necessary in a circle, when demonstrating. It is curious that the First Amendment is used to protect free speech when it comes to protecting the right to abuse people, but there is little protection for those who want to protest.

  12. Dan Choi is our gay hero, tell America to set Dan free, that is why they are making trouble for him, because he is a gay hero, just like Martin Luther King is a hero to the blacks in America. Come on America show the world you really are free and equal like you say with Civil Rights for all. The world is watching.

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