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Tim Cook succeeds Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple

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Reader comments

  1. what the hell does “long described as gay” mean. Eurgh being gay should not form part of someones description, the sentence itself is syntaxically incorrect. Pink News, i struggle to see why you still exist sometimes.

    1. Beaverhousen 25 Aug 2011, 12:42am

      I have to agree, at best this is gossip

      1. Jock S. Trap 27 Aug 2011, 1:02pm

        I have to agree.

    2. Paddyswurds 25 Aug 2011, 10:51am

      Another slow news day where PN sucks up to corporate America or some airhead “celebrity” American bimbo who has an ghost written book of drivel to sell. Who in the GLB community cares if Steve Jobs has retired or what the sexuality of his successor is. What is more important is that the new guy will head a company that runs sweat shops in China where their high priced products are produced for pennies and where the workers commit suicide daily. Now that a story I want to read about a multi national run by a supposedly gay man.

    3. francois swanepoel 25 Aug 2011, 5:51pm

      tim, you go girl, go!

      keep on making great products

      x francois

      1. Paddyswurds 25 Aug 2011, 6:24pm

        @francois swanepoel..
        ……even if you do have them made in Chinese sweat shops. We are all so vacuous and gauche we don’t care that your workers are paid less than a $1 a day.
        Hope you are proud of yourself Francois.

  2. to be honest, who cares if he comes out? It is a personal matter for him not a professional matter. He is there to do a job, not to be gay. And while some may quote the role model line to the younger gay community – I never had any gay role models and I doubt many people did.

    1. Personally I think role models are immensely important whether you are gay or straight.

      WHen I was growing up the only identifiably gay men were mincingly camp comedians. – Nothing wrong with that per se (people have as much right to be camp as they do to be gay), but I couldn’t identify with them at all, and it left me feeling more isolated and depressed.

      The news about Mr Cook may well incite a reaction of “well big deal” but that shows just how far we have come… It might also help gay people feel that there is a wider range of career opportunities…

  3. If he is, then remember that this the US of A.

    Land of Bacchman, and other such l gay hating religious nuts.

    All of the GOP ( Good Ole Party ) , Republicans and its right wing homophobic supporters such as NOM, FRC ADF etc will be apoplectic with this if true.

    Just wait and see the calls for boycotts of Apple products that will ensue from these nutters now that a “gay” is in charge.

    The jollity will ensue…..

    1. Gay Daily Mail Reader 25 Aug 2011, 7:30am

      Don’t keep demonising the USA because of a minority of religious bigots and right-wing polititians – save your concerns for the likes of Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and other poisonously homophobic African countries who are happy to receive aid from us. Americans are generally becoming more tolerant of homosexuality and recently, New York has legalised gay marriage. While many, maybe a half of Americans are regular church-goers, homosexuality is a non-issue for them. Don’t forget the USA is a huge country and the distance from New York to LA is further than London to Moscow and in between the two, attitudes do vary considerably but the main cities and seaboards are no less pro gay than say the UK and Germany. Even in the gay-friendly EU we have pockets of virilant homophobia and countries like Latvia have consititutional bans on Gay Marriage.

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 25 Aug 2011, 10:40am

        It is these Americans that are creating the extreme homophobia of UGANDA, KENYA, ZIMBABWE by corrupting them with their vile hateful version of christianity and now they are attempting to corrupt the ECHR with their disgusting corrupt take on religion.

        So I will vilify the Ulcerated Sphincter of Arse till the cows come home.

      2. Paddyswurds 25 Aug 2011, 10:57am

        @Gay Daily Mail reader..
        ….”Americans are generally becoming more tolerant of homosexuality”
        Like the rest of the GLB world gay Americans don’t want to be tolerated. They want to be accepted and valued as regular members of American society as is their birth right.

        1. Spanner1960 26 Aug 2011, 7:21am

          Agreed, but after hatred comes dislike, dislike becomes apathy, apathy becomes tolerance and tolerance becomes acceptance. Who knows?, one day they may even come to like or even love us.
          One step at a time.

