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Teacher compared teaching style to Jesus’ before anti-gay rant

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Reader comments

  1. If, and it’s a big if, I considered getting married to my same sex partner, there would not be even a hint of religion involved.
    This man and his way of thinking is pure Christo-fascist dominionism.
    What an idiot.

  2. does that mean his teaching was non-existant and a lie since those two terms describe the jesus of the bible

    1. While there is no confirmation he could preform miracles, Jesus is considered a legitimate historical figure by almost all historians.

  3. Ashlee Kelly 26 Aug 2011, 2:10pm

    The irony of saying you are like Jesus, then engaging in hate speech, will be lost on conservatives across America.

    1. Agreed, Jesus taught about love and understanding towards everyone. I truly hate it when people hijack him to preach hate.

  4. This man must be a great Jew if he teaches like Jesus Christ!

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 27 Aug 2011, 2:32am

      Do the students at his school understand Aramaic?

  5. The dude needs to be terminated. End of story. Hate and intolerance do not belong in school much less from a teacher.

  6. I prefer either a peaceful co-existence or failing that just dedicate an island where he can believe what he wants without annoying the rest of us.

  7. Chucky Baer 26 Aug 2011, 2:41pm

    Wasn’t out out hated my ass. That whole twisting of Christianity – well what Christ spoke of- and the insane people that practiced a fear and hate based cult-like form of Christianity base everything they do on hate. They use their Bible to justify their ignorance, fear and blatant hate of especially gays. If I was a parent of a kid at that high school I would not allow my kid- gay or straight to be in a classroom with a freak like this. Once these sick bastards start infiltrating classrooms- where minds are supposed to opened to knowledge not closed by mythology and insane ramblings from people that think the earth is 600o years old- we are well on the way to fascism and the theocracy insane people like this alleged teacher crave with a passion.

  8. Jock S. Trap 26 Aug 2011, 2:47pm

    The man should Never be around children. Full stop.

  9. AAAAH CHRISTO-FASCISTS SCARE ME with their tyrannical “interpretations” of things!

  10. Yes, the way you interpreted it was in a hateful way.

  11. so the guy doesn’t approve of same sex unions (many don’t) and has said so through social networking (few do) (although it would have been better if he used more moderate language).

    that does not make him a bad person or a bad teacher. unless his motivation is hate, or incitement to hatred, he should be allowed to exercise his right of free speech a crime and unless there is something else we are not aware off, he should be reinstated.

    1. It makes him a very bad role model though. Kids thrive and pick up on attitudes and beliefs of those around them.

      He has a right to exercise his freedom of speech, I understand that. But let’s not forget about how many gay kids have died this year in the State alone because of rancid homophobic comments and attitudes.

      I think their right to live a life free of hate and pain and full of love, warmth and security trumps this pricks right to free speech.

    2. edwarddwoodjr 26 Aug 2011, 5:29pm

      Not to mention your convenient wording of “many” and “few” since the opposite is true. But then the bottom line is–should a teacher be allowed to do this sort of thing while in the employ of a public institution? Even a private institution? Or when minors are involved/exposed?
      Most employers have rules and regulations. The First Amendment does not supersede these. These are agreed upon as a condition of employment (often in contract form); which is perfectly legal. My employer has a strict anti-discrimination policy which includes LGBT people. It’s very clear that I would face discipline or termination if violated. Should a school have anything less?

    3. Jock: if that is true it would be disturbing – thanks for pointing this out.

      Mendirin: your points are well made and sensitively put although I don’t see expressing the views he does necessarily makes him a bad role model. However, I regret and feel uncomfortable with the way he made his points.

      Edward: Not allowing people to express their views as private citizens is the beginning of the slippery slope although how they do so and how that impacts on their position as a public servant is, I concede, a factor that should be considered.

      1. “Blessed are the gay men and the lesbian women, being true to themselves they inherit the kingdom of God”

  12. Can we have him crucified like Jesus was since he wants to be him so much?

  13. I hope the cameras are rolling when he walks on water..

  14. The fantasies these people have about Jesus! Nobody has any idea how he preached – the Gospels are edited manifestos – and Christian belief would have either outraged or baffled him (or both). It’s a bit like a Christian I once knew who insisted that Jesus must have been the best carpenter in Galilee – totally screwy.

  15. Gay Daily Mail Reader 26 Aug 2011, 4:24pm

    I bet Jesus did not hold preach sermons against homosexuality. In fact it was him who saved the adulterous Mary Magdelene from a stoning by saying that ‘Let he without sin cast the first stone’.

