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In Photos: Pink Lake boat party

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Reader comments

  1. I suspect many of us disapprove of exploitative sex tourism, so how do we class descending on a quiet lake, outnumbering the locals and partying, presumably noisily?

    1. ‘Sex tourism’ surely means exploiting the (usually considerably) poorer locals by making them prostitute themselves: I haven’t read anything that would indicate that the Pink Party does anything other than bring a great deal of revenue to a fairly affluent resort district – and in most resorts the locals profit greatly from being outnumbered by visitors.
      I somehow don’t think the Ibizencs and Mykoniots, vastly outsumbered by visitors during the summer, have been complaining too loudly – ?

  2. Pinknews is this ‘news’?


    1. Jock S. Trap 28 Aug 2011, 8:14am

      Yes and the fact it was sponsored by PinkNews too makes it more so.

      It’s good to have some positive news in the face of so many that clearly would prefer the negative stuff. Guess that’s why they say good news doesn’t see. I despute it but hey ho.

  3. Great that this is on here but why not similar coverage of last week’s UK Black Pride? What’s the problem with covering Black Pride five mins away from PinkNews offices?

  4. concerned resident E3 30 Aug 2011, 8:52am

    many of the revellers will have come from nearby Klagenfuhrt which has a gay scene but also Graz, Vienna and Ljubljana which are all not that far away. Woerthersee is a popular destimnation throughout the summer for boat parties just like this one.

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