  4. Out of the millions of people who purchase Apple products I would wager less than 20% of them knew who Steve Jobs was or is, much less his sexuality. With the world as it is nowadays the only people who will make an issue out of the man’s sexuality are gay people and those strongly opposed to homosexuality. The vast majority will never know this man’s name for more than 5 minutes before the latest “iWhatever” distracts them (and their debit cards) again.

    That aside, this constant argument that people of importance need not express their sexuality because it’s a personal issue is bull. All those inbetween people who don’t hold an opinion on gay people or have a slightly negative view only hold such views because they have no idea that gay people can and are intelligent, successful varied people like everyone else – and people like Tim Cook help convey that message to the masses. It might not be right or fair on Cook and others, but it is what it is.

  5. Gay Daily Mail Reader 25 Aug 2011, 7:36am

    Congratulations on Tim Cook becoming the chief executive of Apple. I hope that the fact that he is gay is a non issue in the running of the company and sale of it’s products. It was a gay man who help invent the computer and it has been suggested that the rainbow apple logo was in memory of the said man, Alan Turing who was persecuted and almost airbrushed from history just becaue he shared his bed with another man.

    1. Just as an FYI, there was an article somewhere not so long ago that interviewed the creator of the Apple logo. I can’t remember why the rainbow colours were introduced but he stated it had nothing to do with the gay pride flag.

  6. Isnt Jobs gay anyway? How does this change anything except rid us of a pretentious git?

    1. “Isn’t Jobs gay anyway?”

      I don’t know. Maybe you should ask his wife and kids….

      Apple has always been a very gay friendly place to work. That’s all that matters here. Certainly not whether the CEO is or isn’t.

  7. Sometime when I read the ;comments’ page of Pink News a lot of what I see is internalised homophobia. IF Mr Cooks is Gay then why can’t that be seen as a positive thing? In a time when a lot of people are only too willing to paint us as child molesters, sick, perverted and ungodly, isn’t it good news to have Mr Cook and others like him in positions of power and responsibility as evidence to the contrary?

  8. UnravThreads 25 Aug 2011, 10:54am

    You know, the only site I’ve seen Cook’s sexuality mentioned on is this one.

    Funny, that.

    1. Maybe that because its a site that concern itself with GAY Issues?

      1. UnravThreads 25 Aug 2011, 1:49pm

        Yeah, but nowhere else even mentions it, so I’m unsure how it classes as an “issue”. If he’s gay, so what? We’re all adult enough to not judge him for it, and I fail to see how it is in fact news of any sort.

        The Guardian had a big profile of Cook, and not once was his sexuality even hinted at. The only site I’ve seen mention it is this one. Heck, even the Daily Homophobe doesn’t say anything.

        As someone mentioned above, this is just gossip.

  9. I wish him luck in his nee role and I I wish all the best to Steve, the man is a true legen and his direction defined a generation of technology.

  10. Spanner1960 25 Aug 2011, 2:57pm

    All power to the man’s elbow and all that, but he has not publicly professed his sexuality, so leave the man alone.

    He and he alone knows what he wants, and it is not down to the public, media or even this rag to second-guess; and Pink News should know better instead of dredging the depths for some tenuously gay story.

  11. The only question I have is whether or not he is single? ….

  12. Doctor Guthrie is right the Christians in America and around the world are to blame for all of the hate towards the gays around the world. They are working like they have been trained by the CIA to covertly destroy gays using people they have trained to infiltrate all gay groups everywhere in order to bring down the gays. No joke people, and they are also using ANONYMOUS to bring down the gays on the internet, very covertly they pose as if they are gay and trick gays to get in and then start spreading false rumors to get the gays to attack wrong enemies and wast their time and money while the Christians are spending millions to being down gays. The Christians have no real other way to deal with gays but to destroy gays. The Christians are the real enemy, look how they attack and stop gays in America, the “land of the free”. People out there who know this is true and gays need to organize to deal with this before it is too late to fight this new Right Wing Christian Terrorist.

  13. Jock S. Trap 27 Aug 2011, 1:01pm

    Here’s hoping the good products continue to come through and shine.

    Look forward to seeing the next Apple item…

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