  16. Teaching like Jesus…ummmm. I think not. JC NEVER condemned or mentioned gay people in the new testament, the “christian” part of the bible. He wouldn’t know what a true christian really is even if it bit him in the arse. He’s a fool, delusional.

  17. Raymond H. Burgoon-Clark 26 Aug 2011, 5:21pm

    The man’s obviously a wackadoodle Konservative Kristianist Kultist (KKK). He has NO business anywhere NEAR children.

  18. edwarddwoodjr 26 Aug 2011, 5:21pm

    Let’s not leave out the narcissism.

  19. Gordon Warren 26 Aug 2011, 6:29pm

    Sounds like hate to me.

  20. Mr Buell is a Bible-abuser, as are all other anti-gay religious homophobes who misquote scripture to shore up their vile prejudices.

  21. I don’t see why anyone should care other than academically, but I would guess that Jesus was indifferent about homosexuality at best. The pagan Romans occupying his country were heavily into man-on-man action, so he had plenty of targets. Odd that he seemed to take no shots at them. Well, no, it isn’t – homophobia is basically Medieval and modern.

    1. true Riondo: Jesus said nothing about homosexuality and he may have well healed the gay lover of one these pagan Roman occupiers. What I do know is that the only relationship he endorsed was that of marriage between a man and a woman (according to the law of Moses) and that while loving sinners, he condemned all types of sin, particularly, it seems, that overlooked by the religious leaders.

      1. @JohnB-

        Wouldn’t it be more correct to say that Jesus is said to have said this, and is said to have said that…

        …and that Jesus is said to have endorsed this and that…

        …that Jesus is said to have loved sinners…is said to have condemned, etc.

        Unless you have irrefutable historical proof of his existence, it’s only fair to question the existence of Peter Pan as well, right?

        1. Jonpol: I believe the evidence for the existence of Jesus is as compelling, maybe more so, than any other historical characters. While we don’t have a lot of non-Christian primary sources from around that time we do have some. The historian Josephus, for example, is one such and is both well respected and wrote about the historical Jesus. I am not aware if there are such collaberation for the existence of Peter Pan!?

          1. yes, I am familiar with the historian, Josephus, just as i am familiar with the practice of adding a few choice sentences in favor of the existence of Jesus to historical documents.

            Another thing that makes me question is the almost complete lack of dating of these events and sayings of Jesus.

            If we saw a man walking on the Thames today, for example, I think the first thing we would do is date the event.

            If the original story tellers did insert any dates in their gospels, why would the dates have been removed??

        2. Jonpol –
          It is reasonable to accept that Jesus existed (we generally accept that Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas are not imaginary), but nothing can be asserted with much certainty about what he taught or believed – the Early Church’s several axes can be heard grinding on every page of the NT.
          JohnB – this is why asserting that you ‘know’ what Jesus endorsed is absurd. And you raise the old conundrum – is Jesus’ apparent silence on any matter a sign of approval, condemnation, or indifference? Who are our dependable mind-readers?

          1. Granted..although myths of virgin births and resurrections abound in ancient Middle Eastern and Egyptian theologies…

            As for the concept of original sin and a trinitarian deity.. those were developed philosophically in the 3rd century, possibly by Augustine…. in other words, by Plato’s disciples….esp the ‘City of God’ scenario which is an exact duplicate of Plato’s transcendent world of pure forms.

      2. Jesus Christ declared that God’s Word is truth. (John 17:17) That means that he endorsed God’s view of homosexuality as described at Leviticus 18:22, which reads: “You must not lie down with a male the same as you lie down with a woman. It is a detestable thing.” Moreover, Jesus listed fornication and adultery among the “wicked things [that] issue forth from within and defile a man.” (Mark 7:21-23) The Greek word for fornication is a broader term than that for adultery. It describes all forms of sexual relations outside lawful marriage, including homosexuality. (Jude 7) Jesus Christ also warned his followers not to tolerate any professed Christian teacher who minimizes the seriousness of fornication.—Revelation 1:1; 2:14, 20.

        1. oh look its Keith again. The sky still hasn’t fallen on all us so-called sinners. You don’t get it, do you? Your book is not a body of law. It is a 2,000 year old collection of folklore. much of it so violent and depraved children shouldn’t be exposed to it. There’s incest, murder, adultery, all by people who are held up as examples of God’s chosen prophets. David, for example, killing a man in order to have his wife. Very nice. Then there was the one who slept with his daughters and all that stuff about Sodom and the one who offered his daughters to be raped. Really nice book, that is! And while we’re at it, Mary Magdelene being stoned – good for Jesus for stopping it, but never a mention of a man being stoned for having committed the sins with her! Very one-sided view of sin they had back then. And Keith and his sort would like to drag us back to all of that!

        2. JC is said to have declared..
          JC is said to have endorsed..
          JC is said to have listed…
          JC is said to have warned…

          These stories were written 100 years after JC is said to have taken a magic carpet ride and vanished..

        3. “Jesus Christ declared that God’s Word is truth. (John 17:17) …[etc]”
          Keith, you forgot to include the word “reportedly”.

        4. Keith, you are an abuser of scripture.

          1. Jock S. Trap 27 Aug 2011, 1:31pm

            Sad and true.

        5. Deeside Will 27 Aug 2011, 2:04pm

          Keith, I think that you’ve told us enough times by now what the Mosaic Law had to say on the subject of homosexual behaviour. Most of us understood it the first time. What you don’t seem to have grasped is that this is now 2011 and that we, being wiser and more humane and civilized than the ancient Hebrews, can dispense with superstitions and hang-ups that amused or burdened them.

          The Pentateuch is largely a work of mythology, of composite and unknown authorship. It is no more God’s word than is Homer’s Odyssey or Virgil’s Aeneid.

          1. I agree… and also, many of the myths in the Pentateuch (creation, the flood, etc.) can be found in older middle east mythologies – notably “Gilgamesh”.

        6. Keith – what a lot of irrational, anti-historical drivel.
          1 – John’s Gospel is about as unhistorical and off-the-wall as NT writings get – it is a
          ‘riposte’ to Gnostic believers more than half a century after Jesus’ time. The ‘Word’
          referred to in the Johannine context is the Incarnate ‘Logos’, not the Torah – which
          elsewhere Jesus is quoted as saying was made for man and not the other way round.
          2 – Jude’s epistle cannot be cited as evidence of what Jesus thought; and the passages
          you refer to are highly disputed. And there is the little matter that it is not very likely
          that Jesus spoke Koine Greek or appreciated its subtleties.
          3 – Revelation! This really is wild. A mad coded attack on the Roman State written
          decades after Jesus’ time is here attributed to him. Screwy, Keith. Totally screwy.
          Get over it. Jesus was an Apocalyptic Rabbi who got the timetable for the end of the
          world wrong and some of his followers then invented a lot of cooky Helenistic
          mysticism about him.

          1. @Riondo –

            I agree … John’s ‘word’ did refer to the Greek ‘logos’, not the ‘torah’.

            That is exactly how early church assimilated Greek philosophy and became christianity.

        7. @keith
          “Liberal Christian theologians tend to follow a wider variety of translations, and to be more concerned with instances of copying errors in the original Hebrew or Greek, of forgery, and of biases among the translators. They consider some passages (e.g. those referring to slavery, burning some hookers alive, raping female prisoners of war, etc.) as not being valid today, as immoral, and against the will of God. They differentiate among various homosexual and heterosexual sex practices, treating some (rape, prostitution, temple sex rituals) as immoral and some (within committed relationships) as positive. Homosexual orientation and behavior is seen as a normal human sexual expression among a minority of adults. It is not changeable or chosen. Like all sexual behavior, it can be a sin if it is exploitive or manipulative or not carried out safely within a committed relationship.” Religious Tolerance.

  22. 195 comments, Keith! You’re a pink junkie!

    1. An ex-gay is a square circle;
      K. is an ex-gay;
      K. is a square circle …what Aristotle would have called a ‘null class’.

  23. Why do I get the feeling this intellectually-handicapped individual who imagines himself a Christlike figure is one of those fvckwits who thinks Christ was a blue-eyed man with centre-parted hair who spoke English?

    1. excellent source article.. thanks, Bill…

  24. Ben, let’s not forget to include hetero polygamy, never condemned in the old testament where most of these ridiculous quotes are found including the infamous one from Leviticus that these right wing religious sociopaths use against us. Killing one’s wife and children is also permitted,

    1. quite so, Robert. Horrendous, isn’t it!

  25. Troy Bunker 29 Aug 2011, 12:01am

    The seperation of church and state is there for a reason, no matter how you try to skirt around it, defying it like this deserves reprecussions.

  26. “When did this sin become acceptable???”

    Not sure, about the same time it became acceptable for a teacher to finish a sentence with three question marks I suppose.

  27. I somehow doubt Jesus would have been thrilled by her rant.

  28. oh, just what we need, another narrow minded bigot teaching and preaching hatred. Great way to introduce equality into the minds of children.

  29. Jesus never married: think about it. He had the hots for John, a young cutie. How far have we strayed from the historic Jesus!

  30. It “became acceptable” LONG AFTER baptists decided they can get divorced. Do a check, and you’ll find that the divorce rate for evangelicals is the highest!!

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